The beautiful pine forests, steep canyon walls, and red-rock buttes of Sedona are some of the most unique features that the desert town in Arizona boasts. Although the beautiful city is home to 10,000 residents only, it welcomes more than three million visitors who flock to Sedona to witness its unique trails, scenic views, and unparalleled attractions every year. The city is visited by different people, including avid hikers, solo travelers, couples, and families.

Moreover, Sedona was voted as one of the 10 most sacred spots on Earth. It was also considered as The most beautiful place in America by Good Morning America. Moreover, the city of Sedona is known for its lovely weather, quaintness, and various restaurants and shops. However, the most famous attractions in town are the unique red rocks and the ranking of Sedona as one of the top vortex sites in the world.


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This Is How Many Days One Needs To Experience The Best Of Sedona

How much one loves hiking determines how many days one needs to spend in Sedona to experience most of its unique attractions. Because the town is full of hiking trails, one can spend several weeks in Sedona without having the chance to experience all of the places in town. However, avid hikers are recommended to spend at least three days in Sedona. By doing that, they can hike around six of the town’s trails, try out some restaurants, go wine tasting, and enjoy some sunsets.

Those who are not interested in hiking can spend one or two days only in Sedona. This will allow them to experience the scenic city drives, go on a shopping spree, and watch the beautiful sunsets at some of the best viewpoints in town. What’s so special about Sedona is that most of its trails are short and easy to hike. This is what makes the city a perfect place to take kids on a hiking trip. Families can enjoy a weekend getaway at Sedona, with two to three days being the ideal amount of time to spend in the town with young kids. However, for families with older kids who love hiking, the trip can be extended for more than three days.

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This Is How To Spend A 6-Day Trip In Sedona

6 days in Sedona are more than enough to experience most of the town’s highlights and hike some of the most beautiful trails there. It is recommended to rent a jeep to ride on Sedona’s roads. People traveling to Sedona can start their first day hiking the Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Loop Trail. This hike is essential when visiting Sedona and allows people to see the town’s two most iconic formations. On the same day, visitors can visit the majestic Chapel of the Holy Cross. They can then have lunch at one of the town’s restaurants and go for a second hike to the Devil’s Bridge.

On the second day of a 6-day trip to Sedona, hiking Boynton Canyon would be a great option, and then driving the 4WD roads would seem an incredible adventure for those who rented a Jeep or an ATV. During the same day, people can visit the Palatki and Honanki ruins. Visitors can later enjoy some sunset views from Airport Mesa. Hiking the full Brins Mesa - Soldier Pass Loop is possible on the third day in Sedona. On the same day, people can visit the town’s Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. Time would also allow for a second hike to the Birthing Cave.

  • Where to eat: Having lunch at Rotten Johnny’s Wood-Fired Pizza is a must when in Sedona. In addition to the most delicious pizza the restaurant offers, people can also enjoy tasty sandwiches and salads.

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Spending The Last 3 Days Of A Trip To Sedona

Hiking lovers will continue their trip to Sedona on day four by hitting Cathedral Rock. They can then have a brunch in the village of Oak Creek. Some time can be spent shopping at the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Center. Moreover, people can get a psychic reading at the Center for the New Age.

However, to do that, reservations must be booked in advance. Proceeding to day five, hiking the West Fork Trail and then relaxing at the beautiful Slide Rock State Park is recommended. The 6th and last day during a trip to Sedona can be dedicated to hiking Bear Mountain. During the same day, people can visit the Crescent Moon Picnic Site to enjoy the scenic views of Cathedral Rock. Other people may prefer to hike Fay Canyon in the late afternoon.

  • Recommended: Those who have extra time left on their hands can enjoy some mountain biking. They can also hike the Verde Valley Wine Trail.

Non-hikers can still enjoy the best of Sedona in two days. They can visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross and experience shopping at Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. Non-hikers would also love to witness the beautiful views of Cathedral Rock from the Crescent Moon Picnic Site. On day two, visitors must experience sliding down the waterfalls at Slide Rock State Park.

  • Recommended: Having dinner at the Merkin Vineyards Osteria in Cottonwood will give people an enjoyable experience.

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