The love for Christmas all over the world has fueled creations of large and magical Christmas events to mark the celebration. The Christmas market which is one of the most significant Christmas events takes the form of a street market and it is usually held during the period of the four weeks of Advent to allow people to get in the Christmas mood as they shop for festive items such as - gifts, toys, and general market items.

Christmas Markets originated in the German-speaking countries of Europe which include - Germany and Austria. The idea; however, quickly spread to all other parts of the world thereby fueling the creations of large and magical Christmas markets. Despite the creations of large Christmas markets around the world, it’s not so surprising that the current largest Christmas Market in the world can be found in the capital and largest city of Austria.


About The Vienna Christmas Market

Vienna Christmas Market is the largest and one of the most popular Christmas markets in the world. Its history dates to as far back as 1761 when there were mentions of the market’s occurrence at Freyung, Vienna. In the following years; however, the market encountered some challenges and much of these challenges had to do with location and the two world wars. These challenges led to the market’s long years of relocations across Vienna.

  • In 1842, the market relocated to Platz am Hof (At the Court).
  • Between 1924 and 1928, the market was held at Freyung (its former venue).
  • In 1929, the market relocated to Neubaugurtel.
  • In 1938, it moved again to Am Hof (one of its former venues).
  • The market was held at Stephensplatz in 1943.
  • In 1946, after the first World War, the market was held in front of the Messepalast.
  • Between 1949 and 1957, the market was held in Neubaugurtel (one of its former venues).
  • In 1958, the market was held again at the Messepalast until 1975 when it came to Rathausplatz – a square which turned out to be a perfect location many years after.

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Location And Size Of The Vienna Christmas Market

The Vienna Christmas Market is usually held at Rathausplatz Square, located in the Innere Stadt district, Vienna. This square (which is sometimes called the Rauthaspark), sits directly in front of the historical Vienna City hall. Its location at this strategic location makes it possible for shoppers to experience the historic architecture of Vienna while also enjoying an unforgettable Christmas market experience.

The square which hosts the Christmas market is approximately 39,000 square meters and it is just enough space to host the Christmas market’s 2 million yearly visitors.

Annual Dates Of The Vienna Christmas Market

Christmas Markets are usually celebrated during the four weeks of advent and this also applies to the Vienna Christmas Market. As early as mid-November, the Rathausplatz square quickly transforms into a street market atmosphere with stalls displaying items such as – clothes, pieces of jewelry, decorations, and delicious food displayed on every corner. After its kick-off, the street market continues into December, drawing in more population every evening and growing bigger as Christmas draws near. The period after 25th marks the gradual end of the annual market; although, sometimes the market stays open until the New Year.

  • The 2021 Vienna Christmas market is scheduled to hold from November 12th – December 26th, 2021.

What Visitors Will Enjoy At Vienna Christmas Market

At the Vienna Christmas market, visitors will be welcomed into a Christmas wonderland by the views of the beautifully lit Christmas trees and the decorations hanging all over the square. The lights installed by professional merchants and artisans shine so bright that they can be seen from several miles away emitting magical glows.

Visitors to the Vienna Christmas Market will enjoy views of the famous tree of hearts which features up to 500 glowing heats and also engage in ice skating afterward at the Ice Skating rink located within the park. Classical music, dance, balls, skiing, and children's opera also include things to enjoy at this park. Within the park, there is an area dedicated to children where they can enjoy fairy tales, reindeer trains, and also learn how to bake candies and biscuits.

Other Things To Do At The Vienna Christmas Market

  • Listen to an advent Concert.
  • Enjoy hot cups of coffee or mulled wine and get a taste of the delicious food of Vienna.
  • Take beautiful Christmas pictures at the venue.
  • Visit the nearby Museum of Art History and the Natural History Museum.

Due to the health situation of the world at the moment, some restrictions have been put in place to prevent health risks. According to Austria’s information website, Visitors who wish to shop at the Vienna Christmas Market will be required to show one of three documents which include - proof of vaccination, proof of past infection, or a negative test result.

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