Many enthusiastic travelers dream of visiting Egypt and checking out the Great Pyramids of Giza. These ancient wonders are thousands of years old and have captured the attention of countless wanderlusters for centuries. Pop culture and numerous tales of adventure have tempted travelers to journey to Cairo and visit these massive marvels.

As a Wonder of the Ancient World, millions of tourists visit the Great Pyramids every year. However, the bustling crowds and scorching heat are not enough to deter tourists from visiting this architectural marvel! With that said, travelers visiting this world-famous tourist attraction will pick up on several things while touring the area, which may come in handy for future visitors.

Look at these 8 things tourists will learn when visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza!

8 It Can Get Extremely Crowded, Even During ‘Off-Peak’ Tourist Season

It’s not a mystery why—the Great Pyramids are a world-renowned marvel that many travelers want to cross off their bucket list. But, unfortunately, travelers heading to the pyramids will have to face hordes of crowds under the scorching sun. Past visitors noticed that tourists hang around Pyramid Giza, so they recommend taking more time to visit the Khafre Pyramid and Queen Hetepheres’ tomb, which is less crowded.

7 It Can Get Pretty Hot—Don’t Underestimate The Heat!

It’s an obvious thing to pick up, but the Great Pyramids are situated in a desert climate that can get scorching hot. There’s also very little shade in the outdoor area, so tourists should keep themselves hydrated while touring the pyramids. And, of course, a healthy layer of sunscreen will prevent sunburns while traveling the site for hours on end!

6 Visitors Should Wear Comfortable, Yet Modest Clothing

The desert can get unsurprisingly hot, so travelers should dress for the scorching climate. To blend in with the local customs, avoid clothing that reveals excessive amounts of skin, like tank tops or short shorts. Loose, long sleeves and pants made of cotton and other breathable fabric can keep travelers cool in the heat. Some female visitors have even worn headscarves. A cheap pair of sunglasses and a cap can also go a long way while visiting the Great Pyramids. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or accessories which may draw attention.

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5 There Are Many Pyramids Around The Great Pyramid That Are A Must-See

No one can deny the marvel of the Pyramid Giza; however, the crowds on-site can be overwhelming for some visitors. Therefore, while visiting the Giza Plateau is a worthwhile experience, travelers may also consider visiting other equally impressive pyramids, minus the hordes of tour buses. For example, with adequate planning, travelers can journey to Dahshur to visit The Bent Pyramid and the vibrant Red Pyramid without a massive tourist crowd. Visitors will also be pleased with the entrance fee, starting at EGP 30 (or USD 1.91), a significantly lower price than the Giza Plateau, which begins at EGP 100 (or USD 6.37)!

4 The Great Pyramid Is Slightly Lopsided

Years ago, a team of researchers led by Glen Dash discovered that one side of the pyramid was slightly longer than the other, by about 6 to 14.1 cm. After this discovery, many people joked about the minuscule imperfection of the ancient marvel. However, having such a minor error is only proof that the Great Pyramid of Giza is genuinely a human-made wonder. Using the skill of countless workers and millions of solid stones, the Ancient Egyptians constructed a landmark that has stood the test of time for thousands of years!

Social media will have travelers believe that riding camels are part of the experience when visiting the Great Pyramids. While it’s an unforgettable memory to hang out with some cute camels, travelers don’t need to shell out money to do so. In fact, when visiting the Great Pyramids, countless vendors are known to persistently sell camel rides to unassuming tourists for deceptive prices. Travelers should not fall for ‘free camel rides,’ as past visitors have fallen victim to this tactic, only to have the vendor force them to pay to hop off the camel! Instead of riding on a camel, tourists can tour the pyramids on a quad bike, which can be booked in advance. It’s still an exciting and social media-worthy way of seeing the Great Pyramids!

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2 A Firm ‘No’ Can Deter Pushy Vendors

At Giza, vendors sell camel/horse rides, tours, and souvenirs to unsuspecting tourists. Many travelers advise prospective visitors to firmly say ‘no’ to goods they’re not interested in and refuse services that claim to be ‘free’ (because it’s probably not). Phrases like la shukran (“no, thank you” in Arabic) can go a long way!

1 Take Your Time While Visiting The Great Pyramid—It’s An Architectural Marvel!

The Great Pyramids of Giza have been featured in countless magazines, books, movies, and television shows. But tourists should devote some leisurely time to awe at the incredible design. Despite being built thousands of years ago, these pyramids stand proud, made with skilled human hands. When visiting the site, hiring a reputable guide and a driver is recommended. Former visitors encourage prospective travelers to book a tour and guide with a trusted source ahead of time.

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