Cruises are the epitome of a tropical vacation. You get the luxurious room, a sun deck, pools and hot tubs, bars, entertainment, and more. Plus it gives you the chance to reach offshore oasis' that you have been dreaming of during the day-to-day-grind. And no matter how many cruises you've been on, the grandeur of it all will simply blow you away from the moment you step inside the ship.

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That being said, sometimes your fascination and ardor can get in the way of simple cruise ship guidelines. There aren't many (unless it comes to safety), but adhering to these simple rules will help make the most out of your vacation. Check out these ten things you should never do on a cruise.

10 Don't Run On Deck

This should go without saying, but there are plenty of people who seem to forget standard pool-side etiquette. Not only is this maneuver unsafe, but it's distracting and a bit infuriating for those trying to sunbathe in peace. These rules bode exceptionally towards children, who should be kept in the strictest reins while out with everyone on the pool deck. Plus, anytime there is someone running near the pool, it's only a matter of time before the faceplant onto the ground.

9 Don't Throw Garbage Overboard

The movement for garbage pickup is steadily growing, which means that throwing garbage overboard on a cruise ship is severely looked down upon. But the glaring opinions of your fellow cruise ship peers shouldn't be the only reason to refrain from littering.

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The ocean and all of its excursions will start to deteriorate if this habit keeps up. Then there is the wildlife to consider, plus the fact that cruise ships have trash bins readily available. So throwing things overboard.... just don't do it.

8 Don't Buy Souvenirs On Board

Part of the lure that cruise ships have is the idea that you don't even have to leave the ship in order to complete your vacation. It's essentially a floating shopping center, with the added benefit of taking you to tropical islands. Cruise ships will always be fashioned with restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping stores. However, all of these stores have ridiculous price tags, which is why your souvenirs will be best bought elsewhere. Most of the island's bounty is a fraction of the price that you will find on the cruise ship. So if you are really thinking about purchasing that hat or sunglasses, just wait to see what souvenirs you can buy on land.

7 Don't Lose Track Of Time

Depending on what cruise line you book with or where you are heading, you will have to be back on the ship within a few hours of docking at a port. Cruise ships typically allow their guests to explore their port of call for eight hours each day.

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Which means that if you aren't keeping track of the time or you don't plan accordingly, your cruise ship may leave without you. This isn't an unusual circumstance, and while they can do their best to wait, they have a schedule to keep and can't wait to leave for their next destination due to ill-timing from their passengers.

6 Don't Wait To Sign Up For Excursions

Waiting to sign up for excursions is going to cause you a great deal of stress. It also might mean paying more onboard for cruise excursions than it would have been if you had prebooked your activities well in advance. That, and being at the risk that your anticipated excursion is sold out. All of these factors will put a major damper on your vacation. So don't wait to sign up for your excursions. Shop around or elicit the help of a travel agent to get the best deal.

5 Don't Forget To Do Your Research

Cruise ship vacations take a lot of planning and research. In order to be cost effective, you will want to know what you expect from a cruise and what destinations you want to visit. Do you want access to Wi-Fi or unlimited alcohol? Those mean extra charges. Do you want to go diving, but you're not sure which port offers the best sights? That means researching before you get on board. And if you're expecting endless buffets only to find out that they close every night, you can thank your hunger for the lack of research you did before you got on the ship.

4 Don't Arrive At The Port The Day Of

The best way to ensure that you will miss your cruise is by arriving at the port the day of. If you have to fly into your port's location, make sure to set your arrival date for the day before your cruise leaves.

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Yes, that means more time off of work, but the chance of losing the thousands of dollars that you saved towards your vacation is definitely more damaging. You will want to preplan your vacation so that it reflects the length of your cruise plus an extra night where you will need to stay at a hotel at your port of call.

3 Don't Forget to Pack Necessities

One necessity that should always be carried on board cruise ships is seasickness pills. Even if you have never experienced it, or you think you have a strong enough stomach, these pills should always be in your suitcase. Some other necessities that people forget to pack include feminine products, additional footwear, and sunscreen. All of these things will cost you a pretty penny if you're forced to buy them on the ship.

2 Don't Go Crazy At The Buffet

The buffet is, arguably, the best part about going on a cruise. You literally have endless amounts of food at your disposal. However, digging into this gluttonous habit can actually ruin your vacation. It can cause your stomach to become upset and helps elevate extra water weight, which will have you feeling miserable. It can be an oh-so-tempting concept to splurge at the buffet on a cruise ship, but you might want to limit yourself if you want to fully enjoy your getaway.

1 Don't Stay In Your Room

You're on a cruise ship—the closest sense of luxury you can get on any vacation—and you want to stay in the room the whole time? As tempting as these soft and freshly laundered beds are, don't spend the entire cruise in your room.

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The aforementioned binge eating can help contribute to this, as can spending long days out in the sun. Napping is a usual activity that comes hand-in-hand with all of the excitement of being on a cruise ship, but don't overdo it. Cruise sailing is a unique endeavor that you should enjoy every minute of while you are on board.