One of the many places that people want to visit is Antarctica. This land is full of unknown sights and amazing nature that can only be found on that continent. But while people are always excited to visit, most tend to over or under plan their trip. So for those wanting to visit, read ahead to find a few tips that will help ease the packing process.

10 Getting To Antarctica

Easily one of the most important and not planned well enough parts of this trip is booking the ship in enough time to go to Antarctica. This means booking the cruise early and making sure that there is enough time to get to the port from home, and allowing enough time to pack the essentials. While there are plenty of opportunities to visit this amazing land, visitors still need to plan and book ahead.

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9 Packing The Bags

One of the other most important aspects of this trip is packing the right gear for the trip. Visitors should check what the weather will be during the time of their trip, as during the summer months Antarctica gets up to the mid 30’s Fahrenheit, and can feel warmer sometimes with the 24 hours of sunlight beating down. So for most people, a thermal layer, some snow pants, and very warm socks are enough to keep them warm. No need to go out and buy a new closet for this trip.

8 Get Comfortable

Since the ships tend to take a while to get to Antarctica, visitors should get comfortable on the ship. This means bringing comfy clothes and fun things to do while on the ship. Depending on what kind of ship is booked, there might even be entertainment of some sort provided to the guests. But guests want to leave the formal wear at home, as there are no fancy dinners.

7 Getting Onshore

The moment all visitors are waiting for: stepping foot on the amazing land of Antarctica. After being on the ship for a while, it may be strange stepping on land. But the main thing visitors want to keep in mind when stepping on land is to be respectful of the nature and wildlife surrounding them. This means keeping a safe distance from animals, cleaning up after themselves, and watching where the next step is placed.

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6 Prevent Seasickness

One of the other most important things guests should do in preparation for their trip to Antarctica is stock up on any meds they may need, namely seasickness meds. These meds will help anyone who has motion or seasickness to right themselves after being on the boat for a while. Even for those that do not know if they have seasickness yet, it is better to go ahead and stock up.

5 Carry Essentials Everywhere

Unlike airports, when a ship is ready to leave they leave. So instead of standing around, guests should keep their critical things on their person in case their main luggage gets lost. Having a small carry-on, such as a smaller suitcase or a backpack, full of the essentials can go a long way. Some of these essentials may include long underwear, a change of clothes, and sunscreen. Visitors should be sure to research what happens with their luggage if this unfortunate circumstance does happen.

4 Check What Is Provided

Depending on what cruise or ship line guests go with, they may be provided certain pieces of gear such as expedition boots. Since certain things are provided, guests should be sure to double-check their suitcases before heading out. But the ships should also send out a packing list of what to bring and what not to bring, so guests should consult that list before deciding what is completely necessary to pack.

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3 Be Nice To The Guide

Antarctica is not a place that allows tourists to just wander around unsupervised, so there will be a guide to take visitors to places and tell them all about the land. But while it should go without saying, guests should be kind to their guides and listen to the amazing knowledge that they have to share.

2 This Is An Expedition

While still called a cruise, these are actually called expedition cruises. These ships are made to be a lot smaller and to visit more remote places so people can get the full range of amazing features offered by the surrounding landscape. Visitors should keep in mind that this also means a lot more flexibility in the itinerary and that sometimes things get left out or added on. It is usually just because of the weather or something else happening during the trip.

1 What Not To Do

Visitors should be sure to enjoy their time, but not take anything away from this amazing place. While it is tempting to take rocks, fossils, or random pieces of things lying around, it is not allowed for anyone to collect anything that is on the ground or anywhere on the continent. Visitors must keep in mind that they are the visiting party to this place and they have to keep the rules in mind.

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