Being one of the most remote islands globally, Easter Island has fascinated curious travelers and adventurers from all corners of the globe. Also known as the Navel of the World or Rapa Nui, Easter Island is world-famous for its incredible moai statues, highlighted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Paired with its remote nature, the island attracts visitors every year, emanating an alluring mystique. Today, the island is home to inhabitants who possess the Rapa Nui lineage (which almost became extinct in the 19th century). Additionally, the island thrives mainly on tourism, welcoming travelers who wish to learn the history of Easter Island.

9 Visiting Easter Island Can Be Pricey

Budget travelers may find the journey to Easter Island a tad pricey. According to Steph Dyson from Worldy Adventurer, it can cost around 1,200 USDs to fly to Easter Island during peak tourist season. Another expense that travelers may want to consider is food, as dining out can add up during their stay. As a budget tip, past travelers recommend limiting take-out (and bringing food instead) and booking a hostel dorm for budget accommodation.

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8 The Main Language On The Island Is Spanish

Being a part of Chile, don't be surprised to find that many locals speak Spanish. Even when booking accommodations for apartment stays, it's essential to remember that Spanish is the primary language of communication. Therefore, it may be a good idea to brush up on some key phrases in the language to get oneself acquainted.

7 Have Some Cash Handy

Easter Island accepts Chilean Pesos (CLP) as its official currency, but some places may even accept American currency (USD). There are only 3 ATMs on the island that are open 24/7 but may go out of service during some periods. Travelers can bring their credit cards, yet to err on the side of caution, bring a handful of cash before heading to Easter Island.

There was a time when Easter Island was only accessible through a ship; however, many people preferred flying to the island. However, lucky travelers who book a seat on the Chilean Navy El Aquiles should anticipate spending several days at sea. Even then, securing a spot on this fleet is challenging. It only sails twice a year and is mainly reserved for navy personnel and those traveling for official business! Today, most tourists fly directly from Santiago via Latam Airlines, the only airline that flies to Easter Island.

5 There Are A Ton Of Things To Enjoy At Easter Island

Danielle from Escaping Essex has an exhaustive list of things that one can do at Easter Island besides admiring the statues. Tourists can enjoy activities that include snorkeling excursions, hiking, cycling, surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, and much more. To learn more about the history of Rapa Nui, take some time to explore the town on the island, Hanga Roa.

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4 Prepare For The Weather

Flight delays due to turbulence are not unheard of when traveling to The Navel of the World. Thus, when arriving on the island, tourists may find the destination a tad windy! Travelers may also find that the island experiences a fair bit of rainfall. Meanwhile, the summers can get relatively humid, with strong sunshine. Prepare for the weather and pack a hat (that won't be blown away easily) and sunscreen!

3 There Are Several Accommodations Available

Many budget travelers and backpackers recommend booking a hostel to keep costs low. However, these accommodations book up really fast, so it's best to reserve a spot as early as possible. Alternatively, camping is another popular option at Easter Island, and there are several camping grounds sprawled across the island. Travelers can also stay at apartments booked through Airbnb.

2 Take A Day And Drive Around The Sights

Some people also prefer hiking or taking the quad bike to see what Easter Island offers. However, driving is a perfect way to see the sights around the island. The road trip around the tiny island is a sight for sore eyes, especially with landmarks like Orongo, Puna Pau, or the Ahu Ature Huki. Most especially, tourists would be remiss not visiting the iconic Easter Island mysterious moai statues. It's recommended to take care when driving, as some stretches of roads may be bumpy. Travelers have also come across some wild horses during their drive!

1 To Keep Costs Low, Bring Food To The Island

Food on Easter Island can add up, and it's not a tourist scam. Food has to be brought to the island from Chile, so eating out can be pricey for tourists. To save some costs, bring food to the island. Some accommodations will have access to a kitchen, so whipping up budget meals will be a breeze. Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse says that when bringing items from the mainland to Easter Island, she only spent (an average) of 4.65 USDs per meal for a couple of days. However, many former travelers urge tourists to sample Easter Island's tuna and cheese empanadas, which are also relatively cheap!

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