Traveling is diverse, and so are the places that a traveler can visit and things to do. Due to this, one is not limited to enjoying just specific attractions but can enjoy more as long as there is room for that. In many cases, traveling to new places is all about interacting with the environment and feeling the atmosphere.

One of the ways to do this is to enjoy the nightlife of a place. However, for a smart person, researching and understanding the best things to do is a good way to experience better moments. For someone visiting Ottawa, here are nightlife things one must do.

10 Gamble At Rideau Carleton Raceway Casino

For someone who is a fan of gambling and money games then there is no better place to enjoy the night than Rideau Carleton Raceway Casino. It is a casino open 24 hours every day that provides various activities like slot machines, gambling tables, roulette cards, and more for risky guests. The casino is the best place for Ottawa nightlife and for someone who likes a sporting environment. There are several gamblers both experienced and less experienced to interact and play with.

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9 Enjoy The Performance At The National Arts Center

For someone who enjoys arts, dances, and music, then the National Arts Center in Ottawa is a good place for a night out. The place is very entertaining and is found at 53 Elgin St. at Confederation Square. With the center offering three auditoriums with a variety of performances, a night there is a memorable one. The NAC Orchestra's performance is the most attractive event.

8 Watch Football And Relax At Pub 101

Pub 101 is one of the most known clubs along York Street. It is a charming environment for a night out in Ottawa housed in an old three-story building with red bricks, the mood is casual but friendly. Nightlife in Ottawa can also be all about relaxing and watching a big football game on a weekend and this is a good sport. The atmosphere is cool and there is always a DJ and a dance floor.

7 Stimulated Golfing At Mulligans Golf Bar

Mulligans Golf Bar is a club that is known to live up to its name and it is all about golf. This is a bar where a visitor will get a chance to enjoy virtual golfing games, so it is good for one who wants to have fun playing esports. Mulligans Golf Bar has high-tech golf simulators that give its customers a chance to feel like they are playing gold in real life and sipping bottles of wine. There is also food such as tacos.

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6 Cocktails At The Moonroom

For a traveler who enjoys cocktails then the Moonroom is the best place to visit for nightlife with various cocktails. It is a club that is found in the Little Italy region that is designed to provide a very cozy environment with a soft interior decoy and intimate lighting styles. It is a good place for someone who would like to go out for a date in Ottawa. There are also foods served at the club hence giving it a special feel. Nightlife in Ottawa can be enjoyed in a calm and relaxed club and this is the place.

5 Café Paradiso

Café Paradiso is another amazing place to visit in Ottawa at night. The place is popular for its local acts that take place on weekends. For someone who wants to experience and learn from local acts, this is the right place. Café Paradiso is located at 199 Bank St. It also offers performance artists such as saxophonist Dave Liebman and singer Jordan. As a result, it is a good place for someone interested in performance to enjoy their night in Ottawa.

4 Zaphod Beeblebrox

Zaphod Beeblebrox is a club located on 27 York Street in Ottawa. It is one of the most popular clubs for providing a combination of drinking, partying, and live music experiences. The club has been in business for a long time and is also known for hosting the Rolling Stones video in 2015. It is an easily accessible club and one will enjoy great music and live acts regularly. It is also considerably affordable.

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3 Blacksheep Inn

For someone who would like to enjoy and have a memorable night from the performance by artists such as Kathleen Edwards, Blacksheep Inn is the best spot to visit. It is found at 753 Riverside Drive and it is easily accessible. The club's location is very significant as it overlooks the Gatineau River. What is most interesting about Blacksheep Inn is that there are many folk and American musicians who perform there making it a great nightlife fun place.

2 Yuk Yuk’s

Yuk Yuk's is a comedy club found in Ottawa and one of the best places to have a good time in the city. Although it is characterized by an old-school atmosphere, the amount of fun one can get from the club is incredible. Yuk Yuk’s offers comedy sessions from some of the best comedians such as Berek Segun and Dave Nihill. The club brings in popular and even international comedians regularly.

1 City At Night

Just as the name suggests, City At Night is the best nightclub one will find in the whole of Ottawa. It is a club that has a great modern yet sophisticated for visitors, so it is perfect for someone looking for a hyped yet sleek environment. The club brings the most popular DJs every weekend and sometimes live bands. With the club equipped with good sound systems and lights, it is the best place for someone who wants to party and dance.

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