Japan is an astonishingly beautiful country that is set apart from anywhere else. And it not only has beauty but various engaging activities that could not be explored from a simple visit. In fact, it has captured tourists' hearts, and they can't seem to stop visiting. Japan is adored throughout the world for its peculiar style and strange sights. Every street corner in this country is home to something uniquely unexpected whether it is futuristic toilets, whimsical maid cafes, minuscule capsule hotels, or lightning-fast bullet trains. So, here are ten things that can only be found in Japan.

8 Unique Kit Kat Flavors

As many people know, Kit Kat is a chocolate bar made of wafer cookies coated in excellent milk chocolate and then dipped in chocolate, but that is an original kit kat flavor. In fact, there is a slew of additional flavors of Kit Kats that were introduced worldwide, including strawberry, green tea, and dark chocolate. However, there are a plethora of bizarre Kit Kat flavors in Japan. Kit Kats come in various flavors, some available in Japan, such as baked potato, fruit parfait, spicy chili, and maize. RELATED: 10 Onsen Hot Spring Etiquettes Visitors To Japan Must Know

7 They Use Blue Traffic Lights Instead Of Green

Indeed the words "go" and "stop" are synonymous with traffic signals, but not so in Japan. In fact, some people who have never driven in Japan aren't aware that their traffic signals are blue, not green, making things a little more difficult for drivers. Since Japan doesn't have a word for "green" in its own language, they used blue as the color for their “go” signal, especially since this will be easier for its locals to understand. Aside from that, it was common for Japanese locals to use only a few hues to characterize others, such as black, red, white, and blue. So in Japan, objects that would be considered green are instead referred to as "blue."

6 Vending Machines That Sell Everything People Can Imagine

In many parts of the world, beverage and snack vending machines are common. In places like airports, vending machines that sell products like phone chargers, t-shirts, and umbrellas can be found. However, vending machines in Japan have gone from weird to outright crazy. Vending machines are ubiquitous in Japan, and people can get just about everything they want; pizza, fresh flowers, surgical masks, and underwear may all be purchased from vending machines. In fact, there’s more of it, so if tourists can't find what they are looking for, they should try a nearby vending machine.RELATED: Everything You Should Know About Using A Japan Rail Pass

5 Public Transportation That Is Extremely Efficient

It's not surprising that so many Japanese rely on public transportation, given the country's enormous population and the crowds of people crammed into cities like Tokyo. It would be a nightmare to get to work every day with so many people due to the traffic. In fact, Japanese people place a high value on punctuality and appearing on time. It's a lot of pressure on public transportation to run on schedule and avoid making passengers late. Fortunately, this isn't a significant issue. It's a big issue in Japan if the subway is late because it's unusual.

4 Display Food

Japanese companies resort to extreme measures to ensure that their food seems great in commercials or product photographs. In ice cream commercials, mashed potatoes are sometimes used to substitute for milk, whereas cereal makers often use glue for milk. However, this isn't the case in Japan, as many restaurants in Japan have plastic models of their meals on display so customers can see exactly what they will be getting before they even make their orders. So when tourists go there, they can easily order any food they want because of Japan’s display of food.

3 Toilets With A Smart Washlet

Japan's "washlets," or high-tech toilets, are packed with high-tech features. With a variety of backside sprays, water temperature adjustments, scents, and even noise-canceling sounds, these future toilets put the competition to shame. While they appear to be intimidating at first, they are relatively manageable if people know a few simple methods. Using the washlet is as simple as pressing the control buttons on either side of the toilet. If the control pad on the toilet is not in use, they can use the remote control pad mounted on the wall instead. RELATED: Mount ÅŒmine: Japan's Sacred Mountain Famous For 3 Tests of Courage

2 Japan Has Maid And Butler Cafes

In these establishments, frequently found on the streets of Tokyo's otaku district of Akihabara, guests can enjoy the service of impeccably-dressed Japanese maids and butlers while being entertained by songs, dances, and shows. The dishes in these cafes are adorable, with sauce pictures of cats, love hearts, and other designs, elevating the term "kawaii" to a whole new level. Maid cafes are definitely made for men, but in any case, butler cafes can be found in Japan, which is an excellent alternative. These cafes, which are only seldom available outside of Japan, cater to all ladies, making them feel like a princess for the day.

1 Japan Has Unique Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is a treat that almost everyone enjoys. While chocolate and vanilla will always have a special place in everyone’s hearts, these flavors aren't enough in ice cream. Visiting a new ice cream shop is a great way to experience a unique taste of ice cream. In fact, Japan has unusual and unique Ice cream flavors ranging from cactus, chicken wings, fish, octopus, eel, shrimp, wasabi, and much more! So if tourists ever want to try these flavors, they can go to Japan and find the weirdest flavored ice creams!

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