North America is home to popular travel destinations, from the coasts of California to the splendor of the Canadian Rockies at Banff National Park. Destinations like New York City, Vancouver, and California are popular places that many travelers love to visit. However, many travelers underestimate the charming vibes of Kansas.

This Midwestern American state is a great travel destination for many travelers, especially those who are fans of Little House On The Prairie and The Wizard of Oz. Other travelers will enjoy touring Kansas for its unique landscape and fascinating attractions. Travelers thinking of vacationing in the US should seriously consider visiting Kansas.

Check out some of these things that can only be found in charming The Sunflower State!

9 Pizza Hut Museum

  • Location : 1845 Fairmount St.,  Wichita , 67260

Fans of the world-famous pizza chain can visit Wichita State's Pizza Museum, which is the actual original building of Pizza Hut! With free admission, visitors can check out some neat artifacts about the original pizza chain, while learning its history all the way back to 1958. While the museum houses no Pizza Hut restaurants (or free samples), there is one close to the university at the Rhatigan Student Center.

8 Oz Winery

  • Location : 417 Lincoln Ave, Wamego, KS 66547

Wizard of Oz fans will fall in love with the Oz Winery, which is close to the Oz Museum in Wamego. Customers can sample 2 free wines, or let their palette wander with Wine Flights, starting at $8! Oz Winery crafts a variety of wines, from ruby reds to refreshingly sparkling wines, which are named after characters from the classic film. Wine-os can sample flavors like King Crow Merlot, Dorothy's Dream, Glinda's Bubbly, and much more!

7 Dorothy's House And The Land Of Oz

  • Location : 567 E Cedar St, Liberal, KS 67901

The Wizard of Oz has captured the hearts of fans all around the world. Today, fans can relive the movie magic and visit Dorothy's home in Liberal, Kansas! This replica home was built in 1981 after a waiter in San Francisco told Max Zimmerman (the man who came up with the idea to build the home), a Kansas native, that he expected to see Dorothy's house, should he ever visit the Sunflower State. This home has attracted thousands of visitors over the years, reminding tourists of the cheery charm that encompasses Kansas.

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6 New Theatre & Restaurant

  • Location : 9229 Foster St, Overland Park, KS 66212-2273

According to the Wall Street Journal, New Theatre & Restaurant is the best dinner theatre in the USA. With a reputation like that, travelers should make it their mission to visit this renowned theatre. Guests can enjoy a nice American-style dinner while watching an exciting Broadway show. New Theatre & Restaurant has hosted popular productions like Fiddler On The Roof, Tom Sawyer, and Hairspray.

5 Monument Rocks

  • Location : Oakley, Kansas

Also known as the Chalk Pyramids, visitors shouldn't expect to find landmarks resembling the Great Pyramid of Giza. Instead, tourists can awe at beautiful rock formations that are visible on the US-83 Highway. Visitors may even find some animal bones that are embedded in the rocks! Although the formations are on private grounds, the site is open to the public during the daytime. However, taking nearby stones, carving the stones, littering, the use of drones, and entrance during the nighttime are prohibited.

4 International Forest of Friendship

  • Location : 1 Allingham Drive, Atchison, KS 66002

The name of this park is as pleasant as it sounds! The International Forest of Friendship was created by the City of Atchison and The Ninety-Nines, an organization for female pilots. The memorial forest pays homage to countless female pilots, featuring plaques and trees that represent 50 states and over 35 countries. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful walk while visiting the city, which was the birthplace of world-famous female pilot Amelia Earhart.

3 Little House On The Prairie Museum

  • Location : 2507 CR 3000 Independence, KS 67301

Fans of Little House On The Prairie can visit Laura Ingall's log cabin in Kansas! Fans of the series and history buffs alike can check out the original one-room log cabin while learning more about prairie life in the 18th- and 19th- centuries. From artifacts to landmarks, visitors will be able to see the Wayside Post Office, Sunnyside Schoolhouse, and even Charles Ingalls' hand-dug well!

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2 Wild Dala Horse

  • Location : Lindsborg

Travelers need not travel to Europe to see Sweden. Also known as "Little Sweden", Lindsborg is a unique small Kansas town that is proud of its Swedish heritage, from its landmark names to its authentic Swedish restaurants and bakeries. Tourists can also spot Lindsborg's iconic Wild Dala Horses, which are made from wood using Swedish folk craft. The horses are brightly decorated, welcoming tourists from all walks of life. Be sure to take plenty of photos, but don't sit on them!

1 Giant Van Gogh Painting

  • Location : 1998 Cherry Ave, Goodland, KS 67735-9200

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night is a world-famous painting admired by travelers everywhere. Travelers won't find the well-known painting in Kansas; however, visitors can still see a giant painting of Van Gogh's "3 Sunflowers In A Vase" when they drive across Goodland. This giant painting is a quirky landmark that was completed in 2001 and weighs over 40,000 pounds! While many travelers simply gawk at the painting while driving by, there are benches placed in front of the painting for visitors' viewing pleasure.

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