Hotels make travelers feel like royalty (well, some do). There are freshly laundered bed sheets, feathered pillows, pools, and other recreational activities available at your fingertips. Admit it; if you could live at a hotel, you would. Besides giving unrivaled customer service, hotels like to offer free items and amenities for their guests in their temporary home.

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When you read "free things at hotels," don't take that under the assumption that these things are free to take home with you. Some are simply just items that are available to borrow, free of charge, during your stay at the hotel. Though, some free items at hotels are there specifically for you to take for yourself. So go ahead and stockpile an exorbitant amount of soaps and coffees! Here are 10 things that you can get for free at hotels.

10 10. Sewing Kit

You might find that some hotels sell this item in their front desk pantry. However, they usually have plenty in stock to give away for free. This little package works as a handy sidekick for a distressed garment. It will typically come with a couple of sewing needles, some thread, sewing scissors, and buttons. You don't have to be a seamstress to work these basic tools, but if you still feel uncertain about your sewing skills, you may be able to get one of the hotel staff to help you out.

9 Netflix

Hilton isn't the only hotel conglomerate offering free gigs, though. Recently, Marriot made the move to partner with Netflix in order to bring the streaming service directly to their guests. It's a smart amenity to include, considering that most people prefer these services to pay per view.

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You can sign in directly to your account and continue watching your favorite TV series or movie at the end of an eventful day. You can also sign into YouTube, Pandora, and Hulu at any Marriott hotel. Not to mention, this is a free service available to literally anyone, regardless of your hotel package or Rewards number.

8 9. Toiletries

Keeping toiletries stocked for guests is a universal hotel policy. It is almost unheard of to find a hotel bathroom void of items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion. These mini bottles of convenience come in various brands and scents, but the good news is, they are always free.

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Hotels receive these toiletries by the hundreds. So don't feel hesitant about asking to keep these tocked every day of your stay (though they will usually replenish for you anyway). You can even ask for more at the front desk if you are inclined to take home your favorite bottle!

7 8. Laundry Bag

What is a laundry bag good for at a hotel? Well, consider you are staying for a full week or even a long weekend; where does all your dirty laundry go? Rather than stuffing your worn outfit in various pockets of your luggage, ask your hotel for a laundry bag. They keep them exclusively for guests to make it easier for them to carry their laundry to their accessible laundry room. Laundry bags are local retailers run anywhere between five and ten dollars, so getting one for free is a pretty sweet deal!

6 7. Disposable Razor

Razors seem like a commonly forgotten item in a traveler's suitcase. Even if these are being sold in your hotel's pantry, ask if they have one to spare.

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Disposable razors aren't a pricey commodity, which is why it is easy for hotels to give these away for free. Plus, considering how many people would be grateful for this item, it just adds those extra stars that travelers might be willing to give on a review.

5 6. Phone Charger

You would think in today' tech-driven economy that forgetting your phone charger is on par with forgetting your credit card. Still, chargers can break, become lost, or simply forgotten. Thankfully, some hotels are able to offer phone chargers that you are able to use throughout your stay. Obviously, this is one of those items that you can't take home with you. But it's the thought that counts, right?

4 5. Snacks

You might be able to find hotels offering baskets of assorted fruits like apples and pears, but some offer more decedent kinds of snacks. For instance, Hilton hotels put out freshly baked chocolate chip cookies every single day! Sometimes even a few times a day. They are quick to refill the tray anytime it's running low so that travelers can enjoy this tasty snack on their way out the door or as soon as they check in. You might even be able to ask for oatmeal or sugar cookies in their backstock!

3 3. Coffee or Tea

This is great news for caffeine enthusiasts. As most travelers know, coffee and tea come included in your hotel stay. Packets of coffee, tea, and creamer available right in your hotel room alongside your own coffee maker. There is usually also coffee available downstairs in the breakfast bar during breakfast hours, though some hotels thoughtfully keep a few pt in rotation well into the night. And if you are in need of more (even if it's just to sneak some back home), the hotel staff will be more than willing to hand out their free coffee or tea packets.

2 2. Hair Tools

Did you forget your hairbrush or straightener in your rush to the airport? No problem! Hotels offer these tools for free rental during your stay. You might not get a choice when it comes to styling or brand, but at least you can rest easy knowing that most hotels can provide these for free. Just make sure that you return it before checkout. Staff are required to ask for your room number before handing these out in order to keep track of these items. If you accidentally pack it in your suitcase, you will probably find an extra charge on your hotel bill.

1 1. Room Upgrades

Hotel upgrades are available, for free, all year round. Well... maybe not in the busy season. But, as long as there is a vacancy, all you have to do is ask the front desk clerk if an upgrade is available.

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If you're polite and respectable, they are usually more than happy to give you a free upgrade. In fact, some hotel employees will go out of their way to upgrade your room before you even arrive, which is also a nice surprise!