The Great Barrier Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular places to visit, as it is the largest coral reef on the whole earth. The reef is full of thousands of species of marine life with beautiful, bright colors. The whole reef is around the size of Japan and is open for tourists to go under, over and around, exploring and sightseeing. There are so many activities suitable for all kinds of tourists!

10 Pack The Essentials

The must-have essentials for a trip to the reef include sunscreen, hats, shorts, and just anything needed for climate extremes including water and heat. Tourists come here especially to dive so the correct diving gear is the top item needed on the list. To avoid harming the coral, tourists need to wear sunscreen that is reef-safe but first should check that there are no allergies to it.

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9 Sleep On The Reef

Instead of heading home in the afternoon after visiting the reef, tourists can sleep on a platform on the reef, where there are tents with mattresses to sleep on under the shining sky. There is no going home for a certain time, tourists can dip into the reef as many times as they like during the stay. During this stay, tourists can relax and enjoy a variety of activities including diving and snorkeling, and boat and helicopter rides. During the evening time, tourists can even enjoy a barbecue and another dip into the reef.

8 Mini Submarine

For tourists that worry about diving, swimming, and breathing equipment, submarines are the perfect option for them. These offer the opportunity for guests to get inside and travel through the reef in a more relaxed way, taking in all the beautiful sights of the luminous marine life. Submarines are very safe and operate every day, they are the easier and more relaxed option for tourists and they are a lot faster too!

7 Walk Along The Sea Bed

This can be experienced on Green Island, where tourists can walk along the sea bed wearing a helmet, but not just any helmet, it will be a diving helmet which is like a big bubble over the head and is connected to an air hose. The helmets are very clear which improves the whole experience, allowing visitors to see everything in the reef. This is perfect for tourists that don’t enjoy swimming or even the ones that need to wear glasses as these can be worn under the helmet.

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6 Underwater Scooter

If tourists enjoy the helmet walk or want to go one step further, underwater scooters are a very good idea. These are very popular and magical ways to explore the reef. The scooter is a bright yellow with a seat for the visitors that they sit on to glide through the sea along with a helmet that looks just like the helmet used to walk along the sea bed. The scooters are very easy to use and there will also be a guide to help tourists along the way.

5 Private Island Picnic

When the tide is low, a small strip of sand can be seen at Vlasoff Cay. This is a very popular and romantic spot for tourists, especially couples, where they can share a picnic and a bottle of bubbles surrounded by the beautiful clear blue sea and marine life which is very romantic. Tourists can be dropped off by boat or helicopter to this very private bit of land and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and best of all, relaxing.

4 Skydive Over The Reef

For tourists looking for some scary excitement, skydiving over the reef is the best experience for this, the view will be absolutely amazing too, seeing nothing but the beautiful barrier reef below and even the rainforest. Tourists will need to book this experience where they will be supported by a guide.

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3 Watch Sea Turtles Hatching

The Great Barrier Reef is full of turtles, there are 7 species of turtle in the world and six of them are here. Turtles lay their eggs from November to January and then the eggs will begin to hatch and the small sea turtles will escape their nest and scurry to the ocean which is a very beautiful and amazing experience to witness. Tourists can expect to see this happening from January to March which is the time the eggs usually start to hatch.

2 Swim With Minke Whales

Minke whales are the smallest of whales and they are a very stable species. Every year at the reef these whales take over around June and July. In winter they travel north to the tropical waters to give birth. When swimming with these whales, they will approach visitors which is very exciting and fascinating. There are many tours that allow you to go and swim with them, where tourists will be fully supported by a guide.

1 Yacht

Yachts are an amazing experience and are especially good for those that don’t fancy going underwater. Here tourists can sit back and relax and enjoy sailing through the extraordinary waters whilst soaking up the beaming sun. The good thing about getting a yacht is that tourists don’t need a boat license to use one. There are many islands to sail around and even stop off at to get some supplies and a lovely meal before sailing back off into the sea.

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