In recent years, people have started to really put an emphasis on how traveling can really elevate one's life. While material goods were once seen as the utmost in importance, the focus has started to change to reveal that life experiences can be far more fulfilling. People are starting to travel more and people aren't just limiting their travels to romantic getaways with their significant others. From annual girl's trips to adventure getaways with a group of friends to individual traveling to really see the world in a different way; it's interesting how many people have vacationed without their romantic partner.

This opens up so many more opportunities when it comes to experiencing a brand new location and it puts a whole new twist on the dynamic of a trip. However, it also puts a few things into question when it comes to the vacation. While everyone will try and think that they are the exact same person whilst they're on a vacation with their significant other, there are still some things that are inevitably left out of the conversation when asked about the trip afterward. Check out our list of the 15 things we do on vacation that drive the BF up the walls and 10 things that he does, and find out whether or not any of these infractions are familiar.

25 Eat all the things!

When it comes to going on vacation, people often look forward to a plethora of different things. Yet, there are some activities on vacation that can result in some major regrets. Overindulging on food is actually quite common whilst on vacation and it becomes exponentially worse when partaking in an all-inclusive stay or a cruise. Cruise Reviews released a feature and stated, "According to the polls of several online cruise reviewers, it appears that the average weight gain on a 7-day cruise ranges from 5 to 10 pounds." While it's definitely a great part of a vacation to indulge a bit, this is something that many women might leave out of the conversation once they return back home.

24 total 'girl' thing: Shop way too much!

Many women like to go shopping whilst on vacation and sometimes there are entire trips that revolve around the shopping experience. Travel Pulse released a feature in 2017 about the savings that travelers can have regarding some of the biggest fashion designers and stated, "Many international travelers and lovers of luxury goods know that pricing often varies from country to country—even for the exact same products—because of import duties, taxes, demand pricing and other variables." A popular shopping choice for those traveling to Europe is to purchase a bag or two from Louis Vuitton. While there is definitely a considerable savings, it's still going to be an incredibly pricey expenditure and it might be something that women will choose to leave out of the vacation conversation.

23 Total 'guy' thing: Oversleeping

When traveling, people often picture having amazing adventures that result in activities that wouldn't be possible in one's day-to-day life. Yet, not everyone envisions their vacations to be jam-packed with activities and outings. Instead, some people envision themselves just catching up on their rest and relaxation and they might even spend an inordinate time asleep. Yet, that doesn't exactly come off as the most exciting vacation story since not everyone thinks of sleeping an entire trip away as a great way to travel. This can come off as a bit waste of time and it can also make it seem like the person isn't all that fun when traveling. While getting a few extra hours of sleep may have really been the best thing while on vacation, not everyone wants to admit that they spent so much time asleep (huffpost).

22 Pay For Other People

When traveling with a group, there is often an unspoken rule that there will be certain things that will be paid for by each individual. Whether it's taking turns in purchasing shots at the bar or taking turns in treating the group in paying for the meal, it's not uncommon for men to have to pay for their friends whilst on vacation. Yet, this can sometimes come off as a frivolous expenditure when regaling the tale to a girlfriend and it can also result in hurt feelings. Not all girlfriends will take it well to hear that their boyfriend had enough to pay for his friends' meals but doesn't have enough to take her out to eat at an ultra-fancy restaurant. This is definitely something that will undoubtedly be left out of the conversation (askmen).

21 Indulge In Sweets

Not everyone can really call themselves someone with a sweet tooth since there are many people that don't regularly indulge in a sweet treat in their regular day-to-day lives. Yet, that can sometimes go out the window when on a vacation. Some women tend to overindulge on the sweets while they're on vacation, whether it's partaking in some salt water taffy while visiting Atlantic City or getting some major gelato in Europe ( However, it's not always the best look to reveal that a vacation was filled with cream pies and stuffing one's face with sweets. While it was undoubtedly a great experience to try different treats during a vacation, it might be something that women choose to leave out when asked about activities during a trip.

20 Total 'girl' move: Waste Time Getting The “Perfect” Picture

In a world filled with so many ways to share photos online, it's not surprising that people have started to really try and capture "the perfect picture" when traveling. There are constantly photos being shared online with the standard hand holding a coconut drink or feet in the sand and many people have tried to emulate these types of vacation photos for when they return home. Yet, not everyone can create that perfect photo on the first try and it can be embarrassing to let others know exactly how long it took to create the most effortlessly beautiful photo (forbes). While sharing a great photo of oneself on vacation is always fun, regaling the fact that it took numerous poses and far longer than it should have isn't something that everyone wants to admit.

19 Spending Too Much Time On Electronics

In a world filled with so many different handheld electronic devices, it's not surprising that there are people that have chosen to use their vacations to try and separate themselves from their electronics. People often try and detox themselves from their electronics while on vacation and truly enjoy the experience of being away from their day-to-day lives. Yet, it's not as easy for everyone to let go of their phones and really enjoy the experience of being on vacation. In fact, there are many people that can't help but spend an inordinate amount of time on their handheld devices (Bustle) and that's probably something that they'd like to leave out when talking about what they did during their travels.

18 total 'girl' thing: Buy useless things

When going on vacation, it's interesting how travel destinations will try and cater towards tourists. Little novelty shops are often hugely popular in areas where tourists tend to visit and many women are known to pick up a few knick knacks while they're vacationing. From novelty shot glasses to snow globes of their travel destination, there are a number of different knick knacks that can be seen as a huge favorite for travelers. However, not all men can understand the appeal of these types of expenditures and it can sometimes come off as a frivolous purchase (Forbes). While it might be fun to collect spoons from every state or get a commemorative shot glass, this might be one of the things that isn't mentioned once asked to regale tales of the vacation.

17 She packs Too Much

When it comes to traveling for a vacation, many people can find themselves hugely stressed over what they will need to pack. This is often the case for women since there are so many options when it comes to what they will wear. From a multitude of different shoe and accessory options to packing multiple outfits to cater towards different activities and weather conditions, it's not a surprise that many women tend to overpack when they're planning on going on a trip. Yet, admitting that someone has overpacked isn't always the easiest thing to do. Overpacking can cause additional fees at the airport for heavier luggage and helping someone carry their overly-packed luggage isn't always the best thing either (travelandleisure).

16 He Never packs enough

While women are often known for overpacking when it comes to their preparation for a vacation, men are often known for not packing enough (clark). Oftentimes, men are known for actually thinking that just a few pairs of this or that is sufficient enough to get them through an entire vacation and there are often little toiletries and other items that are completely forgotten. When asked about their travel experience afterward, there aren't many men that are willing to admit that they had to wear the same underwear for multiple days of the trip because they forgot to pack enough or that they ran out of deodorant halfway through their vacation. While it may make for a funny story further down the road, it's definitely not something that they'll want to divulge right away.

15 take advantage of all the 'free' things

When it comes to hotel stays, not all hotels have the exact same offerings when it comes to the toiletries and amenities that are offered to their guests. While some hotels offer luxury spa bags that are included with each guest's visit, other travelers are lucky just to get a miniature bottle of shampoo or conditioner in their hotel bathroom. While these small addons are often thought of as freebies for travelers, there are some people that go a bit overboard when it comes to what they'll take from their hotel stay (News). From extra food stuffed into their pockets during the free continental breakfast to actual towels being packed into their luggage, this is definitely something that is left out of the conversation when returning home.

14 Spend Too Much On Room Service

Room service is often seen as a huge draw for some travelers, especially when they offer an amazing menu or it has extended hours to cater towards those looking for ultra-convenience when vacationing (forbes). However, it doesn't always come off as the best look when someone constantly overspends on their room service expenditures. It can come off as a bit lazy and it also can be seen as a bit negative since the person didn't opt to leave the hotel and explore a bit in regards to dining out. Room service menu items often come with a hefty price tag and people can sometimes think that it's not the brightest thing to opt for this menu, rather than somewhere they could travel to near the hotel.

13 Spend Too Much On Things From The Minibar

There are a number of different expenditures whilst on vacation that can be a huge waste of money and not everyone has the willpower to forego these little luxuries. A great example is the hotel minibar since the markup on the items that they offer can make a huge dent in a traveler's wallet (dailymail). While indulging in a miniature package of Pringles may seem fun and convenient, it's not all that fun realizing that the price tag is more than purchasing an entire roll at the local grocery store. Divulging just how much was spent on the items taken from the hotel minibar can not only come off as someone that frivolously spends but it can also be seen as a bit lazy. Instead of purchasing these items at a local store, it shows that they're fine with overspending just for a bit of convenience.

12 Buy Gifts For Friends

When going on a vacation, many people tend to think of the friends that weren't able to make it with them on the trip. From beautiful postcards to novelty t-shirts, it's not uncommon for women to bring back a few gifts for their friends that they found during their travels. Yet, this is something that they might want to leave out when talking to their significant others. It can sometimes come off as a frivolous expenditure to spend money on friends while on vacation and it can become even more uncomfortable if there weren't any gifts purchased for the significant others (forbes). Even if it's just a small insignificant purchase, this is often something that is skipped over in the vacation conversation.

11 Total 'Guy' thing: Going A Tad Overboard On Drinks

When going on vacation, many people look forward to letting their hair down a bit and letting loose with a few drinks. From visiting the Las Vegas Strip to hitting up a few bars in a tropical setting, it's not uncommon for tourists to go a bit overboard in their drinking adventures while on vacation. Yet, this is often something that is left out of the conversation once the boyfriend asks whether or not the vacation contained any drinking. While it's perfectly acceptable to say that there was a glass of wine with a dinner or two, it's not always the best conversation when mentioning over-drinking at various nightclubs every night (tripsavvy). There is definitely a reason why the phrase, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" has become so commonly known.

10 Total 'girl' thing: Showing A Bit Too Much On The Beach

When traveling to a vacation destination that includes a tropical setting or a beautiful pool, many women have been known to go a bit out of their comfort zone when it comes to their bathing suit options. While the simple one-piece might suffice for the local community pool, something special might be acquired for a girl's trip to Miami. From string bikinis that might be a little more daring than usual to visiting a topless beach in Europe, these are the things that definitely might raise a few red flags with a significant other (thrillist). While it may be fun to be a bit daring while on vacation, having to explain oneself afterwards is definitely something that many women would like to avoid.

9 boys and girls: Take/Give Phone Number

People are often known to become extremely friendly while on vacation, whether it's sparking a conversation with their local tour guide or dancing on tabletops at a local bar. It's not uncommon for people to act out a bit while on vacation and getting a tad friendly is something that wouldn't exactly go over well when conversing about it with a significant other. One huge aspect that would definitely be passed over is if a phone number was given or taken (infoworld). This is something that may seem completely innocent, like accepting a phone number at a local bar. Yet, it probably wouldn't go over well in the conversation after returning home from vacation.

8 Talk To A Fellow Traveler

When traveling, one of the biggest mistakes some tourists make is the fact that they don't get to know some of their fellow travelers (tripadvisor). From chatting it up with the other guests at the hotel to sparking a conversation with others at the free buffet, sometimes talking to fellow travelers can really elevate a vacation. This can be a way to find out about other great activities while on vacation and it can help to learn more about local dining experiences or activities. Yet, not everyone wants to hear about their significant other having conversations with other people at their hotel. This is something that can result in a number of awkward questions and many people would like to skip all of that.

7 Bring a book to ignore everyone else

While some people think of vacationing as a great way to really delve outside of their comfort zone and partake in some daredevil experiences and over-the-top activities, not everyone envisions that as their dream vacation. In fact, many people think of vacationing as a way to really relax the mind and body or even take some time to do some reading. While reading a book doesn't exactly come off as the most exciting way to spend a vacation, not everyone is the type of traveler that is looking forward to jet skiing and surfing the biggest wave. It's not uncommon to see travelers with a book on their lap but that doesn't always sound like the most interesting vacation story (womansday).

6 Overpaid For Taxis

One of the biggest expenses while traveling has to do with transportation. While many hotels offer free shuttles to get to and from the airport, that doesn't mean that there are free car services for the rest of their activities while on vacation. From shopping to dining out, people often spend quite a lot of money on taxi services. Yet, it can be a little tricky when using a taxi in a travel location with a different currency. Understanding currency exchange is extremely important and there are numerous travelers that have learned that the hard way. Admitting that someone has grossly overpaid for a taxi trip is something that will surely be embarrassing and will most likely be skipped over (goodnewsnetwork).