Going to one of the many Disney parks around the world can be a really fun experience. They have a ton of great rides, unique snacks, and souvenirs that any Disney lover would be happy to take home. While there are a lot of fun things that visitors can do in the Disney parks, there are also quite a few things that are not allowed in the parks.

This makes sense, of course. There are millions of visitors to the parks every year and if Disney didn't enact some rules for behavior in the parks, it would be totally crazy! While it makes sense to have rules in the Disney parks, some of them are pretty surprising.

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10 Buy Gum

Considering all the foods and snacks that are sold in the Disney treats, the fact that Disney doesn't actually sell gum anywhere in their parks might come as a surprise to many people. You can buy all kinds of other Disney-themed candy and treats, but gum is one thing you won't find for purchase in the parks.

While it's totally fine to bring in your own gum, Disney chooses not to sell gum at any location within the parks in order to keep the parks clean. The fact that there's never any gum on the ground is thanks to the fact that it's not for sale in any of the parks.

9 Wear A Costume (As An Adult)

Anyone who has ever been to Disney will know that Disney takes a lot of care to only cast people to work in the parks as character actors that are completely perfect for the role. There are a lot of factors that go into how Disney chooses to cast character actors, but they definitely don't want any of the younger guests to see someone who isn't one of their cast members and try to talk to them.

Because of this, Disney doesn't allow anyone over the age of 14 to wear a costume in the parks with the exception of special events. A trend called Disneybounding, which involves wearing an outfit inspired by a character, has become popular because of this!

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8 Spread Someone's Ashes

This may seem like a strange rule and one that you wouldn't expect Disney to have to put in place, but there have been a surprising number of people that have tried to have their ashes spread at one of the Disney parks. Whether it's on a specific ride or in a certain resort, a lot of Disney lovers want this to be their fate after they pass away.

Unfortunately, not only does Disney not allow for this to happen, but there's really no point to trying. Disney works hard to keep the parks and all the rides clean, so the ashes wouldn't be there long anyway.

7 Bring A Selfie Stick

Even though there are a lot of great locations in the Disney parks to take your next profile picture, you're going to either have to rely on the length of your own arms or a friend that can take it for you because selfie sticks are banned in the Disney parks.

While they were allowed in the parks when the devices first became popular, Disney has since banned them from the parks. Considering the fact that they're pretty large devices that could definitely hurt someone in a crowded park, we get it.

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6 Run

Even though we all know how exciting the parks can be, Disney doesn't allow running within the parks. That means that, if you're about to be late for the Fastpass you got for your favorite ride or you're just really excited to try some Mickey-shaped beignets, you're going to have to walk.

If a cast member catches someone visiting the Disney parks running, they'll be asked to stop. It's not safe for the person running or anyone around them for someone to be running their way down Main Street USA, and Disney really doesn't want anyone in the parks getting hurt.

5 Dress Inappropriately

Although there are technically no dress codes in the Disney parks, one thing that Disney does enforce is that everyone has to dress appropriately while at the parks.

This means wearing your shoes at all times, not wearing t-shirts with offensive slogans, and staying appropriately covered up. So, guys can't go shirtless through the parks and ladies have to stay at least semi-covered up.

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4 Take A Balloon To Animal Kingdom

There are a ton of souvenirs that can be bought in the Disney parks. Some of them become really popular with visitors and sell out pretty quickly! One constant souvenir that's almost always available in the parks is the collection of iconic Mickey Mouse-shaped balloons.

But there's one part of the park where you won't be able to purchase a Mickey-shaped balloon and you can't even take one that you bought elsewhere with you. Since Animal Kingdom is home to so many totally real animals, Disney doesn't allow balloons to be sold or taken into that part of the park.

3 Bring Any Type Of Chair

Anyone who has ever visited one of the Disney parks will know how much walking it takes to get around the parks. It can be pretty crazy and definitely very tiring for the legs and feet of the visitors. Although taking a folding chair to sit down during a parade or other show in the parks may seem like a good idea, it's definitely not something any visitor should try.

Disney doesn't allow people to bring any type of chair into the park. This includes folding chairs and, although bringing one to sit in during a parade in the park sounds smart, it's not allowed!

2 Bring Anything Made Of Glass

The Disney parks sell a lot of really cool souvenirs. For park visitors, stopping at one of the stores to pick up something themed after your favorite Disney movie or character is definitely a fun part of going to the parks! Coffee mugs and reusable tumblers are always a popular souvenir, but be careful with them!

Disney allows outside food and drinks to be brought into the parks, but they can't be brought in any type of glass cup or container. That means if you pick up a new Moana mug while on your trip, it's gonna have to stay in your room until you get home!

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1 Sell Anything

A lot of the souvenirs at the Disney parks become really popular. Many collectors turn to the Internet and websites like eBay to sell some of the most in-demand ones and can pull a serious profit for them! Disney isn't exactly a fan of people re-selling things they purchased in the parks for a profit, but selling in the parks is something they take more seriously.

You're free to trade pins with other visitors or cast members while you're at the parks, but visitors are not allowed to sell anything for money.

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