The Magic Kingdom of the Walt Disney World Resort is possibly the most popular park on all the property. Essentially a new and improved version of its Californian cousin, the Magic Kingdom is host to a plethora of Disney essentials and is practically a pilgrimage for any die-hard Disney fan.

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You can do all the rides, meet all the characters, and still have stuff still to do. So what experiences do the Magic Kingdom maniacs recommend? Read our list to find out. Here are 10 things that true Disney fans do when they visit their favorite Disney Park.

10 Attend the Opening Ceremony

If you've never been to the Magic Kingdom before, we highly recommend you getting there early. Not only can you get better access to your favorite rides, but you can participate in the opening ceremony. It's always awesome to start the day off with a park opening, but there are few that compare to the Magic Kingdom's.

Let the magic begin with a fantastic display of Disneyness as Mickey, Minnie, and all their friends welcome guests to the park. Whether you're five or 105, there's always something enchanting about seeing the park spring to life.

9 Rope Drop a Ride

If you've already seen the opening show a dozen times over, don't fret. You can always do a rope drop for your favorite ride. One of the perks of getting to the park early is being able to get on a ride shortly after the cast members allow guests access. If you're looking to board one of the park's more popular attractions, now would be the time to do it.

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Some of the park's rides like Big Thunder Mountain fill up ridiculously fast, so if you don't have a FastPass+, you definitely should try for a rope drop. So long as you're safe in your trek and follow cast member instructions, you should have no problem.

8 Mickey Munchies

If you want to storm the castle, you better make sure you have gas in your tank before you go off on grand and glorious adventures. Fortunately, the Disney Parks offer a wide variety of eating establishments for you to get your fill. The fact that most of these menu items are Mickey-shaped only adds to their enjoyability.

From turkey legs and Dole Whip to Mickey pretzels and waffle sandwiches, you won't run out of menu options while you're visiting the park. We highly recommend a big bowl of Dole Whip while you visit the Enchanted Tiki Room, but the choices are endless.

7 Hidden Mickey Hunting

This one goes for just about any of the Disney Parks, but the Magic Kingdom seems to be the most popular amongst fans. One thing you can't help but do on Disney property is looking for hidden Mickeys. With 1000 hidden Mickeys in the entire resort, the Magic Kingdom is a great place to start.

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From the sidewalk on Main Street USA to paint splatters in Mickey's Philharmagic, there are mouse heads on practically every corner. It's a great way to pass the time if you're waiting in line, or simply people watching while catching your breath.

6 Watch a Parade

This activity varies from visit to visit, but at some point on your trip to the Magic Kingdom, you will see a host of parade floats come down Main Street. The Magic Kingdom's parades are bigger and more fantastic than anything you have seen elsewhere. How many other parades have steampunk dragons?

Whether it's their standard fare, a seasonal event, or special occasion, you can bet your Mickey Ears you'll see a mobile work of art surrounded by performers come down the street. It's just one of those things you have to do at least once.

5 Hear the Dapper Dans

Perhaps some of our favorite residents of Main Street USA would have to be the Dapper Dans. This colorfully clad barbershop quartet performs regularly in the Magic Kingdom, and they'll serenade you with some happy harmonies of the happiest place on earth.

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From their standard Disney selection to their harmonized boyband medley, the Dapper Dans put on a street corner show that is a feast for the ears. And if you think their voices are lovely, wait till they bring out the organ chimes. Don't pass these guys by the next time you visit.

4 Ride the Full Railroad

One of the things many parkgoers overlook is riding the Magic Kingdom Railroad. Though it's true that this is a great way to get around the park, as well as cutting through some of the crowd. Many people miss out on a different view of the Magic Kingdom by not riding the full loop.

Doing this not only gives you a scenic view of the Magic Kingdom but peeks at some hidden areas not seen anywhere else. You can even view the inside of Splash Mountain if you ride through Frontierland. Don't miss the train, climb aboard at the Main Street station to enjoy this underrated experience.

3 The Mountain Challenge

The Magic Kingdom has no shortage of great rides to enjoy. There is literally an attraction for any age and any size guest. Everything from the Haunted Mansion to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is a pleasure to ride, but die-hard Disney fans make time for the Mountain Challenge.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, the Mountain Challenge is riding all three mountain rides (Space, Splash, and Big Thunder) in a row. They are perhaps some of the most thrilling in the park, and if you're looking for a rush, this is probably the way to do it.

2 Stay for the Fireworks

One thing everyone should do when visiting any of the Disney Parks is staying for the nighttime spectaculars. The Magic Kingdom has some of the most beautiful fireworks and light displays you could ever imagine. There are few feelings greater than seeing that castle come to life.

Young or old, seeing these displays of mystifying pyrotechnics will enchant and enrapture the hearts of any guest. The fireworks at the castle are the final note on what should be an already fantastic day. They are the perfect way to say goodnight to the place where dreams come true.

1 Meeting Mickey

Meeting Mickey at the Main Street Theatre is a must for any Disney fan. No trip to any of the Disney Parks is complete without a meeting with the master mouse himself. It's practically an impossibility to not see Mickey somewhere about on the property, but it's a faux pas not to go see him in person.

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You can go about a trip to the Magic Kingdom in many different ways. You can come for the rides and stay for the fireworks, but you'd be making a critical error if you didn't get a chance to rub elbows with the face of the Disney name. Don't make a mistake and miss out on meeting Mickey.

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