Traveling is very important, and many people do it each year. One of the places that a lot of people love to go to is Japan, and it is not hard to see why so many of them are drawn to visit that place.

Many things in Japan look like a work of art, and they have to be seen to be believed. Plus, there are lots of fun places to for people to visit there. According to, one of the best areas of Japan for a visitor to check out is Kyoto, and that’s because it looks the way most people imagine Japan to look. There are some things to keep in mind while one visits Japan, though. Here are a few of them.

15 Visitors Should Consider Buying A Rail Pass

According to, those who are traveling on a budget should consider getting a Japan Rail Pass. That is even more true for a person who is planning to ride around a lot of the country to get in as much sight-seeing as they can during their time in Japan.

14 Lots Of People In Japan Use Cash

When it comes to Japan, cash is something that actually matters a lot there. According to, this is something potential visitors need to know about before they travel there. But, there are some businesses that accept cards. Visitors need to do research beforehand to find out which ones do.

13 Japan Is Really Safe

One of the things travelers typically worry about the most when they are planning a trip somewhere new is whether or not a place is really safe. According to, Japan is a pretty safe spot. Being vigilant is always a great idea, but there are few dangers there.

12 Some Of The Locals Are Not Fond Of Tattoos

Many of the people in Japan think that the only men and women who have tattoos are criminals, according to So, that is something visitors will want to think about before they decide to go there. This is actually a pretty big deal, and lying about it isn’t good.

11 Travelers Should Learn Some Of The Language Before They Go

Learning the language is a big deal no matter where a person is traveling to, but this is especially important in Japan. According to, etiquette is a big deal there, so that means that visitors should know how to greet the locals, as well as how to thank them.

10 Trains Are Not Available At All Hours

Those who plan to do lots of traveling in Japan should take note of this. According to, the trains there are not always available. This is something no one should forget if they do not want to get stranding somewhere overnight in a place that they’re not familiar with.

9 Visitors Should Take Off Their Shoes When They Go To Certain Places

Lots of people in other countries don’t mind keeping their shoes on for most things. In fact, it seems normal. But that is not the case in Japan, according to Visitors will be considered rude and disrespectful if they leave their shoes on while they go out to eat.

8 Tipping Is Not A Big Deal There

Many people are used to tipping others, especially when they go out to eat. But according to, this is not something that the people of Japan are used to, so tipping does not really happen there much. This is not just for restaurants. It also applies to other places.

7 Travelers Won’t See A Lot Of Trash Cans There

One odd thing about Japan is the fact that there aren’t many trash cans throughout the area. According to, it is a really good idea for people to bring a small bag with them so that they can dispose of any trash they might accumulate while they are out.

6 Investing In A Pocket Wi-Fi Is A Good Idea

Having WiFi access is a great way for one to get some assistance navigating Japan. Therefore, it is good for travelers to get a pocket WiFi. According to, this is something people can carry around with them while they are in Japan. They’re cheap and have a long battery life.

5 There Are Some Rules To Follow On The Subway

Lots of people use the subway, especially when it comes to Japan. According to, this is another spot where visitors really need to be respectful and follow the rules. For example, people on subways in Japan usually do not talk on their cell phones, and they don’t bring beverages.

4 Sometimes Japan Has To Deal With A Lot Of Rain

The weather in Japan is not always that great. According to, there are some times in the year during which it rains a lot, so this is something visitors need to keep in mind when they are planning their trip there. They should pack appropriate clothing and an umbrella.

3 Taxis Are Pretty Expensive

Traveling in Japan is not always a cheap or affordable thing to do. According to, using a taxi can be a really costly thing in Japan. Using a train in Japan is a much better idea, especially if a person plans to travel with a small budget in mind.

2 Travelers Need To Bow When Meeting The Locals

Manners and etiquette are a big deal, especially in Japan. According to, bowing is something everyone should do when they meet people in Japan. If a person does not bow, they could be thought of as rude, or even disrespectful, and that’s not something anyone wants during a vacation.

1 Know How To Use Chopsticks

Learning to use chopsticks is not always an easy thing to do, but that is something people should try to do before they go to Japan, according to That is because chopsticks are a really big part of the Japanese culture. They can also be pretty beautiful as well.