While on vacation, it is easy for people to let themselves go and do what they want. But this is not always the case. Visitors do not plan ahead or decide that they will figure things out as they go, preferring spontaneity. But there are a lot of things that visitors should either plan ahead for or not do altogether. In Paris, there are hundreds of tourist traps that can be easily avoided such as these.

9 Do Not Buy Same-Day Tickets

One of the biggest things tourists should avoid doing is buying same-day tickets. Same-day tickets usually mean either visitors will not be able to get in at the same time that they want to or they will be stuck in super long lines. The best way to avoid this is by booking tickets online in advance. There is a popular app called JeFile that helps visitors book tickets online.

In the same way, tourists should avoid waiting in queues for tourist attractions. They will likely be in those queues for a long time and spend half of their day waiting in line. It is also not worth it when it is much easier to plan ahead and skip all of the lines by buying online.

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8 Do Not Forget To Dress Well

While most people do not think about the attire they will wear on vacation, Paris is definitely the place to plan ahead on outfits. Since Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world, most of the locals will be dressed well, and visitors should try to match. No one is asking for visitors to wear a three-piece suit on vacation, but a clean look with nice clothes will take one a long way in the city.

7 Do Not Rely Only On English

While English may be a visitor's native language, it is not the natural language of Paris. Visitors should attempt to learn a little bit of French, even if it is only a few words or sentences. It will go a long way with the locals, as they appreciate even attempts at being polite and knowledgeable. But there are also a lot of places where the locals do not speak any English, and will not understand a word visitors are speaking. There are also apps and things like Google Translate to help tourists communicate well.

6 Do Not Shop At Champs Elysees

One very tempting thing for visitors to do is go shopping. But this may not be the best idea, especially for visitors on a budget. There are several shops scattered around Paris with high-end fashion, but one of the streets with the highest number of these shops is the Champs Elysees. There is a lot of window shopping to be done at this location, but that also means there are a lot of things to be bought. These all tend to be higher fashion items, which can easily break someone's wallet. There are a lot of shops on the back streets that have much more affordable fashion.

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5 Do Not Stay Outside The City

Despite the cheaper prices, most people say it is not worth it to stay on the outskirts of the city. The hotels that are more towards the outskirts or cheaper hotels tend to be more of a cube to stay in. Rather, tourists should aim for hotels closer to the middle of the city, near bars, and restaurants. This will help them mingle with the locals and learn more about the city without having a long trek or boring hotel room to go back to.

4 Do Not Buy Water

Unlike a lot of countries and cities, tap water is perfectly safe to drink in Paris! Tourists should not waste money on bottled water as they can go to the sink or go to one of the Wallace fountains around the city. Carrying around a water bottle will help tourists from buying bottled water, and when getting water at restaurants they should just ask for tap water.

3 Do Not Skip The Arc De Triomphe

While most tourists rave about the classic things to visit, such as the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, guests should not skip on some of the lesser-known famous places. One of these is the Arc De Triomphe, where visitors can have scenic views over the city with fewer crowds and a cheaper price.

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2 Do Not Eat At Tourist Restaurants

There are several amazing restaurants around Paris and no one is going to tell travelers to avoid eating at them. What tourists want to avoid are tourist trap restaurants, where they are near tourist destinations but have sub-par food at extremely inflated prices. There are much better restaurants just a street or two away from the main streets of Paris that the locals will recommend.

1 Do Not Board Trains Without A Ticket

While visiting Paris, many tourists will find that taking the train is much easier than hailing a taxi and can be a lot cheaper. But one thing to avoid is getting on the train without a ticket because there are hefty fines that anyone can get from boarding the trains without tickets, making it not worth the risk. Tourists should also note that the train may be a little late sometimes, but it is still better than fighting Paris traffic.

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