Athens has it all, whether travelers are looking for ancient ruins, medieval churches, world-class museums, or high-end boutiques. The Parthenon, Erechtheion, and Temple of Hephaestus are just some of the beautiful ruins at the Acropolis and Ancient Agora. The National Archaeological Museum, Acropolis Museum, and Plaka's old alleyways are all places they would want to visit while they are in Athens. Meanwhile, if they plan to visit Santorini after visiting Athens, they should do some research to enjoy their stay in the city going to the island. There are basically two options for getting from Athens to Santorini: ferry or plane. So, it is up to the travelers what choice they would like. Here are some things they should do in Athens before visiting the island and things to do in Santorini after they leave the city.

10 Athens- Acropolis

It is this Acropolis in central Athens that receives the most incredible attention. In fact, the climb to the Acropolis, according to visitors' claims, is as unforgettable as the sights it offers. To avoid the heat and congestion, many recommend starting their hike in the early morning or late afternoon with the early evening being for light and sight watching. Meanwhile, those with mobility challenges can take advantage of the elevator. Travelers should definitely visit this site first as there are many more tourist attractions near this area. RELATED: Athens: How A Goddess Victory Created Greece's Popular City

9 Athens- Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum, located in central Athens' Makrigianni neighborhood and named for the Acropolis, where many of the museum's treasures originated, is a must-see for visitors to Athens. Relief of Athena Nike, carved figures from the Erechtheion, and a collection of Parthenon relics are among the highlights of this tourist attraction. People have claimed that the Acropolis Museum is one of the best museums they have ever seen, noting the exhibitions to be an ideal match to the ancient ruins of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The architecture of the museum is also a highlight as one of its most popular features is the glass flooring that allows guests to see ruins beneath the building.

8 Athens- Plaka

Following their visit to the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum, visitors can continue to the magnificent medieval town of Plaka, which is located immediately beneath the Acropolis. Plaka is within walking distance of the Acropolis and other nearby metro stations. The options regarding shopping, clubbing, bar hours, restaurants, and costs vary by establishment. However, the district is free to enter day or night. In fact, visitors comment on the charming atmosphere and plenty of fantastic shops for souvenirs and unique items found in Plaka. Travelers recommend stopping by one of the area's thriving clubs or bars when the sun goes down to relax and sip a drink.

7 Athens- Parthenon

Travelers can now visit the Parthenon after seeing the other three attractions. The Parthenon is a stunning cultural icon and an example of ancient Greek architecture. In fact, it was previously a treasury, and it also held a Christian church for some period. However, in today's world, seeing the Parthenon is a must-do while on a trip to the Acropolis. Recent visitors to the Parthenon expressed delight in their experience, despite the continuing restoration work that is taking place on parts of the building's exterior in some areas, especially to infrastructure’s remaining intact after the years that it was built. Travelers may walk to the Parthenon from the Acropoli, Sygrou-Fix, Monastiraki, and Thissio metro stations in central Athens. Limited fee-based parking is also available on-site, and there are bus stops nearby, so they do not need to worry. RELATED: Try These Off-The-Beaten-Path Attractions In Athens, Greece

6 Athens- Erechtheion

Following their visit to the four places close to one another, travelers should make an effort to stop by this spot. The Erechtheion, located just north of the Parthenon inside the Acropolis complex, was built between 421 and 406 B.C. Athenians used it as a location to worship Erechtheus, the mythological king of Athens, and other Greek deities. Despite being smaller than the Parthenon, this monument is distinguished by a frieze built of gray-like stones and other distinctive elements that indicate it as one of the Acropolis' most eye-catching structures.

5 Santorini- Kamari Beach

After visiting Athens, whether travelers go here to Santorini by plane or ferry, they should definitely visit Kamari Beach. Some unique beaches in Greece can be found on Santorini, and Kamari is no exception. This long black sand on Santorini's east shore lies roughly four miles southeast of Fira. Several hotels, restaurants, beach bars, and stores along the town's shoreline bear the town's name. Visitors to the beach can use the lounge chairs and umbrellas that are readily accessible. Visitors praised the crystal-clear seas of Kamari. Aside from that, the Mesa Vouno hill, where travelers can discover Ancient Thira, provides a picture-perfect Greek seaside background. Regardless of where they choose to relax on Kamari Beach, visitors strongly recommend carrying footwear that can withstand the sand.

4 Santorini- Ancient Thira

After the beach, travelers can visit this archeological site. While strolling through Ancient Thira, travelers will surely come across ancient religious ruins that are really loved by many tourists. Even though many recent visitors claimed the stunning views of the Aegean Sea were distracting, many people found Ancient Thira's ruins to be fascinating. Ancient Thira is open to the public for $4.46 per person. The location is available from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesdays through Sundays throughout the year. Travelers can also get to the site by taking a bus from Kamari, driving, or even walking. RELATED: Visiting Athens? Here's Where To Stay In This Ancient City

3 Santorini- Winery Tours In Megalochori

After visiting those two sites, travelers can now enjoy the local wines on the island with the winery tours in Megalochori. While wineries dot the island, most are centered in Santorini's central region. Pyrgos' Santo Wines, the island's largest and most well-known winery, is located in the village of Pyrgos. However, Fira's Wine Museum Koutsoyannopoulos was a favorite stop for visitors. The museum is located in a cave and tells the tale of Santorini's winemaking heritage with complimentary samples for guests. Many of Santorini's wines may be found in the island's restaurants for individuals who don't have the time to visit the island's wineries. If travelers are looking for the taste of this island’s local wines, they can just see any winery tours on the island.

2 Santorini- Red Beach

After all those trips, the next day, travelers can enjoy the stunning beauty of Red Beach. The sharp contrast between the brick red cliffs and the blue lake is said to be breathtaking by visitors. Travelers generally advise against dipping their toes in the ocean, although the water looks inviting. For a variety of reasons, some people recommend avoiding this location altogether. To get to the beach, visitors must first park in a nearby lot and then walk across a rough pathway. Some visitors said that they didn't realize how difficult the path would be before arriving and that they struggled to get to the beach without wearing shoes. Despite many challenges going here, this is still a beautiful beach to see.

1 Santorini- Ancient Akrotiri

Although it was discovered in the late 1860s, it is one of the world's oldest archaeological sites, dating back to the 17th century BC. When Santorini erupted into its current form, the city was obliterated by the same eruption. Although only a third of the site has been excavated, visitors can get a taste of what it has to offer. In addition to the many stories of structures, ceramics, and drainage systems can all be found here. On the other hand, its prior tenants had vanished without a trace. This has led experts to conclude that previous people of Akrotiri were aware of the imminent eruption and left the island as a result of that knowledge. NEXT: These Greek Islands Are Worth Your Vacation Time, And None Of Them Are Santorini Or Athens