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Whether one arrives at the Island of Cozumel by plane or ferry, its rare beauty is something worth exploring, and a vacation at this spot comes with lots of benefits, including a dazzling natural beauty featuring perfectly white sands. Cozumel is a perfect destination for snorkel lovers – thanks to the crystal-clear waters and its picturesque marine life with varying species. Travelers visiting this place always have so much to tell – from swimming with the sharks to experiencing some of the tastiest Mexican food. Visitors can still go ahead and entertain themselves by watching live Mexican music and couples dancing salsa. This place is packed with lots of things to see and do – and here are the ones no one would want to miss on their adventure to Mexico.


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About The Island Of Cozumel

Famous for its spectacular coral reefs and coastline packed with beaches, Cozumel is mostly undeveloped, and it’s filled with beautiful forests and swampy lagoons, which host varying birds and butterfly species. There is a must-visit national park in this region and numerous reserves serving as homes to some of the rarest and endangered species of wildlife. The island is also a perfect destination for fishing and watersports, including snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking, among others. The spot offers incredible sunset views and serves some of the most delicious seafood.

Getting To Cozumel

Mounted approximately 12 miles off Playa del Carmen’s coast, in the strip of Yucatán Peninsulas Riviera Maya, there are some options for getting to the Island of Cozumel. Travelers can get there by public ferry, plane, or cruise ship.

Getting to Cozumel By Plane

The plane is one convenient option for getting to Cozumel – thanks to the international airport situated on its northern side that offer daily services for both international and local visitors. It takes approximately 10 minutes to drive from the Cozumel International Airport to the city center.

Getting To The Island By Ferry

Many visitors traveling to explore the Island of Cozumel go by the public ferry riding from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel.

  • The time it takes to get to Cozumel via ferry: 45 minutes – 1 hour

The time can be less or more than 45 minutes, depending on the sea conditions. The public ferries depart every hour, with the earliest vessel leaving at exactly 7:00 am and the last departing at 10:00 pm. The Winjet and Ultramar are the main ferry companies that operate on this route.

Always buy return ferry tickets online before traveling. Book A Way offers reasonable rates on tickets.

Getting To The Island By Cruise Ship

Onboard a cruise ship is another way travelers can get to Cozumel Island. There are many cruise ships, during the peak season (December-February) that visitors can choose from. Some of the most common cruse ships offering Cozumel Island on their itinerary are the Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity Cruises.

What Is The Best Time To Explore The Island Of Cozumel?

One of the most impressive things about visiting the Caribbean is that the weather is always pleasant and one can visit at any time of the year - and still experience some of the best of the region. However, like other tourist destinations, there are optimal seasons to explore this fine island, December through June being the best time of the year to travel to Cozumel. These months are the best to explore the island because they are not part of the hurricane season, which is usually between June to November. August and September are the hottest times of the year with December through February being the high season's peak months. This leaves March to June the perfect time of the year to visit the Island of Cozumel.

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Diving In Cozumel

While one can go diving on this island at any time of the year, the best time to dive depends on what travelers want to experience. Want to witness the beautiful Eagle Ray? Then don’t miss visiting the island at any time between December and April as this is when hundreds of them wander the reefs. For those seeking to see other sea creatures, including seahorses, sharks, green moray eels, and turtles, any time of the year will be splendid to have an amazing diving experience.

December through April are the coldest months - so if one is going diving in the sea, they must pack a 3mm wetsuit.

Snorkeling In Cozumel

With some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs, the island of Cozumel is an ideal spot for snorkeling. Its reef is part of the barrier reef (the Great Mayan Reef) that second the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in size. The reef covers more than 600 miles from Yukatan’s north side to the Bay of islands located in Honduras.

Experience The Beach

One of the most interesting activities in Cozumel is visiting the many accessible public beaches and the private beaches. The private beaches are mostly reserved for businesses, clubs, and resorts located at the beachside and travelers can only access them if they are either a customer or through a day pass. The western beaches are calmer than the eastern ones, which feature bigger waves and are rocky. Paradise Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches to explore in Cozumel. Being a part of the Paradise Beach Club, travelers can have a beautiful moment kayaking, snorkeling, and enjoying some delicious dishes at the restaurant.

Even though Cozumel is a low-key area, it is one of Mexico’s best tourist destinations that travelers shouldn’t miss when exploring Central America.