Planning a trip with a significant other is often one of the highlights of a relationship, especially a young one. It’s often the start of a beautiful thing and can even become a long standing tradition for years to come. This is where life long memories are made which can strengthen the bond two people already have. These couple’s trips can even become a yearly event which both people look most forward to each year. It isn’t unheard of for couples to take a trip every year to new places to the cities and countries that have been dream destinations for years. They can truly be magical and life changing for both members of the relationship.

With so much great payoff at stake, it should be noted that there’s also a lot that could potentially go wrong when traveling together. Going on a vacation as a duo means lots of alone time together. This one on one time means more opportunities to get under each other’s skins and more arguments which can ruin what is supposed to be a fantastic time together. There are ways to avoid this disaster. Be prepared for what could go wrong ahead of time. Here are twenty five things to never do while traveling together as a couple.

25 DON’T: Skimp on the Lodging

Your significant other is going to really appreciate this one. Sure, it’s possible to save some money by going with a cheap option on lodging, but the question to consider is whether or not it’s really worth it. Chances are the cheaper option might be just that for all the wrong reasons.

Book the hotel or the Airbnb apartment that is sure to provide a comfortable stay in a safe area. The extra one hundred dollars over the course of the trip will end up being the right move.

24 DON’T: Compare Your Current Trip to the One With Your Ex

Under no circumstances is this ever a good idea while traveling. Many couples find themselves in a situation where they are visiting a city that they have already vacationed with an ex-partner. This is an instance that simply needs to be left unsaid. It’s likely that both members of the relationship are aware of the previous trip, so there’s no need to bring it up again, much less compare the two trips.

This is just asking for a major argument that can be avoided altogether.

23 DON’T: Spend All Your Money at Tourist Traps

Tourist traps, by definition, are hard to recognize by tourists. We simply don’t know they are overrated landmarks or downright scams since we are oblivious to the truths of the foreign city we are new to. But do some research beforehand and try to get familiar with the tourist traps so that they can be avoided at all costs.

Dropping hundreds of dollars on overhyped sites just makes for a big letdown which can ruin the whole mood, upping the chances of a bad night between two lovers.

22 DON’T: End Up Somewhere Unsafe

Much like the last one, research beforehand is key. Make sure to learn about which sites, landmarks, and areas of the country or city you are visiting are considered safe and which ones are not a good idea to be caught visiting. Not only is it a safe idea, but it’s the smart thing to do.

Ensuring the safety of the person you love is a must, so all precautions to avoid any dangerous situations should be taken before even boarding the plane.

21 DON’T: Sweat the Little Things

Vacationing is the time to throw caution to the wind and just enjoy life. This is the wrong time to focus on the little annoyances of life. If there’s ever a time to look past the bad and focus on the good, it’s during a trip with the person you love. Approach everything with a glass half full mentality and be flexible at all costs.

Now is not the time to sweat all the little things. Not only will you enjoy yourself more, but your significant other will also feel it’s the trip of a lifetime as well.

20 DON’T: Play it Too Safe

Vacations are meant to be exciting and memorable. Part of making memories that are going to last a lifetime is by taking some risks when it comes to the things that are planned for the trip. This is the perfect time to not play it safe and include something on the agenda that you and your significant other would otherwise never normally do.

Planning a bungee jump while visiting a national park, a ghost tour while in New Orleans, or a massive festival while in Germany are all sure to add some spice that are going to bring the trip to a new level.

19 DON’T: Pack Luggage Together

This one isn’t the worst thing in the world, but for the sake of staying on amicable terms, just make the decision to pack your luggage separately. It might seem like a good idea to put everything all in one suitcase for the sake of frugality, but that’s also a good way to get into an argument over who lost what items and who forgot what accessories.

This is one of those things that is best to do as two instead of one.

18 DON’T: Plan The Trip To the Tee

There’s always one person in the relationship that is the overly ambitious planner who likes to make clearly outlined itineraries that are planned down to the minute. That’s great and all, and it’s even admirable, but the reality is that this is a recipe for a big fight. Inevitably, the agenda will not be followed and the planner of the relationship is going to be upset or frustrated so it’s probably best to temper expectations and be open to flexibility as it relates to the to-do list.

It’s best to plan ahead which should appease the person who enjoys planning while allowing open time for going off the path which should come as a relief to the person who enjoys going with the flow.

17 DON’T: Forget to Find the Local Gems

Rather than plan the entire trip around all of the famous landmarks, make sure to include some local gems on the itinerary from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with getting to all of the famous sites which can be fascinating and awe inspiring, but researching and finding the hidden beauties of a foreign city can make all the difference. It is these gems that often become the highlight of the trip because of the authenticity they offer which would otherwise never be experienced elsewhere.

16 DON’T: Forget to Plan at Least One Romantic Day

This isn’t necessarily a must, but it’s definitely a good idea to help make the trip much more enjoyable. Plus, it’s just a nice thought that is going to win you some major points with a loved one. Don’t forget to plan at least one romantic evening for a significant other which can turn out to be the best night of the trip.

There’s nothing that says “I love you” like a planned date night in a beautiful foreign city with so many new things to do that will certainly help break from the monotony.

15 DON’T: Ignore the Importance of the Local Language

This is going to end up being a really bad idea in the long run if neither member of the relationship bothers to learn any of the language spoken by the residents of the country being visited. At the very least, it’s a good idea for someone to learn the essential phrases and words that help get you around. It’s a good idea to be strategic about who takes on this to-do by agreeing to assign this task to the person who is more patient and a faster learner.

It’s going to be a rough day if neither person can ask how to pay for the taxi back to the hotel or simply get general directions to avoid getting lost.

14 DON’T: Forget the Budget

This one should come as a given, but it’s surprising how often couples do a poor job of planning the budget in a way that not only makes sense, but is going to make the trip enjoyable.

Whoever is the more responsible, frugal person should be in charge of getting the finances together for the trip by ensuring there’s enough cash on hand, checking credit card balances, and making sure the bank is aware of the travel so no holds are placed on the account. If this isn’t done well, this could be easily turn out to be a huge fight.

13 DON’T: Over Pack

This is a nightmare for couples as this usually tends to be an issue with one member of the relationship, making this a source of bickering. Usually the diva of the couple is the one who over packs, thinking it’s necessary to bring too many pairs of shoes, more changes of clothes than is necessary and accessories that are never going to be used.

It’s best to level set with one another and keep each other grounded so that this doesn’t become an issue at the airport when it’s time to start paying for checked bags.

12 DON’T: Worry About Social Media Too Much

It’s pretty much a given that in the twenty first century, couples on vacation are going to document their travels on social media so that family and friends back home can follow along. It’s an opportunity to keep others aware of whereabouts for safety reasons, but it’s also a way to get a little bit of attention as others watch your adventures in awe.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but it shouldn’t be so important that it takes over the trip. There’s nothing worse than a couple who spends their entire vacation with their noses stuck in their phones too preoccupied with their likes and retweets.

11 DON’T: Skip the Local Food

There’s no reason why a couple should ever find themselves dining at a chain restaurant while visiting Paris or New York City on vacation. A trip to a foreign city is the perfect opportunity to go on a food adventure with a loved one and get the taste senses kicked into overdrive.

Researching and finding the local foods that serve the dishes that are indigenous to the country being visited is not only great for the palette, but will likely end up as a win with the significant other.

10 DON’T: Ignore the Local Customs

Not only will this one avoid a discussion, but it might also avoid something a bit more serious. It’s wise to learn about the local customs including the rules and laws as many foreign countries have distinctly different takes on what is acceptable.

These differences can be so significant that we may not even realize we are offending the local residents or even worse, breaking the law. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the customs to avoid any serious troubles.

9 DON’T: Complain About the Walking

It goes without saying that there is likely going to be a lot of walking when vacationing. It’s pretty standard to have to use foot transportation to get around since we are looking to take in as much of the local landmarks as possible. This means having to get up close and personal on foot to famous sites.

With this being a given, there really isn’t a reason for anyone to complain about all of the walking that is set to take place. Doing so is only going to cause an argument that is going to dampen the vacation mood.

8 DON’T: Forget to Account for the Local Currency

This might come as a surprise, but not every country in the world accepts the U.S. dollar as a form of currency. It can be a headache, so this means that someone in the couple needs to own this task. Make sure that someone has done their research and understands what the local form of money is, what the exchange rate is and where money can be exchanged for a reasonable price.

If this step is skipped, it’s sure to be an argument when there’s no money to pay for a cab to the hotel.

7 DON’T: Bring Work With You

We get that our careers are the very reason we are able to pay for nice vacations in the first place, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to bring work with us. This is sure to cause a fight as it tends to come across sas elfish with the guilty party seeing work as more important than spending quality time with a loved one.

This is the time to realize that work is going to be there when we get back home so there’s really no use in stressing over it and trying to answer every email that comes in. Relax and focus on the person you love. It’ll make for a much more enjoyable vacation.

6 DON’T: Forget to Include One Event He/She is Dying For

If your significant other has mentioned that they are really hoping to do something in particular while on vacation, it’s best to take note of it and figure out how to include it in the agenda. Making it a surprise is even better. Not only does it show you care, but the gesture is sure to make the trip even better.

If there is an artist playing a concert in the city being visited or an art exhibit at one of the museums, be sure to account for this and make it a big part of the vacation.