New Orleans is famous for its Mardi Gras celebration, and this year it will take place on Tuesday, February 25. There are many parades that you can attend, and according to, the city has been marking the occasion since the 1730s. The Krewe of Comus had the inaugural parade (that had floats) on February 24th, 1857, and there are certain colors. The website explains, "Purple stands for justice, green for faith, and gold for power."

While this is definitely an exciting time to be in this city, there are so many other cool things to check out. Read on to find out all that New Orleans has to offer besides Mardi Gras parades.


Take A Swamp Tour And A Ghost Tour

When you're a tourist in a new city, it's definitely fun to take a tour since you can learn some fascinating facts about the place that you might not find out if you just walked around yourself. One thing that you can do in New Orleans is to take a swamp tour.

Book through Cajun Encounters and tour Honey Island Swamp. You'll be on a boat and you will be seeing owls, alligators, and other animals. If you're staying in a hotel in the French Quarter, this is even more convenient since you can hop on a bus that the company sends over. Prices vary and you can choose from a VIP Boat Tour (which has 8-10 people), a Daily Swamp Tour that takes two hours, or a tour in the evening.

You could also take a ghost tour, thanks to this suggestion from someone on Reddit: they wrote, "My wife and I did a ghost tour from Free Walking Tours and it was super fun. The tour is 'pay what you want' at the conclusion." The Free Tours By Foot website explains that New Orleans is said to be haunted. One tour you can sign up for is the French Quarter Ghost Tour where you'll see Pirates Alley. You'll even get to see where the TV series American Horror Story: Coven filmed, which is super cool.

Try Crab, Pho, And Delicious Iced Chicory Coffee

Thrillist recommends trying soft shell crab during your time in New Orleans. This is one of the local foods that the city is famous for. Many people recommend a restaurant called Clancy's. Besides the soft shell crab, you can get fried eggplant, deviled eggs, salads, and other proteins.

There are also a lot of restaurants offering pho. As Thrillist explains, "A large Vietnamese community, migrating here after the Vietnam War in search of familiar coastal living -- and, like NOLA, deeply influenced by the historic presence of French colonizers -- has integrated itself in the food culture." Check out Lilly's Cafe, where you can get egg rolls, spring rolls, pho, spicy chicken buns, and more.

If you're a coffee-lover, you're in luck when you're a tourist in New Orleans. According to Where Traveler, coffee that is made with chicory and cafe au lait are two caffeinated beverages that people love drinking here. Try French Truck Coffee which has three New Orleans locations. You can order iced chicory coffee here, which is a popular choice, along with almond croissants and other delicious treats.

Check Out Frenchman Street And Royal Street

Want to go for a long walk and see more of the city? There are two amazing streets in this city that will allow you to see all that it has to offer tourists, and they both are visually appealing but also have some great spots. recommends that if you're in New Orleans, you check out Frenchman Street. There are many places here that play live music, and the website suggests a jazz bar called Blue Nile. You can also go to The Maison for more live music and stop by a store called Louisiana Music Factory.

Follow Me Away recommends Royal Street in the Bywater District. You'll see a lot of really cool homes. If you're looking for a place to stay, Royal Street Courtyard is a bed and breakfast in an old house that is gorgeous. You can also stop by Flora Gallery and Coffee Shop, which offers up drinks, food, and work by artists living in the area. There's also a great deli called Verti Marte.

As you can see, New Orleans has so much more to offer tourists than Mardi Gras parades. From local food like pho and crab, chicory coffee that will please the biggest coffee fans, two cool tours, and some awesome streets to explore, you'll have a blast visiting this Louisiana city.