Well-known for the fantastic 1969 music festival, this slice of paradise welcomes everyone from near and far. From vibrant art galleries, exquisite restaurants, and unique boutiques to dynamic markets, there is no shortage of things to do or see here. But having so much to keep its guests busy, choosing what to do can be daunting for travelers. Here are enjoyable activities for holidaymakers to engage in and have a great time.

Visiting the impressive Elena Zang Gallery is one of the best ways for art fanatics to spend time in Woodstock. Featuring contemporary fine art from local and global artists, it has enough for its visitors to see and learn. From the exhibits, sightseers can view the pictures, prints, paintings, ceramics, and sculptures. Since some ceramics are made by gallery owners, guests can observe as the proficient artists showcase their mastery.

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9 Go Shopping At Tinker Street

A trip to the stunning Woodstock is not complete without exploring the inviting Tinker Street. Also regarded as Woodstock's main street, foreigners and residents flock to this spot to window-shop or buy, depending on one's budget. With the street lined up with numerous stores displaying various things, shoppers can find cosmetics, clothes, and accessories, among many other items. In addition, tourists can take a leisure stroll, interact with the residents, and learn more about this wonderland.

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8 Tour The Historic Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

Paying a visit to this great Buddhist monastery is a must for travelers looking for a tranquil location to meditate and reflect. With its ambiance oozing a spiritual vibe, guests are welcome to explore this charming place and experience the peace and solitude it offers. In addition, tourists can head to the gift shop found there to mingle with the locals or buy some keepsakes.

7 Enjoy A Delectable Meal

A place and its people are better understood through their culinary, and Woodstock is no different. Whether a foodie or not, one of the most satisfactory things to do here is eating. With plenty of tempting restaurants serving savory local and intercontinental cuisines, one can be sure to leave this place with their bellies happy. Some eateries with mouthwatering dishes that travelers can eat from include Joshua's Cafe, Cucina, Yum Yum Noodles Bar, and Garden Cafe, among others.

6 Visit The Lively Mower's Saturday, Sunday Market

What better way to understand a place than through its markets? Woodstock harbors several markets, and the lovely Mower's Saturday Sunday Flea Market is the most favored. With its vast array of merchants, tourists can stroll through this adorable market and find things such as fresh produce, vintage clothes, jewelry, artwork, and antiques, among other things. For guests trying to avoid crowds, arriving early in the morning is ideal as this market is calmer.

5 Enjoy Some Live Music

Since the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969, many places offer guests an opportunity to enjoy good live music. Tourists can head to one of the town's music sites, where someone is always playing an instrument or humming to a tune. Some places to visit include Bearsville Theater, Maverick Concerts, Levon helm Studios, and Colony Woodstock.

4 Catch A Show At The Inviting Woodstock Playhouse

Woodstock is believed to be prominent for its music and art. For tourists seeking an excellent site to understand Woodstock's music views better, checking out the Woodstock Playhouse is a must. It was first opened in 1938 but succumbed to fire in 1988. Rebuilt again, this historical theater harbors local events such as the annual Woodstock Film Festival. With highly skilled artists performing with contagious positive energy, guests are guaranteed to learn something and to leave this place delighted.

3 Check Out The Sunfrost Farms

Visiting Sunfrost Farms is another great way to pass the time in this locale. Considered a leading retailer in Hudson Valley for organic and local produce, guests can enjoy home-cooked tasty meals from different sellers. From the fresh sandwiches to thick, flavorful ice cream, this lovely locale ensures visitors leave happy. Additionally, travelers can sample some savory meals from the cafe.

2 Visit The Captivating Historical Society Of Woodstock

Historical Society is a must-explore for the history buffs yearning to learn about the past of this majestic place. It was established in 1929 by a group of local citizens, writers, academics, and artists. Their gathered paintings, antiques, documents, recordings, photographs, books, and prints all narrate the tale of Woodstock's ancient era. Here, guests can be sure to learn the history and understand the place better.

1 Go Hiking At Overlook Mountain

Hiking is an incredible idea if looking for fun outdoor activities to try in New York City. Found at the Catskill Preserve, Overlook Mountain is a sought-after destination for hikers. During the hike up this magnificent mountain, outdoor lovers will see the incredible ruins found here. Though the trek can be tiring, the effort pays off as this place offers thrilling vistas of the Catskill.