Tahiti is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations on the planet. Surrounded by the sparkling blue Pacific and home to a variety of awe-inspiring landscapes, this lush tropical paradise has it all. From hiking and biking, to water sports galore; or simply chilling on the beach and basking in the Tahitian sun, this gorgeous French Polynesian island is the ideal spot for newlyweds to relax and get romantic.

7 Come Sail Away

One of the most romantic things to do in Tahiti is to charter a yacht and enjoy the amazing view of the islands from the sea. Though Tahiti is the largest of the Society Islands (and itself is divided into two, smaller parts), there are many other nearby islands to explore—and plenty to see on your way there. Sail in newlywed relaxation for an afternoon or choose a multi-day adventure to make the most of these amazing islands.

  • Tip: Tahiti Yacht Charter has private itineraries for couples looking for a romantic getaway, and their catamarans are super luxe and comfy so you can sail in style.

6 Upgrade Your Stay

Anywhere you choose to stay in Tahiti is bound to be lovely—but if you want to take your accommodations to the next level (it’s your honeymoon, after all), consider staying in an overwater bungalow. Imagine spending the night on the water, as if you were on your own little private island. Falling asleep to the gentle ocean breeze, and waking up to a sensational view of the crystal clear waters is an experience that anyone visiting Tahiti should try.

  • Tip: There are many spots throughout the islands where you can find overwater accommodations, so take your pick-- but be sure to plan ahead. Bora Bora is known for some of the most iconic bungalows on the islands—but Tahiti also has its fair share. Check out the InterContinental Tahiti, known as “a gateway to the islands.”

5 Kayak Through Lovely Lagoons

You can’t visit Tahiti without experiencing a glass kayak ride through the lagoons. Because the water is oh-so-clear, this is a great chance to experience Tahiti’s marine wildlife as you lazily paddle through the island’s many surrounding lagoons. Keep your eyes peeled for the underwater corals, as they are some of the most colorful around.

  • Tip: There are plenty of guided glass kayak tours to choose from, but the Moorea lagoon tour is one of the most popular, as they offer either 2 hour or half-day tours. Choose the half-day option if you want to spend some time snorkeling as well.
  • Cost:  Tours start at $25/person

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4 Super Snorkeling

Speaking of snorkeling…any visit to Tahiti would be incomplete without a snorkeling adventure. Swim among the tropical fish while wending our way through the island’s renowned coral gardens. This is an amazing experience for couples who love the water and the tranquil experience of spending time in the clear blue sea.

  • Tip: With so many options to choose from, you can practically customize your snorkeling adventure. However, the coral gardens at Taha’a are one of the most well-known spots as the wildlife is plentiful and the corals are spectacular. Staying at Taha’a Island Resort and Spa is a great option for those looking to explore these amazing coral gardens; though there are also many boat tours available for day trips if you are staying nearby.
  • Cost:  Day Trips begin at around $120/person

3 Romantic Dinner For Two

Sure, you’re on your honeymoon, so every dinner should be romantic. But Tahiti takes it to the next level with its eclectic, fresh cuisine and a plethora of options for dining near the water. A gorgeous moonlit ocean and a sky full of stars make any dinner next-level for newlyweds.

  • Tip: The Blue Banana is a popular restaurant known for its fresh seafood and signature Polynesian cuisine and is right on the water. Get there before dark to have a front-row seat to a spectacular Tahitian sunset.

2 Hiking With A View

Take a walk in wedded bliss to some of the most beautiful spots in Tahiti. Fans of lush landscapes will approve of the many trails available on the islands. See everything from wildflowers to waterfalls when you take a hike on any number of gorgeous trails. There are also hiking tours available for those who prefer guided tours.

  • Tip: Pape’ete is known as a hiking destination—the hike to Mount Aora’i in particular is known as one of the most beautiful spots around. However, less experienced hikers will find easier trails a-plenty—such as the Vaimahutu Waterfall Trail and the trail at the Marae Arahurahu Temple, both located in Tahiti.

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1 Beauty And The Beach

It’s Tahiti—so of course, there are a ton of amazing beaches! The black sand beaches of Pape’ete are a sight to see and offer the perfect opportunity for chilling with the locals, surfing, paddleboarding, and more. And the best part is, all of the views are absolutely stunning.

  • Tip: Want a little more privacy? Book a beachfront villa with access to your own private little beach. Located on the private island of Tetiaroa, The Brando is a great choice as it is eco-friendly and offers guests privacy while also providing plenty of activities for those who like to mingle.

Rates vary depending on the season, but travelers can learn more here.

A honeymoon Tahiti is uber-romantic—there’s plenty to see and do for everyone. Whether you want a private getaway or a more social, active experience with other travelers and locals, Tahiti has it all—and everything in between, making it the perfect destination for newlyweds.

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