Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic's capital, is sometimes underestimated by visitors who prefer Dominican beach resorts or town vacations. However, Santo Domingo, formerly Hispanic America's capital, is one of the most intriguing and thrilling places to visit! Culture, social movements, nightlife, food, and other events occur in this metropolis almost daily. Every tourist will find something to do in Santo Domingo! It is also an ideal starting point for various day and side trips, giving it an ideal place to rest and refuel between Dominican Republic activities. Here are the top 10 most cool things to do in Santo Domingo.

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10 La Zona Colonial

La Zona Colonial is the city's historical colonial core. Museums, art galleries, nightlife, cultural events, and fashionable restaurants make it one of the top destinations to visit in the Dominican Republic. It is a community that welcomes both inhabitants and visitors. Local community centers, theaters, artists, and much more may be found here. If travelers enjoy culture and history, Santo Domingo's La Zona Colonial is the spot to visit.

9 Panteón Nacional (National Pantheon Of The Dominican Republic)

Originally built as a church in the early 18th century, the structure was turned into a national mausoleum in 1956 on dictator Rafael Trujillo's instructions to memorialize the country's most prominent figures. The structure now shelters the corpses of the men who killed him, among other things, in a twist he could not have predicted. With arches, an ornately painted ceiling, marble tombs along the walls, and a massive Gothic-style chandelier, the inside is stunning. A perpetual flame emerges from the floor facing the entryway, at the end of the long crimson carpet.

8 Microteatro: 15-Minute Plays On Dominican Life

Microteatro Santo Domingo is a unique theatre idea in which Dominican actors perform 15-minute plays on local Dominican culture, life, relationships, and love. The plays are amusing and thought-provoking, with a wide range of tastes and presentations. The Microteatro is housed in a lovely colonial structure with an open-air patio where visitors may drink and eat. This is one of the greatest evenings out in Santo Domingo with family or friends.

7 Monasterio De San Francisco

Monasterio de San Francisco's ruins are among the Dominican Republic's most important historical monuments. It was the first monastery established in the New World, and it remains an emblem of the city's many hardships throughout the years. The monastery has been ravaged by earthquakes and storms, used in combat, and looted by Francis Drake, only to be rebuilt again and again. The location is still utilized for special occasions nowadays.

6 Los Tres Ojos National Park & Open Caves Systems

Three Eyes National Park is an open-air limestone cave system and splendid nature reserve with a succession of amazing crystal clear lakes called "eyes." The park is situated in Santo Domingo, approximately ten minutes by vehicle from the renowned Colonial Zone, and offers a break from the city's bustle. These spectacular open water tunnels give greater insights into the Dominican Republic's ancestral and pre-colonial beginnings, as well as a guided tour.

  • Cost: Tours start at approximately $29.

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5 Choco Museum Santo Domingo

The Choco Museum is more than simply a sweet treat. The chocolate factory and museum are both instructive and entertaining opportunities to learn about the Dominican Republic's cocoa business. Tourists may try chocolate beverages and samples, as well as cacao-based cosmetic items. The modest museum with exhibits on the drying and processing of cacao beans and its history is located just beyond the sample counter. Visitors may buy a variety of chocolate treats and items at the store's front section.

4 Parque Mirador Sur

This charming park is located on the opulent Anacaona Boulevard. If tourists like an active lifestyle, they shall come here on a Saturday or Sunday morning to join other Dominicans who enjoy bicycling, skating, jogging, and other forms of fitness. This lovely park also includes a free outdoor gym and fresh coconut water stalls if people need to rehydrate after a long run around the grounds. There are also lovely a little lagoon, meadows, eateries, and skate or bike rental businesses in the astonishing Parque Mirador Sur.

3 Parque Independencia

Parque Independencia honors Dominican independence. The area is adorned with statues leading to the Altar de la Patria, a cemetery where the Dominican Republic's founders are buried to rest after entering via the massive Puerta del Conde. Inside are the names Mella, Sanchez, and Duarte boldly displayed. It is recommended to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon because this plaza provides little to no shade and is quite hot throughout the day.

2 Ride El Teleferico

Tourists may ride the pristine clean metro in Santo Domingo and then gain a free ride in the cable car that takes people above numerous neighborhoods until just beyond the boundaries of La Victoria. As people soar above houses, schools, busy streets, beautiful plains, and rivers, they will witness youngsters playing in natural pools and smell that wonderful toasted wood camp perfume. Every swing tells a different story about the views from above.

  • Cost: Less than 50 cents.

1 Catedral Primada De América (First Cathedral In The Americas)

This magnificent basilica was the first cathedral erected in the Americas and was finished in 1540. This is not a ruin but worshiping place that still has many of the original 16th-century elements. The majestic interior features a silver altar, the original Mahogany doors, and a portrait of the Virgin Mary from 1520. Tourist maps refer to this place as Catedral Primada De América, despite its official name being the Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor.