There are many things to do in Portland that will fit in just one weekend. This Oregon city, after all, is a mishmash of attractions from natural to man-made. It has big shopping areas, heritage sites, museums, cultural spots, and nature spots.

Families, groups of friends, and even solo travelers will enjoy exploring Rose City – a blooming town without the thorns. A journey in this tourist-friendly city is more than just collecting fun memories but also learning about culture in Old Town Chinatown, for instance, or gaining knowledge from a holocaust memorial. History buffs or Instagram savvies will have something to look forward to in Portland.

10 Join A City Tour

There are many activities to try in Portland, but for a holistic experience, a city tour is a must. An exploration around town will introduce visitors to the reasons why this city is charming. Those who want to break a sweat can join a bike tour, while foodies might interest themselves in a culinary excursion. Classic tours await curious travelers, but for those who want to be like a local, a walking tour is their best bet. Attractions abound in Portland, and a city tour won’t disappoint.

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9 Visit A Museum

History buffs and art lovers will enjoy museum-hopping in Portland. It has the Portland Art Museum, the largest in Oregon, where creative souls will appreciate artworks from various genres. It also has the Center for Native American Art and Five Oaks Museum for a cultural journey through arts. Meanwhile, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and the World Forestry Center Discovery Museum are perfect for getaways with kids. Other interesting museums in the city include those that feature hats, creepy exhibits, toys, puppets, and movie props.

8 Attend A Festival

The welcoming city is home to one of the largest floral parades in the United States, the Portland Rose Festival. Come May, the town blooms, enchanting residents, tourists, participants, and sponsors. Aside from this flower fest, Portland also has annual food festivals, music celebrations, cultural events, and even a UFO Festival. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, Portland is filled with surprises. There’s something to do every month, and tourists just need to be in the city to enjoy the festivities.

7 Forest Park Hike

Portland is a bustling city, but it’s also home to a lush landscape where everyone is welcome: Forest Park. Located in Tualatin Mountains, this public destination has 80 miles of trails where hikers can reach their trekking goals while enjoying the teeming forest. Botany lovers are in for a treat in this inviting place, thanks to the presence of such trees as Douglas firs, grand firs, and hemlocks, among others. Tourists should keep their eyes peeled for some weasels, too. Portland blossoms, indeed.

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6 Drop By A Rose Garden

When in the City of Roses, what else to do but be with these pretty flowers? Perched in the urban oasis of Washington Park is the International Rose Test Garden, where more than 10,000 roses can be appreciated. This public garden, which is the oldest of its kind in the US, will be enjoyed not just by lovers of flowers but sightseers who want to check out the sights, sounds, and scents of the place, with the majestic view of Mount Hood from afar. Portland does not just bloom; it prospers.

5 Shop At The Farmer’s Market

Foodies should not miss the chance to drop by the Farmers Market, where fresh produce and good people make shopping a wonderful experience. The one at Portland State University is open year-round every Saturday, an ideal place for families who want to create good food memories with the best people. From vegetables and fruits to ready-to-eat meals and snacks, Portland Farmers Market knows how to impress tourists of varied taste buds. The best way to end a tour of the city, after all, is to take home a tasty treat.

4 Bookhunting

Portland is one lucky city as it has the world’s largest independent bookstore, Powell’s Books. Bookworms, kids, and even non-readers will enjoy exploring its alleys and corners, knowing they’re in the presence of good titles and a one-of-a-kind place. From the classics to used books, the shop has something for everyone. Scouring millions of titles in this landmark might land customers the book that they’ve been looking for for ages. Local titles, international novels, and secondhand treasures are all in Powell’s Books.

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3 Taste Local Treats

Portland’s rich and diverse culture means a variety of delectable food options. A culinary tour is one way to taste some of its best food, from seafood to donuts. However, those who want to explore on their own will have a satisfying time because every restaurant is proud of its offerings. Among the most popular culinary spots are Mucca Osteria with its flavorful pasta, Andina, that’s proud of its Peruvian cuisine, and French-inspired Le Pigeon. From fine dining options to street food, Portland is a foodie paradise.

2 Stroll Along The Arts District

Those who can’t get enough of stunning artworks in museums should get out and drop by Alberta Arts District. This lively area is a cultural hotspot, the perfect place to enjoy some of the best Portland can offer: food, music, and arts. There are weekly events along Alberta Street, plus heritage markers, a theater, a pub, and lots of restaurants. With beer and snacks in hand, marveling at the artworks in Alberta Arts District is one way to have an enriching day in Portland.

1 Ride The Aerial Tram

Riding the aerial tram is probably the best way to enjoy Portland’s cityscape. This welcoming transportation will take passengers 500 feet above the charming neighborhood of South Waterfront, where they can check the expansive views of southwest Portland's lush hills. Mt. Hood and Willamette River will also say hi to curious tourists. The unparalleled views offered by Portland Aerial Tram make sightseeing a seventh-heaven experience. In this bustling Oregon city, there’s nowhere to go but up. Ah, Portland, where pure bliss is guaranteed.