Orlando might be most well-known for its theme parks, but that's definitely not the only thing there is to do in this tropical city. Florida is a great family-friendly destination, but there's plenty to do here for both adults and kids. Whether travelers are staying at an all-inclusive resort or just spending some time with family or friends, there's so much more to experience besides Disney. And the best part? No ride line times or extravagant prices for admission! So skip Universal Orlando and check out these other attractions instead.


Kennedy Space Center

For a bit of education and a whole lot of space-themed fun, the Kennedy Space Center can't be missed. It's also home to NASA and where their launches happen, so it's almost a rite of passage to experience this first-hand.

Visitors will learn all about what happens at the center and the history leading up to how space travel is done today. Kids, as well as adults, will have a blast here (no pun intended) and those interested can check out the launch schedule on their website before heading down.


For all the thrill-seekers who would normally wait hours in line at Universal Studios, try something different - like Gatorland! Here, visitors have the chance to observe live gators in their natural habitats, almost too close for comfort.

This educational center is considered to be the "alligator capital of the world" and is home to 110 acres of wildlife, not just gators. Aside from seeing wildlife close up, this park also has a thrilling zip line, aviary, and offers train ride tours. Feeling feisty? Try your hand at rookie gator wrestling!

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

The Titanic is a source of fascination for many, but it's rare that anyone has the chance to see anything related to it close-up. The chance to do that exists at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit in Orlando and trust us, it's well worth spending a day here. Many of the exhibits are interactive and provide guests will the chilling reality of what it was like to be a passenger on the ship up until its final moments afloat.

This museum holds artifacts that are from the wreckage and also offers tours from guides who are knowledgeable and will answer any potential questions. Along the way, check out the true-to-life replica of the grand staircase (like the one that was seen in the movie) and stop to take a photo on it. Other replicas include a stateroom and an actual piece of the hull, which was recovered after the tragic accident.

Most memorable is perhaps the end of the exhibit, which features a tribute to the lives lost during the Titanic's sinking. The final exhibit is that of an iceberg that has been recreated at the same temperature as the one that took down the ship, which guests can touch on their way out - getting a real-life feel for how frigid and terrifying the waters would have been that night.

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Boggy Creek Airboat Ride

Experience a real-life Gatorland from the safety of an airboat at Boggy Creek. These boats take passengers through the Florida Everglades, where they'll have the chance to see natural wildlife. Turtles, alligators, and even unique species of birds are common to see on these tours.

Passengers will also have the chance to see the Everglades up-close, including the environment in which wildlife and plantlife live and thrive. These boats travel at a pretty fast clip, so it's a great option for those who do love theme parks - but with the added benefit of being on the open water, soaking up all that Florida's beauty has to offer.

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