For many travelers, Napa Valley is simply a destination for wine. While the region is indeed known for this, there are so many other non-wine things one can do here. With such a beautiful landscape and conducive atmosphere, travelers will be so engaged with these activities that they might forget they are in the top wine region of the United States.

10 Float Above The Valley On A Hot Air Balloon

Hot air ballooning is arguably the most popular outdoor activity in Napa Valley as it offers a bird’s eye view of the valley’s neatly cultivated green vineyards, the mesmerizing waters, and the rolling hills. Hot air balloon rides are usually done at the calmest time of the day when the winds are gentle and the sky is getting brighter. At sunrise, the views are amazing and the calm atmosphere of the morning makes it one of the most scenic hot air balloon adventures one can experience anywhere in the world.

9 Hike The Valley

Hiking is a more relaxed and adventurous way to see the beauty of Napa Valley. With trails passing through towering hills, impressive vineyards, and stunning mountain ranges, hikers will no doubt enjoy a wonderful time outdoors. Trails are available for all hiking levels and some lead to gorgeous waterfalls, impressive mountain peaks, scenic lakes, and elevated viewpoints that present views of the entire valley.

8 Ride A Bike Across The Valley

Biking is a faster and more flexible way to see the scenic outdoors of Napa Valley. The region features several miles of biking trails suitable for all biking levels and many lodging facilities also offer bike rentals so visitors have all they need to ride through the valley. With the conducive weather, adventurous trails, stunning scenery, and the unending serenity of the valley, bikers will sure have a great time exploring the region on wheels.

7 Enjoy The Food

Where there is good wine, there’s good food and Napa Valley is evidence to that claim. Food in Napa Valley is just as great as the wine and dozens of world-class restaurants are available all over the wine region to ensure visitors always enjoy their wine with good food. Many of these restaurants have menus that are filled with a huge variety of delicious food prepared by skilled chefs and served in unique settings.

6 Go Shopping

Shopping is a must-do activity in Napa Valley. The wine region features an interesting shopping atmosphere with a wide variety of items from art to fashion, utensils, and even toys. Downtown Napa is the place to enjoy this activity as lots of boutiques, galleries, and shops are lined up within walking distance on the streets.

5 Attend A Festival

Just like many parts of the country, every year in Napa Valley is lined up with lots of events from music festivals to food and wine festivals. The combination of world-class performances, wine, and great outdoors makes this experience at Napa Valley an unforgettable one. Bottle Rock Napa Valley and Festival Napa Valley are some of the exciting festivals not to miss out on while in Napa Valley as they both offer food, wine, and music.

4 Attend The WineShine Half Marathon

Although the Napa Valley Marathon held in March is the most popular racing event in Napa Valley, the WineShine Half Marathon is another popular racing event that caters to the needs of visitors seeking a summer marathon. The WineShine Half Marathon is set to be held on July 16, 2022, and will have visitors running along the gorgeous hillsides and scenic landscape of the region while also enjoying wine.

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3 Take A Dip In A Hot Springs At Calistoga

For a more relaxing experience at Napa Valley, a dip in a hot pool in the city of Calistoga is the best activity to engage in. With numerous geothermal hot springs running beneath the city, several spas have now been created all over the streets welcoming visitors to take a dip and enjoy relaxation with stunning views.

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2 Go Kayaking

Kayaking tours are offered in Napa Valley for those seeking to enjoy the views from the scenic Napa River in downtown Napa. The river is 55 miles long and visitors floating on it will enjoy a serene experience and the river's history as well as views of wildlife, and the beautiful vineyards of the wine region. The river’s huge fishing population also makes it a great place for fly fishing.

1 Visit A Museum

Museums in Napa Valley are equipped with lots of materials that teach visitors about the history of the region. Visitors here will find a wide range of museums offering different types of exhibitions from educational to historic, artistic and cultural. Napa Valley Museum - one of the most popular in the area presents materials that cover subjects such as arts, history, and natural science.