Canada is among the most splendid nations on the planet, with magnificent woods, lofty mesmerizing mountains, and astonishing clear blue lakes that make it an ideal location for trekking, camping, or simply gazing. Some people think that Canada is just a cold and snowy nation which is not true. Tourists can also enjoy warm weather, thrilling activities, and beautiful landscapes. On the other side, others are confused and consider that Montreal is the capital instead of Ottawa. These persons are not to be blamed because the marvelous Montreal, the hub of trade and communication, is one of the most famous cities in the country that captivate the heart of its visitors with its magical splendor. Here are the top 10 things tourists should do in Montreal when the winter thaw is over.

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10 Visit Parc Maisonneuve

Montreal's extremely fascinating botanical garden is located in Parc Maisonneuve. Tourists will wander in the bewitching greenhouses and the dazzling gardens that embrace plants originating from all over the world. Moreover, they will learn about the several usages and benefits of those floras. Visitors can also stroll on different ponds and watch amazing birds as well as insect species while soaking in relaxing and magical surroundings.

9 Visit Old Montreal

Considered one of the most touristic areas of the district, Old Montreal is one of the exciting places to visit. There, travelers can enjoy riding La Grande Roue, a 197-foot (60 m) Ferris wheel, that offers them a magnificent and unique sight of the surroundings. They can also experience an adrenaline rush when trying the zipline. Tourists can also pass by the amusement park, try to get out of a labyrinth, and rent water pedals.

  • La Grande Roue location : 362 Rue de la Commune E, Montréal, QC H2Y 0B4, Canada

8 Go On A Hike To Mont-Royal

Tourists can enjoy another exceptional viewpoint of Montreal by hiking to the wonderful Mont-Royal summit where they can admire astonishing views and enjoy the pure fresh air. On their way to the top of this city park, they can also spot some iconic monuments and rest or picnic next to Lac-Aux-Castors.

7 Watch A Bewitching Circus

3 Giants, an event produced by the exceptional Complètement Cirque, is not to be missed. Three acrobatic sculptures will loom over three unique city locations. The group will perform hypnotic figures. It is guaranteed that all tourists will be enchanted by this magnificent show.

6 Visit Montreal Biodome

The Montreal Biodome is an indoor aquarium and zoo that was built for the Summer Olympics of cycling sports and judo. Nowadays, tourists can explore thousands of fauna and flora from different species. Visitors shall not miss the view of the astonishing lushness of its stunning tropical rainforest, or its one-of-a-kind collection of penguins that they can interact with.

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5 Enjoy A Rooftop Meal Or Party

It's time for tourists to unwind with a beverage on one of Montreal's beautiful rooftop terraces. With magnificent views of the city, they can sample the goods of the capital's brilliant culinary masters and mixologists in the company of their families, friends, and colleagues. They can also enjoy unique sunsets on romantic dates with their beloved ones and then party all night long.

  • Recommended Place: Terrasse sur l’Auberge
  • Recommended Food: Pork Belly Tacos
  • Cost: $21
  • Location: 97 Rue de la Commune E, Vieux-Montréal, QC H2Y 1J1, Canada

4 Spend A Sunday At Piknic Electronik

If travelers enjoy dancing, electronic music, or simply want to relax in the lively park, Piknic Électronik is the perfect destination. For the past years, the weekly festival has brought in some of the world's best and most famous DJs, offering people plenty of reasons to dance, be happy, and enjoy the sun.

  • Location: Parc Jean-Drapeau
  • DJs: Claptone, Octave One, Maceo Plex, KAYTRANADA, Ellen Allien, and a hundred more.

3 Stroll In Saint-Laurent

If visitors are dreaming of vividly colorful boulevards, Saint Laurent is the destination to go to. During summer days, talented artists in this area get ready to paint the walls of the buildings. The city is full of mesmerizing huge graffiti. Tourists walking down the streets will enjoy the marvelous art, the mouth-watering food, the excellent street fairs, and other activities.

2 Visit Jacques Cartier Bridge

A multicolored calendar of 365 colors illuminates the bridge linking the amazing Island of Montreal and the wonderful borough of Longueuil. When observing the ornamental lights on this bridge, which was installed to commemorate Canada's and Montreal's anniversaries, it's ideal to stand at a close distance to appreciate the view. It's also one of the greatest places to see the fantastic Montreal Fireworks Festival, which is the world's most prestigious and largest of its type.

  • Montreal Fireworks Festival: August 6, 2022

1 Visit The Quartier Des Spectacles

Tourists shall visit this part of the city for incredible cultural and entertainment events, which are spread out throughout eight sectors, as well as the main venue for some of Montreal's most well-known festivals. This region is a targeted destination of numerous visitors throughout the week, with a summer lineup of Montreal's greatest events, as well as regularly planned public art.