London is a well-renowned international city famous amongst all kinds of travelers, from backpackers to honeymooners. While London is not exactly a cheap travel destination, tourists can enjoy various activities while visiting The Big Smoke.

This international city is dotted with modern architecture woven into historical landmarks. London has a melange of attractions that will appeal to many tourists, whether you are a night-life nomad or a frugal foodie.

London is a massive city with over 8.3 million inhabitants spread across a metropolitan area 138 square miles bigger than New York City. Knowing this, tourists visiting for the first time may be overwhelmed with what to do. Travelers heading to London first ought to check out some of these cool things they can do in this massive city!

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Updated by Gabriel Kirellos, November 5th, 2021:The list of things to do when visiting London for the first time is never-ending. Even the city residents didn't have the chance yet to discover all of London's unique attractions and fabulous mysteries. Londoners themselves are surprised to find new spots in their city every day. This list was updated to reflect several additional activities that visitors can enjoy when in London for the first time. Moreover, new tips were included to help people visiting London's famous galleries and parks, have the most of their trip in the historic and unique city.

Travelers need not be ashamed of being labeled a tourist while visiting London; this city is meant to be explored by curious nomads! Take some time to see some of London's iconic landmarks, especially Big Ben and Tower Bridge. London Eye is also a popular attraction for travelers looking to get a panoramic view of the city over the Thames River.

Tourists who are curious sightseers can visit other iconic landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Royal Observatory, the Palace of Westminster (right beside Big Ben), Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, and the Kensington Palace. These landmarks not only house elegant art and antiques but can offer visitors breathtaking views of the city.

For more modern views, Potterheads can book a tour at London's Warner Bros Studios to check out the magic behind the Harry Potter films while visiting memorable sets, including the Great Hall at Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and Hogwarts Express Platform 9 3/4!

7 Sink your teeth into local delights, including a full English breakfast

A plate filled with fried eggs, baked beans, hash browns, grilled veggies, fried mushrooms, toast, bacon, sausages, and black pudding makes the English breakfast a meal fit for royalty. This massive breakfast is a great meal to have before taking on a busy day.

Tourists should also venture to local shops to try London's fish and chips, alongside other eats including bangers and mash, Sunday roast, and meat pies. British Indian Curry is also a popular fare in London and is a twist on traditional Indian curry to cater to British tastes.

International foodies and budget travelers may enjoy the vast array of food stalls at the Borough Market, a bustling outdoor market where patrons can buy their food and other delectables. Tourists can also enjoy other outdoor markets in London, such as Brixton Village Market and the Lower Marsh Market.

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6 Hop on the Iconic Tube to Travel Around the City (or Walk!)

Tourists hoping to sightsee as much as possible should shell out some cash to purchase a Visitor Oyster card to travel along with the Tube, London's underground rail network that runs along with the Greater London Area through 11 tube lines.

Travelers can also rent Santander Cycles, which is a bike-sharing service in London. With over 750 docking stations, Santander Cycles are an affordable way to explore the city, costing only £2 for 24-hour access, plus an additional £2 every 30 minutes to use the bikes (with the first 30 minutes is free)!

To really save some cash, nothing beats walking! Not only is it free, but travelers are also more likely to notice hidden gems while leisurely touring the city, whether it's enjoying the street performers on South Bank or exploring London's famous Strand street.

5 Learn Something New at Any One of London’s Museums (for Free!)

Many of the museums in the city are free, with requests for voluntary donations.

This means you can enjoy a vast array of exhibitions featured in any one of London's museums. Travelers interested in science will enjoy London's Science and Natural History Museums. At the same time, art-oriented tourists may appreciate the cultural exhibits offered at Tate Britain, The National Gallery, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

For unique exhibits, visit the Bank of England Museum, The London Sewing Machine Museum, the V&A Museum of Childhood, the Museum of Croydon, and the Royal British Legion Poppy Factory Museum!

4 Watch a Shakespeare Play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Travelers who studied Shakespeare plays at school can relive the magic of acting by watching a live-action play at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London. Built in 1997, this theatre is a replica of the original Globe Theatre (and is only a few hundred meters away from the actual site)!

Travelers who adore the theatre arts can enjoy a live adaptation of Shakespeare's plays, from Romeo and Juliet to A Midsummer Night's Dream. Starting at only £5, visitors can buy tickets to watch the show in this open-air theatre (just like how plays used to be performed in the 16th century)!

3 Garden Hop Between London’s Parks

Despite its international status, London is still home to many urban parks sprawling across the city. Visitors can take a break from the bustling crowds and concrete architecture and walk around these parks to get fresh air while soaking in some greenery, such as Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Crystal Park Palace, and Brockwell Park. What's more, some of these parks—like Covent Garden—offer a peaceful place for visitors to grab some food and listen to performing musicians.

2 Watch The Mesmerizing Sunrise At Richmond Park

When in London, it is a must to witness the atmospheric sunrise in Richmond Park. Visitors will behold the beauty of the wild deers moving gracefully across the park along with the pink skies and picturesque scenes. People can later enjoy a warm drink at any well-heeled cafe in Richmond. The park is just a stone's throw from Central London and is known for its wide-open spaces, deer herds, and grasslands.

It is free to visit one of the most influential contemporary art galleries globally, the Lisson Gallery. The latter makes London unique. It was founded in 1967 and has since welcomed big-name exhibitions, such as Julian Opie, Richard Deacon, Anish Kapoor, and Carmen Herrera. People visiting the gallery in Marylebone can also enjoy a relaxing stroll at the nearby Regent's Park. This is what it feels like to start a summer weekend at one of the best cities in the world, London.

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