Downtown Blue Ridge is a mountainous region and a perfect choice for an unforgettable holiday experience regardless of the season. From its meticulous beauty to the delicious food and many places to explore, visiting Blue Ridge for a single day is akin to opening a can of worms. There will still be the urge to add another day for further exploration. Here are 10 things every tourist should try in Downtown Blue Ridge.

10 Train Ride

This is yet another incredible idea for a family vacation. It's one of the top fun activities visitors should try in Blue Ridge. Departing at the historic Blue Ridge Depot, this train heads down to neighboring towns giving adventurers a chance to explore the other side of North Georgia. The train ride feels more like a stroll through a nature trail. From chugging through rivers to foliage everywhere, explorers are treated to the best of Georgia’s wild side.

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9 Mercier Orchards

Talk of landmarks, but none plays that role in the Blue Ridge region better than Mercier Orchards. It is a large piece of land growing over 50 apple varieties. Touring the area during fall allows vacationers to go pick the apples and take some home. Peaches and strawberries are alternatives for those who don’t like apples. This place also gives travelers a chance to engage in a weird activity; tractor riding.

8 Aska Adventure

Characterized by scenic views, well-designed restaurants, and shopping outlets, the Aska Adventure is a worthwhile experience no vacationer should miss. The region’s vast history is something vacationers need to witness first-hand. Also, it is unique because of the impressive array of outdoor activities available.

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7 Long Creek Falls Trail

Georgia is home to America’s most scenic hiking trails, and the Long Creek Falls is one example. It is a two-mile hike that feels like a walk through paradise. From the free-flowing waters to steep valleys, vacationers have a lot in the basket to explore. The canopy formed by nearby forests protects tourists from Georgia’s scorching sun.

6 Lake Blue Ridge Tour

The Blue Ridge Lake is approximately 11 miles long with a 65-mile shoreline. The lake gives more than an ocean experience. With the 65-mile shoreline, adventurers have quite a huge area to explore. The lake is open to the public. Recreational fishing is a top activity here. Also, the lake presents an opportune moment for visitors to try their hand at kayaking and other water activities.

5 Tank Riding

Tourists who are into Netflix know how military tanks used for war are really cool. Well, here is an opportunity to explore the military world. The Tank Town in North Georgia is furnished with tanks, and the public is allowed to have a feel of the same. The site has a five-acre course where vacationers can navigate the tanks more as the military do. However, Tank Town is a weekend gateway since it’s only open on Saturdays and Sundays.

4 Jack River Falls Hike

Blue Ridge has never run short of hiking options. And this time around, it is the Jacks River Falls to be explored. Roaring through the wilderness of Georgia, this fall is the epitome of beauty, thanks to its remote location and gorgeous surroundings. Jack River Falls is nothing like the ordinary hikes. It is one long and tedious trail with a lot to explore. Traversing a nine miles journey is never easy, but it is worth the experience.

3 Grumpy Old Men Brewing

A brewery is the last thing a vacationer would expect to explore, but wait a minute, the Grumpy Old Men Brewing is not just one of those. Instead, it is a good place to rest and enjoy the marvelous Georgia sunshine. Since opening its doors in 2012, the brewery has grown from strength to strength. From being started by a team of retirees to shipping products to the outside world, the brewery has an inspiring story to tell. The company has an outdoor bay where vacationers can rest and enjoy their favorite beer while the vacation lasts. It is a no-go zone for persons below the age of 21.

2 Blue Ridge City Park

A trip to Blue Ridge would be incomplete without some water experience. This is where the Blue Ridge City Park comes in handy. The park looks basic from far but on getting closer, there is elevated satisfaction. Sliding down to the pool is such a fun-filled activity that allows families to bond. Also, the park comes as a much-needed relief, especially with summer’s scorching sun.

1 Become A Foodie

Imagine going on a vacation and failing to explore the different foods offered in those areas? While there is nothing fancy about Georgia’s food, exploring the available options should still be part of the plan. The area doesn’t do much in street foods, meaning vacationers will need to visit designated hotels to enjoy their delicacies. Some delicacies to try are the chocolate lava fudge and multi flavored cupcakes that will serve as a living memory of the Northern Georgia vacation.