Deadwood, South Dakota, is surrounded by Black Hills National Forest in Lawrence County. The city is popular among history buffs who come for the tales of Bill Hickok, killed in a Deadwood saloon. The charming town bears the atmosphere of the brutal Wild West where the Gold Rush occurred in the late 1800s. Tourists are fascinated by the town's gambling history and how it became a regional trading center. From culture, art, and entertainment to a unique shopping experience, here are ten activities worth trying while visiting Deadwood, South Dakota.

10 Visit Broken Boot Gold Mine

Broken Boot Gold mine is an iconic attraction that tells the fascinating tales of the Gold Rush era. From the mine, history lovers learn about the most notable year in the history of South Dakota, 1878, when the Broken Boot Gold mine was established. The mine attracted merchants, travelers, miners, and traders to Deadwood, South Dakota, in search of gold. Daring visitors can go several meters underground with a tour guide to see the magnificent mine preserving the old west heritage.

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9 Explore Adams House and Adams Museum

Built by Deadwood pioneers Anna Franklin and Haris, the mansion is among the oldest history museums in South Dakota. The facility harbors great treasures of the Black Hills, such as Deadwood's Wild Bill Hickok collection and Potato Creek Johnny's gold nugget. The historic building features a 19th-century plumbing system, indoor electricity, hand-painted canvas walls, and stained-glass windows. The museum is rich in history featuring stories of historical business leaders' meetings. The facility also features artifacts, exhibits, and information regarding Deadwood's notorious characters like Calamity Jane.

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8 Explore Historic Main Street, South Dakota

Strolling down the streets of Historic Main Street, tourists are allowed to relive the iconic era of gunslingers. The street is lined with shops, signs, and points of interest that resurrect the wild Deadwood. Lucky visitors encounter professional actors in the midst of recreating significant moments of Deadwood's history. The most iconic historical landmark is the signpost indicating the assassination of Hickok by McCall.

7 Visit George S. Mickelson Trail

Stretching for over 100 miles, George S. Mickelson Trail is a perfect destination for nature lovers. Hikers can experience the tranquillity of the Black Hills National Forest via the trail. Visitors who enjoy biking can rent a bike from local shops and explore the path via Nevada Gulch Road in Lead. While on the trail, travelers also experience stunning views of rock tunnels and Black Hill scenery.

6 Visit Mount Moriah Cemetery

Mount Moriah Cemetery, embedded deep into the Black Hills, is an iconic and beautiful cemetery since it's the final resting place of Deadwood's legends. Apart from witnessing the gravesites of iconic people such as Hickock, Calamity Jane, Preacher Smith, and Potato Creek Johnny, historians learn about the lives of these figures via handouts and informational exhibits. Moreover, tourists can enjoy the panoramic views of Black Hills landscapes from the cemetery.

5 Visit Crazy Horse Memorial

The Crazy Horse Memorial is a popular attraction amongst art lovers. It's located in the Black Hills Deadwood, South Dakota. The magnificent design by the Polish-American Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski was trying to prove everything is possible in this world. Tourists come here to witness the progress of its construction, which began in the mid-1990s.

4 Explore The Black Hills National Forest

Located in southwestern South Dakota, Black Hills National Forest is a perfect destination for nature lovers. The forest comprises approximately 1.2 million acres of incomparable beauty. Visitors are treated to spectacular views of dazzling rock formations, incredible mountains, and beautiful pine forests. When visiting the forest, tourists are greeted by breathtaking views of foliage featuring yellow, red, and orange colors. Hikers can embark on a therapeutic stroll along the Sunday Gulch trail while enjoying the panoramic views of Sylvan Lake. While in the forest, tourists explore streams, grasslands, and caves such as Rushmore cave, wonderland cave, and the Black Hills caverns.

3 Explore The History Of Deadwood At The Days Of '76 Museum

Days of '76 Museum was established to preserve the stories and lives of miners, gold panners, and prospectors that dominated Deadwood during the Gold Rush era. The Days of '76 Museum continues to be a cultural celebration in Deadwood. The museum began as a storage space for the horse-drawn wagons belonging to Days of 76. Today it features historic carriages, stagecoaches, and exhibits such as The Firearms Exhibit.

2 Visit Tatanka: Story Of The Bison

Tatanka: Story Of The Bison, located north of Deadwood, pays tribute to many bison that dominated Deadwood. Visitors enjoy the magnificent view of bronze sculptures depicting Indians pursuing a group of bison on horses. Besides viewing the stunning artwork, visitors appreciate the exhibits at the Northern Plains Peoples Educational Interpretive Center. Tourists love listening to historical Lakota interpretive presentations, which occur daily.

1 Visit Mount Theodore Roosevelt Monument

A weekend trip to South Dakota is incomplete without visiting Mount Theodore Roosevelt Monument. The 30-foot tower is located approximately three miles north of Deadwood. It was inspired by Deadwood's first mayor to honor the friendship he shared with Theodore Roosevelt. Visitors can hike up to the monument while enjoying the magnificent views of the Black Hills. The location is also ideal for tourists looking for picnic sites.