Bora Bora is one of the lesser-known islands around the world with an abundance of interesting attractions and exciting activities. The island is located in French Polynesia and the tranquility that can be found here is unbeatable. With lots of gorgeous white sand beaches and peaceful lush forests, it feels like a paradise in Bora Bora. For travelers visiting, here are some exciting things to do while on this hidden gem.

10 Relax At Matira Beach

Matira Beach is one of the signature beaches of Bora Bora and the largest on the island. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. The mile-long beach is characterized by soft sugar-white sand, surrounding coconut trees, and turquoise water making it look like a paradise in another world. Here, one can relax under the shade of a tall palm tree, and suck in the scenery from there or wander along the shore before diving into the warm water for a relaxing swim. Restaurants and shops are located along the beach so visitors can comfortably spend their time on the shores and also enjoy delicious meals with gorgeous views. Despite being the island’s most popular beach, Matira beach is not often crowded so those visiting are always guaranteed a relaxing seaside time.

9 Snorkel And Dive In Surreal Waters

The waters of Bora Bora are not just gorgeous but also endowed with an abundance of marine creatures. This makes snorkeling and scuba diving exciting things to do here as one will be presented with sights of so many tropical fish as well as sharks, stingrays, and turtles. The Bora Bora lagoon is the best spot to enjoy an exciting underwater adventure in Bora Bora while Matira Beach is another great snorkeling destination to explore as well.

8 Jet Ski On The Water

The best adventures in Bora Bora can be enjoyed on the water and Jet skiing is one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful water surrounding this island. While jet skiing around the island, adventurers can explore numerous attractions including Mount Otemanu, the island’s beautiful lagoons, and the gorgeous white-sand beaches.

7 Relax At A Spa

Many resorts in Bora Bora feature spas where one can go to enjoy a relaxing massage. Besides the amazing spa services, visitors at the spas will also be presented with impressive views of the island. Le Meridien Bora Bora, Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resort, and Four Seasons Bora Bora are some resorts to book for amazing spa services on the island. For those staying at resorts with no spas, there are also independent spas all over the island to choose from and they are just as luxurious as the ones at the luxurious resorts.

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6 Hike Through The Lush Forests Trails

While many of the activities in Bora Bora are water-related, one can take a break from the water and explore the island by hiking on land. Bora Bora features various hiking trails suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. Many of the hikes here take visitors through lush forests to stunning cannons and impressive viewpoints. The hikes to the peaks of Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia are some of the most thrilling hikes one can take in Bora Bora. They may be difficult but the views from the peaks of these magnificent mountains are impressive.

5 Float On A Kayak

Kayaking is a must-do activity in Bora Bora as it offers guests an intimate and more relaxing way to explore the island’s beautiful water. Many resorts have kayaks that guests can rent to enjoy the float on the lagoon. While kayaking is an exciting thing to do in Bora Bora, adventurers should keep in mind that some parts of the island can have a lot of boat traffic hence one should not wander too far into the lagoon. Resorts offering kayaks usually have areas where they can be used and it is best to respect these set boundaries.

4 Take A Sailing Tour With Vitamin Sea

Sailing is one of the most exciting things to do in Bora Bora, especially for couples. While there are many sailing organizations to choose from, Vitamin Sea offers a unique experience that should not be missed. On a sailing tour with Vitamin Sea, guests will have the luxury of sailing the beautiful lagoon on a catamaran. With no sounds of whirling engines, one can enjoy some great music, the company of a great crew, and the abundant space on the catamaran.

3 Watch The Sunset

Sunsets in Bora Bora can be seen from many parts of the island but some places offer more scenery than others. Matira beach is one of the best places to witness the sunset here, although one can conveniently watch the sunset from the various luxurious resorts across the island. Visitors can also book sunset cruises for more amazing views of the magical sunsets in Bora Bora.

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2 Take A Road Trip Around The Circle Island Road

The circle island road is one of the most scenic parts of Bora Bora and a road trip through this road is a great way to explore the island, especially for those with limited time. The road is the major road on the island, stretching for up to 20 miles through different towns and presenting sights of many of the island's attractions. While driving the Circle Island Road, one will be able to see Matira Beach, several resorts, and restaurants. Road tripping on this road is also an opportunity to engage in an off-road adventure to discover some of the island’s hidden historic attractions.

1 Book An Overwater Bungalow

Booking an overwater bungalow is a bucket-list-worthy thing to do in Bora Bora. These unique accommodations sit conveniently on the island’s turquoise waters and present some of the most unique lodging one can experience anywhere in the world. Besides offering unbeatable privacy, many of the bungalows are equipped with luxurious amenities to give guests an experience of a lifetime.