Antarctica is not just a destination for research facilities, weather scientists, and other professionals but also an interesting tourist destination. During summer, the continent even receives a bit of a surge in the number of tourists visiting. For those wondering what one can do in this continent of ice and water, here are some incredible things to do in Antarctica. Just keep in mind that Summer in Antarctica lasts from late December to late May while winter lasts from late June to late September.

11 Go Whale Watching

Lots of whales call Antarctica home and with many ships offering cruises on the water, one can witness the magnificent creatures from a close distance. The continent features up to 8 species of whales including the Humpback, the Orca whale, and the Blue whale - also known as the largest animal on earth with a weight of up to 150 tons. A chance to see this majestic creature swimming in the water is an unforgettable experience tourists in Antarctica often look forward to.

10 Swim In The Water

Antarctica features the coldest climate in the world and swimming in the waters of this chilling continent is a heart-racing experience. With water temperature as low as -2ºC, even the thought of swimming here is terrifying still the activity remains one of the most appealing for adrenaline junkies in Antarctica. With such low water temperature, those courageous enough to even take a dip in the water will be in a hurry to get out of the cold water. Deception Island is the best place to enjoy this unique experience in Antarctica as it is an island volcano.

9 Camp In The Open

Camping is a must-do thing in Antarctica. The unique activity is an opportunity for one to spend a chilling night on ice and under the open blue sky with views of stars, glaciers, and the blue water. Besides the peaceful atmosphere, campers will also enjoy the constant presence of the island’s wildlife.

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8 Interact With Penguins

Penguins can be seen all year round in Antarctica, although these cute creatures spend more time on land during summer. With up to seven penguin species in the fifth-largest continent, tourists will be guaranteed lots of close contact with different types of these curious two-legged creatures. For a more surreal sight, travelers can visit Snow hill island as it features one of the world’s largest colonies of emperor penguins.

7 Kayak On The Water

The abundance of water in the White continent makes it a great destination for kayaking. This unique activity will have tourists floating on crystal clear waters while enjoying breathtaking views of giant icebergs and blue skies. The abundance of penguins, seals, and whales in the water even makes the experience more exciting as one will be able to get up close to them.

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6 Hike The Ice

There is a big difference between exploring Antarctica on a cruise ship and exploring the continent on foot. Walking in Antarctica is a laid-back way to see the scenery and explore the pristine outdoors of Antarctica. All levels of hikers are welcome to enjoy this experience in Antarctica as there are lots of options from easy walks to challenging hikes.

5 Go Snowshoeing For Endless Views Of The White Continent

Antarctica is usually covered with snow for most of the year which makes snowshoeing an exciting thing to do on the continent. With those snowshoes, tourists can freely explore the bright and white outdoors of Antarctica while also enjoying some physical exercise. Many parts of Antarctica’s snowfield are best explored with snowshoeing as hikers might find it difficult to visit those paths.

4 Mountain Climbing

There are lots of mountains that offer opportunities for mountain climbing in Antarctica. For those with limited time, try climbing the magnificent Mount Vinson. At a height of 4,892 m, this mountain is the tallest on the continent. While it may not be the most difficult to climb, it offers the best-elevated views of the continent.

3 Go Skiing

With lots of steep slopes and an abundance of snow in many parts of the continent, skiing is a fun thing to do in Antarctica. While skiing in Antarctica is fun and exciting, it can also be very challenging as the continent features some of the most difficult slopes in the world.

2 Cruise The Water On A Ship

Cruising is a popular thing to do in Antarctica as it easily brings tourists close to the wildlife of the continent. On most cruises, one will be able to witness sighs of whales swimming in the water and penguins relaxing on the shore. The ice-covered mountains spread out across the continent as well as the beautiful colors of the sky make the experience even more unique.

1 Go Scuba Diving

The cold waters of Antarctica are always ready to welcome those willing to bear the chills and explore below the surface. The bright sunlight, crystal clear water, and abundant marine life all combine to give visitors an unforgettable time underwater.