Anchorage, Alaska, is popular amongst adventurous tourists due to its beautiful surrounding mountains and magnificent downtown views. Tourists are treated to a variety of lovely walking and biking trails, museums, and gardens. In addition, it's easy to find places to eat, shopping centers, cultural exhibits, and a variety of world-class entertainment. Even though most of the available activities change with the seasons, here are ten fun things to engage in all year round while visiting Anchorage, Alaska.

10 Visit Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Spreading across approximately 200 acres of land, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a haven for animals that would otherwise be too frail to survive in their natural habitat. Tourists encounter a variety of wild species, including elks, caribou, moose, lynx, and bears. Besides learning about the amazing work of protecting endangered wild animals, visitors are treated with astounding views of the Chugach Mountains Range and Turnagain Arm Inlet. Travelers can tour this scenic gem by foot, car, or kick-sled during winter.

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9 Enjoy A Gondola Ride At Alyeska Aerial Tram

The gondola ride at Alyeska allows tourists to enjoy a scenic seven minutes ride up to Mt. Alyeska without much hustle all year round. Tourists can enjoy panoramic views of the hanging glacier, streams, and spruce. During the summer, travelers can spot various wild animals while on a ride or hike at the top while admiring stunning wildflowers. During the winter, tourists experience the most breathtaking views of skiers tackling the mountains. Additionally, they appreciate the calm feeling of catching the sunset while enjoying a drink at Bore Tide Deli and Bar.

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8 Enjoy An Amazing Anchorage Sunset From The Crow's Nest

Crow's Nest offers a spectacular 360-degree view of Anchorage from a sublime vantage point. During the summer, visitors enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean in the Cook Inlet and the unapparelled scenerY of downtown Anchorage. On the other hand, Crow's Nest offers the perfect place to see the Chugach Mountains and the pale pink glow of the sunset. Tourists can enjoy mouthwatering cocktails as they watch the sun go down.

7 Explore Anchorage Museum

Anchorage Museum is a rare gem for visiting history buffs eager to learn about the culture and history of Anchorage and Alaska. The museum offers tourists over 10,000 years of experience in Alaska history and art. Travelers can explore an interactive all-ages Discovery Centre with a planetarium, marine life tanks, and innovation spaces. Art lovers can explore the important painting works of Sydney Laurence and Eustance Ziegler. Recently, the museum opened a new wing featuring the art of the north, which is worth exploring.

6 Visit Alaska Center For The Performing Arts

Located in downtown Anchorage, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts is popular among fun lovers visiting Anchorage city. Tourists are treated to world-class entertainment that features live music from various genres, operas, and spectacular dances. Additionally, drama and comedy are performed in a theater perfectly designed to trigger life's emotions. The center also prepares community events meant to showcase the life events of the locals. What more? Tourists visiting during the holidays are treated to special events that trigger the season's magical feeling.

Alaska is a perfect all-year-round destination for art enthusiasts and historians wishing to learn about Alaska's native culture. Visiting tourists can see how Alaskan indigenous people have historically expressed their creativity using the land resource, which is abundantly available to them. The gallery showcases carvings shaped using walrus tusks, baskets sown using beachgrass, and sculptures made of whale bones. Visiting historians gather insights about the Alaskan community's inventive nature from the gallery. Besides, tourists can gather souvenirs from modern retail spaces, exhibiting contemporary and traditional art from all over Alaska.

4 Visit Alaska Zoo

Alaska Zoo is a popular attraction in Anchorage, spreading across 25 acres of land. The facility offers visitors a variety of native wild animals, including wolves, musk oxen, reindeer, Dall sheep, and brown bears, most of which cannot survive in the wild. Moreover, the attraction inhabits a minute collection of exotic animals such as Bactrian Camels and Amur Tigers. Animal lovers visit the zoo to research and learn about animal rehabilitation and wildlife conservation.

3 Walk Or Ride On Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail provides a perfect opportunity for tourists to try unique adventures at Anchorage. The route commences near Oscar Anderson House and stretches to the grim setting of Earthquake Park. While on a ride, visitors can get insights into how the 1964 earthquake destroyed the shoreline. In addition, walking on the route offers a glimpse of wildlife such as moose and beluga whales. Before the ride ends, tourists are treated to panoramic views of mountains and downtown skylines.

2 Visit Whaling Wall, Anchorage

The Whaling Wall painting on the west side of the JCPenney building, Anchorage 5th Avenue, is a popular attraction amongst art lovers. Tourists love staring at the painting, which seems to depict sea life. The painting features seals, bow whales, and beluga whales. Visitors appreciate the amazing work of Robert Wayland while staring at the painting.

1 Visit Earthquake Park

Earthquake Park is a perfect destination for visitors looking to understand the magnitude of the Great Alaskan Earthquake. Tourists learn about the tales of an entire neighborhood that slid into the ocean due to a catastrophic earthquake that hit America. The park has preservation signs that point out the quake's effects and Anchorage's history before and after the disaster hit it. Additionally, the park has a playground for kids and perfect spots for family picnics.