Positano is a hillside settlement on Italy's Amalfi Shore in southern Italy. Positano appears to be a gigantic prism at first sight, with classic and colorful houses and boutique shops set on every tier. With a lovely village set among a seashore and the hills of Italy's famed Amalfi Coast, it is the pinnacle of the Italians la dolce vita.

The hamlet, in all its rural grandeur, is a delight for travelers who prefer archaic and artistic value along with some conscience activities. It is a draw for the elite.


Positano overlooks the ocean and greets the glorious sun, with corresponding components decorating the town's curving passageways.

Getting There

  • Nearest Airport - Napoli Capodichino- 65 Km
  • Visitors can hire a taxi. It will take around 80 minutes to reach the destination from the airport.

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Off-The-Beaten-Path Things To Do In Positano


Tourists will enter a world of infinite landscapes, deserted windmills, and cascades far inside the Coastal woodlands along several routes that begin in the beautiful villages of Positano.

The Path Of Gods Hike

  • Distance: 6.4 Km
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Difficulty Level: Moderately strenuous
  • The Walk of the Gods, also called Sentiero Delle Dei, is the most well-known Amalfi Coastline treks and Italy's most popular hiking trail, drawing hordes of tourists every year.
  • The route was first carved into the seashore by eighth-century Athenian immigrants.The Walk of the Gods, perched high on the slopes and looking out over the shore, offers travelers unparalleled vistas of Amalfi.
  • The hike is suited for people of all fitness levels.

The Valla Delle Ferriere Hike

  • Distance: 6 Km
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • This road originally prepared the way for traders' iron chariots carrying their merchandise to the trading port of Amalfi, along with the peaceful murmur of the river through the Ferriere Forest Reserve.
  • This trekking track on the Amalfi Coast is recognized for its quiet rainforest-like atmosphere, beautiful waterfalls, and native flora and animals.
  • Beach lovers typically overlook the splendor of the Valle Delle Ferriere in pursuit of the white sands of the Amalfi Shore.
  • The pleasant aroma of lemon plantations, vines, and the rustic touch of medieval brickwork that visitors will come across at every turn, nonetheless, make this wonderful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Explore The Church Of Santa Maria Assunta

  • The Chiesa Di Santa Maria Assunta is perched on a hill with a breathtaking view of the sea.
  • The Cathedral of Saint Maria Assunta is a magnificent representation of Gothic architecture, with a long history linked to the Benedictine convent of St Maria.
  • The abbey was built in memory of a Roman figure of the Virgin Mary that is still revered by the inhabitants.
  • Boasting tan walls and a finely sculpted dome on the summit, the cathedral is both lovely and modest from the outside.
  • The church's interior is organized into a choir and two columns, each with five archways connecting to five altars.

Scuba Dive On The Coast Of Amalfi

  • Due to its richness and pristine seafloor, the Amalfi Shore is among the most spectacular diving locations worldwide.
  • Sorrento, on the Amalfi Coast, is a great place to practice diving.
  • All the wonders of the undersea world can be seen in Sorrento's dark blue waters, which allow so much to be explored!
  • Visitors can swim in Sorrento, and find its water-filled by crevices, abrupt falls, and tunnels.
  • The preserved maritime domain of Punta Campanella is its crowning glory, rendering it Italy's premier scuba diving location.

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Where To Stay

Hotel Poseidon

  • The outdoor patio at Resort Poseidon offers amazing ocean views.
  • The resort features an outdoor pool and a health center with Turkish baths carved out of the cliffs.
  • A large savory and sweet banquet are served, featuring scrambled eggs for breakfast every day.
  • Authentic Italian food is served in this charming, rustic dining.
  • Dinner is offered on the patio of the Hotel Poseidon throughout the summers.
  • The accommodations of Poseidon are decorated and designed in a Mediterranean style.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all of them.
  • Concierge assistance is provided at no cost.
  • Address: Via Pasitea, 148, 84017 Positano, Italy

Le Sirenuse

  • A seafood cafe, Michelin-starred dining, and exquisite suites with a roof terrace are available at Le Sirenuse.
  • An outdoor pool, sauna, and exercise room are also available.
  • The white-themed suites are air-conditioned, with excellent glimpses of the Mediterranean Coast.
  • Every accommodation has cable television and a private bath with a huge hot tub and toiletries.
  • Guests to the Sirenuse can relax at the seafood restaurant, where they can sample a range of shellfish while sipping wine.
  • Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo 30, 84017 Positano, Italy

Albergo California

  • Hotel California provides conventional accommodations with a patio with beautiful scenery of the Amalfi Shore.
  • The air-conditioned accommodations feature a terrace with ocean views, complimentary internet access, a refrigerator, and a cable Television.
  • There is a bath in the en suite bathroom.
  • A European buffet breakfast of crepes, handmade pastries, cold meats, and cream is offered to customers on the rooftop.
  • The hotel also features a pub.
  • Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo 141, 84017 Positano, Italy

Hotel Posa Posa

  • The historical Hotel Posa Posa is situated on the Amalfi Shore, with ocean views and rugged cliffs.
  • A diving pool with hydromassage is located on the roof deck.
  • A cooling system and a cable Television are provided in the accommodations.
  • A patio and a spacious back porch are also available in some units.
  • A European buffet breakfast is offered to the guests.
  • Address: Via Pasitea 165, 84017 Positano, Italy

Positano is the ideal destination for a getaway, combining glitz, natural beauty, and kind, hospitable natives. It is undoubtedly a must to visit location.

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