Las Vegas continues to dazzle visitors from all over the world, whether it be their jibing casinos or the accessible day trips from the city itself. Whether travelers are heading to The Strip for some fun or food, their trip planning inevitably involves deciding on where to stay. Luckily, Las Vegas offers a host of resorts, hotels, and other accommodations to please any traveler, one famous example being the Las Vegas Palms. Equipped with a variety of comfortable rooms—including penthouses and suites—the Palms also hosts a mélange of entertainment options for the curious traveler. So book a few nights at the Palms and discover all the things you can do at this world-famous hotel!

10 Eat At The Serrano Vista Cafe, Open 24 Hours!

Hungry after playing the casino slots or simply hankering for something sweet at midnight? Don’t go to bed hungry when at the Vegas Palms. Instead, drop by the Serrano Vista Cafe, which is open 24 hours from Monday to Thursday! Enjoy an all-day breakfast or other specialty items like fish and chips, wagyu burgers, and much more.

9 Catch A Sports Game At The Tonic Sports Bar

Need a break from the bright lights and singing slot machines? The Tonic Sports Bar is open 24 hours, offering a host of cocktails, specialty drinks, and other libations to raise some spirits with good travel companions! Those who can’t afford to miss a sports game—even while on vacation—don’t have to sacrifice their favorite pastime. With entertainment running from Tuesday to Saturday, the Tonic Sports Bar is a lively place to be, right after the jibing casinos!

8 Enjoy All-You-Can-Eat Lobster At The A.Y.C.E Buffet

Leave the passport behind when visiting the A.Y.C.E Buffet and try an array of international flavors right at the Vegas Palms! DIY some pasta or dive into a beautifully cooked prime rib, snow crab legs, and other earthly delights. Better yet, A.Y.C.E Buffet hosts their Lobster Night on Wednesday night, starting at $24.99 per person. So come to this buffet hungry, and leave happy!

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7 Relax In The Spa At Palms

Las Vegas is not all about bright lights, loud parties, and dazzling shows. The Palms allows tourists to unwind at its spa facility, making for a great spa weekend in Sin City! Open from 9 am to 5 pm, this 17,00 square-foot spa includes a salon, fitness center, and yoga studio. So before spending a night in the city, why not take a break and get pampered with a spa treatment?

6 Catch A Show At The Pearl Theater

Las Vegas offers an abundance of entertainment to guests worldwide, from theatric dinner shows to premium shopping experiences. Thus, guests staying at the Vegas Palms can easily catch a theater show at the Pearl Theater. The theater hosts show ranging from musical concerts, comedy specials, and incredible mystical and magic shows. Sit in one of the 2,500 seats or book a comfy seat in their VIP boxes.

5 Lounge At The Palms Pools

The Las Vegas weather can be notoriously hot, with temperatures that can be incredibly scorching. Luckily, Las Vegas Palms offers two pools to refresh and unwind. Dip in the clear pool waters, plunge into the artificial waterfalls, or relax by the poolside lounge. Guests can also order food and beverages without leaving the pool area!

Did You Know? Nevada's locals have ‘complimentary admission’ to use the Palms’ pools on Mondays to Thursdays, given their valid Nevada ID.

4 Appreciate Incredible Art

Life imitates art. Art lovers staying at the Palms can appreciate artworks without leaving the property! The massive hotel boasts a collection of artworks from various artists, from sculptures to bright neon displays. Walk to the Pearl Theater to glimpse Felipe Pantone’s Pearl or head to Scotch 80 Prime to view Robert Munday’s 3D light sculptures. Undoubtedly, these artworks make great photo ops, especially Olivia Steele’s Wish You Were Here, located in the High Limit Room!

3 Watch Movies At The Brenden Theatres

Catch the latest Hollywood flicks at the Brenden Theatres, featuring luxury seating, a beverage bar, and movie-themed cocktails! Cinephiles can watch the latest movies in different formats and pictures, from a 70-ft IMAX screen to an immersive audio experience. Though, for some guests, it may be easier to fall asleep due to the theater's comfy leather reclining chairs! Located inside the Palms, visitors need not step a foot outside the hotel to catch a premium movie.

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2 Experiment With Cocktails At The Unknown

It may be a peculiar name for a bar, but Unknown boasts some of the most creative cocktails The Strip has to offer. Lounge at Unknown after a long day in Las Vegas and try out-of-this-world cocktails with quirky names. Care for a Butterfly Effect (made with elderflower tonic and premium gin) or fancy a Pomegranate Rye Rumble (made with rye whiskey, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and agave)? Visit The Unknown and go on a cocktail safari!

1 Enjoy The Las Vegas Palms Casino!

A stay at the Palms wouldn’t be complete without a trip to its casino! Partake in table games like Texas, hold 'em, and blackjack or play the slots on the casino floor (over 1,500 of them). The Palms’ High Limit Room is an exclusive gaming lounge home to some “high stakes” games, equipped with a full bar to give guests an immersive experience.