Rich in red glowing rocks and ancestral reminders, Valley of Fire State Park provides an outdoor experience that’s incomparable to any other. The park is like a red carpet treatment. But instead of illuminating the place with flashbulbs, holidaymakers are surrounded by breathtaking rock formations with different hues of red and orange. The colors deepen as the sun sets, allowing tourists to see distinct shades of the landscape. Here are the top 12 riveting things to do at one of Nevada’s most alluring parks.


More Amazing Things To Do At Valley Of Fire State Park

The wonderful Valley of Fire is a day trip away from Las Vegas, and features endless unique activities to enjoy. This list was updated to include more amazing things to do at Valley of Fire State Park, including witnessing the Fire Wave and hiking the Seven Wonders loop.

12 Get A Stunning Mouse’s Tank Road Shot

In the heart of this mind-blowing park lies Mouse’s Tank Road. It’s one spot social media enthusiasts are guaranteed to take delightful pictures that will attract thousands of viewers. The Rainbow Vista trailhead, which is a steep rock slope, is one of the best capture points. Many adventurers climb here to capture the angled view of the Mouse’s Tank Road and its curvaceous surroundings. The lighting can be pretty intense in the early afternoon. So, it’s best for tourists to visit the spot at the crack of dawn or late evenings to get Instagram-worthy photos.

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11 Admire The Arch Rock

Here’s one of Fire State Park’s most gorgeous sandstone formations. The small arch sits on a large rounded rock, which is highly visible in a way that tourists can’t miss it. Climbing on the rock is prohibited as it weakens over time, so travelers are advised to marvel at its beauty from a distance to avoid hastening its demise. Someday, this rock will outgrow its support and collapse, so pack those bags and witness this natural wonder before it’s too late. It’s also an excellent site to take amazing pictures.

10 Hike On The White Domes Trail

There’s no better way to explore and witness the staggering rugged landscape of the Valley of Fire State Park than taking this scenic trail. The 1.25-mile path has a few rocky parts that aren’t that challenging to hack. Along the route are enormous domes packed with different-colored rocks that seem like a work of art. More fascinating geological features appear as tourists take the trail, including a narrow slot canyon that acts as a stunning backdrop for epic shots.

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9 Have A Picnic Under The Seven Sisters

Undoubtedly, the Valley of Fire State Park is jam-packed with mesmerizing rocks. But the seven sisters win the hearts of many holidayers with their exemplary beauty. They are a group of seven boulders, thus the name, and have an iconic appearance that makes the surrounding area an excellent spot for picnics. The place has an eerily sacred presence that gives adventurers a feeling of inner tranquility. More facts about the rocks can be read on the information panel.

8 Take Photos Of The Beehives

Once tourists get to this spot, they can’t help but marvel at what nature can create. No wonder it’s every avid photographer’s dream location. The giant beehives, which are fascinating sandstone formations, create a stunning representation of geologic cross-bedding. They were formed thousands of years ago and now serve as an intriguing point of interest in this park.

7 Climb The Atlatl Rock

The Atlatl Rock is famous for its petroglyphs, which are images of ancient tribes etched into the rock’s surface. Its shape is unique and has been compared to several animals, including a giraffe, lion, and desert tortoise. On one side are metal stairs that lead thrill-seekers to get up-close views of the petroglyphs. However, climbing the staircases isn’t the only way to spot the rock carvings. Adventurers can walk along the base of the stairs to see another front face packed with many petroglyphs.

6 Take The Rainbow Vista Trail

Here, tourists get alluring views of the Rainbow Vista, which is a landscape painted in yellow, pink, brown, and white. While it’s possible to hike any time of the year, temperatures during summer get pretty uncomfortable. As such, hikers should consider exploring the route in the early mornings to make the excursion painless. An evening walk would do, too, since the lighting favors photography enthusiasts.

5 Admire The Stunning Pink Canyon

Pink Canyon is one of the park’s hidden gems. It’s drop-dead gorgeous and is accessible once travelers take the 7 Wonders Loop Trail. For a more vibrant experience, adventurers should explore the area before sunset or in the early morning. It’s an intelligent way to escape the scorching sun, which also washes away the pastel shade of the rocks.

4 Check Out The Elephant Rock

On the east entrance of the park lies this stunning rock formation that resembles an elephant. With a bit of imagination, tourists can see the shape of a body, head, and legs. But what stands out the most is the orange trunk. While the trunk-like arch isn’t smooth as expected in an elephant, it has a column of chunky pieces that add beauty to the entire formation. The 0.3-mile hike to this spot is easy, even for beginners.

3 Spot The Bighorn Sheep

Majestic natural rock formations aren’t the only things to see in this park. The Desert Bighorn Sheep also roam freely, and tourists with a keen eye may be lucky to spot several. They are easy to distinguish from other wildlife as they have C-shaped horns. Even with mountains, rocks, and harsh climates dominating the park, these animals thrive effortlessly, something that makes them more admirable. Remember to keep a distance, as the sheep get defensive when provoked.

2 The Fire Wave

People witnessing the Fire Wave in the Valley of Fire State Park will be admiring one the park's most stunning spots. This attraction features red and white zebra print sandstone. It is best to visit this spot a few hours before sunset where there will be no crowds, and people will benefit from great photo opportunities. It's also recommended to head to the Fire Wave at the beginning of the day where there will likely be fewer crowds. However, one must note that during high temperatures, between June 1st and September 30th, there's a possibility of closing the Fire Wave.

  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Duration: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Length: 1.5 mile out-and-back

1 Seven Wonders Loop

People who want to witness some of the Valley of Fire's best scenery will achieve that in one hike; the Seven Wonder loop. This part of the park will allow one to hike the Fire Wave, check the Pink Canyon, and walk through unique pastel landscapes. Those willing to hike the Seven Wonders loop can use the parking lot of the Fire Wave. It's better to park in the lot locate on the west side as one drives on Mouse's Tank Road north. From here, one can hike clockwise to reach to the Fire Wave first, allowing them to admire surrounding vistas of orange, pink, and yellow colored rocks. After that, people will continue the hike to Pink Canyon to cross the road and go back to the parking, where they will see along the hike, an iconic landscape of yellow, coral, and pink sandstone.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Duration: 1 to 2 hours
  • Length: 1.8 miles