In 1816, Thunder Bay in Ontario was founded as a fur trading post before becoming the most-visited destination in Northern Ontario. Moreover, it is the province’s most important commercial and educational center. Thunder Bay is frequented by tourists who flock from Canada and the world to witness what this unique city offers. It is famous for its art galleries and museums, various hiking trail networks, and provincial parks.

Moreover, the city is home to wondrous marvels, including the Sibley Peninsula, a remarkable land formation. People also enjoy the historical side of this Ontario city. There are a handful of things to do, particularly countless outdoor adventures, at Thunder Bay that will give one an unforgettable experience when visiting this unique city in Ontario.


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This Is The First Thing That People Do When Visiting Thunder Bay

Since Thunder Day was established as a fur trading post in 1816, the Fort William Historical Park was opened in the city in 1973 to represent the origins of Thunder Bay and its significance as a transportation hub in history. The park features 42 reconstructed period buildings that people can explore.

Moreover, some guides teach visitors how to perform everyday tasks of the past, such as curing and processing furs, blacksmithing, carpentry, and canoe building. People also enjoy other exhibits at the Fort William Historical Park, including the reconstructed Ojibwa village and a farmstead. Lately, the park has added a 50,000-seat amphitheater for hosting events throughout the year.

  • Location: Fort William Historical Park, 1350 King Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  • Recommended: The park hosts year-round festivals and events. People can reach out to enquire about the park’s programs and services by calling (807) 473-2344 or emailing

Another major cultural attraction that is worth visiting in Thunder Bay is the city’s museum. Thunder Bay Museum was opened in 1972 and consists of three floors filled with marvelous exhibits and displays. People enjoy learning about the past of Thunder Bay, including when dinosaurs and the first human settlers occupied the region. Moreover, some exciting exhibits focus on the military roots of Thunder Bay and its musical heritage.

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This Is How Thunder Bay Turns Into A Winter Wonderland

A wonderful time to visit Thunder Bay is during the winter season. Heading to Thunder Bay’s Loch Lomond Ski Area is a must for everyone that enjoys outdoor activities. What’s interesting is that people of all ages can visit and enjoy the snow in that region. The area has three chairlifts that boarders and skiers can take to access beginner slopes or advanced runs that can reach up to 2.5 kilometers long. Moreover, people can enjoy fun snow tubing activities, and there are snowshoe trails and cross-country ski trails.

Additionally, Loch Lomond Ski Area is well-developed, and people can rent equipment and lockers when visiting. Another ski area worth visiting in Thunder Bay is Mount Baldy Ski Area. The latter is more suitable for families and beginners who want to learn snowboarding and skiing before trying more exciting and advanced experiences on more extensive slopes. Mount Baldy Ski Area is located to the north side of Thunder Bay. Moreover, rental equipment and lessons are also available there. Furthermore, people visiting Mount Baldy Ski Area can practice cross-country skiing and snow tubing.

  • Location: Loch Lomond Ski Area, 1800 Loch Lomond Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario. The area is located at a 15 minutes drive to the south of Thunder Bay.

Endless Outdoor Activities To Partake In When Visiting Thunder Bay During The Winter Season

Thunder Bay has become a mecca for the various breathtaking outdoor adventures during the winter season. For instance, the city is known as the Curling Capital of Canada, where it boasts several local clubs that offer curling opportunities and the yummiest Chinese food.

  • Recommended: It is advisable to visit the Port Arthur Curling Club and watch the Tbaytel Major League of Curling that plays from October to January every Wednesday night.

Another engaging outdoor activity that people enjoy in Thunder Bay in the winter is exploring the beautiful white area on a dogsled. This is an experience that one will never forget while enjoying the snow and the giant trees of Thunder Bay.

  • Recommended: Boreal Journeys Sled Dog Kennel offers various tours, including half-day, full-day, and overnight options. They also provide skills training.

People flock from Canada and the US to Thunder Bay to also practice fat biking. The significant spots for this sport include the Centennial Park and Shuniah Mines, and the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. Moreover, people can rent bikes for Rollin’ Thunder. Also, Thunder Bay is famous worldwide for being a hockey town, and people can visit the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame to learn more about the city’s hockey roots.

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