The Grand Canyon is unarguably the most popular attraction in Arizona and one of the most visited national parks in the United States. Every year, millions of people visit the national park to suck in the scenery and hike through the unique Canyon. But besides hiking, here are some more things to do at this national park for an unforgettable experience.

10 River Raft Colorado River

The Colorado River is unarguably the most crucial element in the unique formation of the Grand Canyon. The river flows through the entire 277 miles of the Grand Canyon, giving opportunities for exciting river rafting. The water rapids are pretty fun, and the hundreds of miles one has to cover on the ride is just another thing that makes the Grand Canyon river rafting experience unforgettable.

9 See The Surrounding Landscape From The SkyWalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk stands at a frightening height of 4,000 feet above the Canyon's floor, and the views of the unique canyons from this elevated viewpoint are stunning. The u-shaped glass bridge is a sight to behold and an impressive architectural design, to begin with, but it is the view that takes one's breath away. The Skywalk gets very crowded during the day, but one can beat the crowds by visiting earlier (Before 11 am) or late after (3 pm).

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8 Take Helicopter Tours

It might be expensive, but the experience is a unique one travelers have to have at least once. On the adventure, guests will have a bird's eye view of the Canyon, which no doubt beat the views that can be seen from the crowded overlooks. For this experience, there are many tours to choose from, and many of the tours usually last more than 30 minutes, with some including boat tours as well.

7 Visit The Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Village is a vibrant part of the national park located on the South Rim. Here travelers will be met with a rich Native American culture, many lodging options, restaurants, and many adventurous activities to ensure travelers have an unforgettable experience at the Grand Canyon.

6 Take A Dip In Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is beautiful and satisfying and is an excellent reward for the challenging trek required to get to its location at the Havasupai Indian Reservation. The waterfall is characterized by charming turquoise waters, a relaxing pool, and surrounding scenery. The fall, however, remains closed until mid-2022 due to health issues but hopefully will be opened soon.

5 Take A Train Ride On The Grand Canyon Railway

The railway at the Grand Canyon stretches for 65 miles from Williams, AZ, to the Grand Canyon Village at the South Rim. The old-timey and natural train ride presents stunning scenery, lots of old-school presentations within the train, and delicious food. Every minute of this train ride is exciting, from the epic cowboy shows before the train departure to getting robbed on the train by cowboys holding little shotguns, wearing tough boots and hats.

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4 Drive And Suck In The Scenery At Cape Royal

The scenic drive at Cape Royal offers visitors the chance to view the scenery of the Grand Canyon on wheels. Beginning from the North Rim, this scenic ride stretches through some of the most impressive sights in the Grand Canyon. Guests will enjoy the views of the Imperial point and Cape Royal while enjoying the flexibility of being able to park and suck in the scenery wherever and whenever they wish.

3 Skydiving Over The Grand Canyon

The clear skies and stunning scenery have made the Grand Canyon a place to enjoy a thrilling skydiving experience. While viewpoints and helicopter rides offer spectacular sights, skydiving over the Grand Canyon is both thrilling and impressive. Falling from more than 15,000 feet from the sky at a speed of up to 120 mph means the fall will last for about 60 seconds, but the experience will certainly never fade away. For those who have never skydived before, imagine what a great first-time experience it would be skydiving the Grand Canyon.

2 Camp In The Canyon

With the conducive weather and fantastic scenery, camping is fun in the Grand Canyon. The park has several campgrounds with enough spaces for tents and RVs. The most popular campgrounds are located on the South Rim, and it's easier to get there, although the North Rim also has a fantastic campground best suited for those who want to stay away from the crowd. Watch out for rattlesnakes, though, especially if you're tenting in lush areas.

1 Ride A Bike Through The Trails

The trails in the Grand Canyon are numerous and significant for a detailed exploration of the unique landscape. But travelers do not have to walk to enjoy the trails as they are also suited for some exciting biking. Bikers can choose from the single paved tracks or the rough and challenging terrains within the park. The flexibility of stopping, enjoying the views, and making it back in time is why biking is one of the must-do things in the Grand Canyon.

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