Inspired by the Italian tourist town of Lake Como, The Bellagio hotel is a magnificent luxury resort and casino that fascinates every vacationer. Its central location along the Las Vegas Strip sets it apart from other hotels in the city, making it easily accessible.

Being one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas, The Bellagio has 3933 rooms and hosts over 10,000 guests annually. The luxurious theme in and around the hotel guarantees visitors an imperial stay and apart from its majestic look, the resort offers visitors many activities to explore. Here are some of them.

10 Visit The Bellagio Conservatory

Mimicking the lush environment of Bellagio town, the hotel has a botanical garden that seasonally displays flora to tourists. This conservatory is free and opens 24 hours a day. Its dedicated personnel consists of 120 people, who ensure perfection in every detail, providing tourists with a fresh perspective on every visit.

The garden offers five rotating displays annually, depending on the season. Such a diverse collection helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of the conservatory to tourists. Adjacent to the garden is the Fiori Di Como, a magnificent piece of art that compliments the conservatory.

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9 Check The Dale Chihuly's Fiori Di Como

Sculpted by Dale Chihuly and made of 2000 flowers, this piece of art takes inspiration from Italian flowers during spring. Its peculiarity further makes it unique as it's entirely made of glass and lies on the ceiling of the hotel lobby. This masterpiece is easily accessible. It’s a great spot to check out for both adults and kids as it’s next to The Conservatory.

8 Enjoy The Bellagio Fountain Show

Housed by an artificial lake, the 1200 fountains execute a perfectly choreographed show with classical music and ambient lighting. The fountains perform every 30 minutes from 3-8 PM on weekdays, and the show starts at noon on the weekends.

The Bellagio fountains offer a breathtaking view as they span over 460 feet above the ground. The swaying back and forth provides a thrilling experience, while the perches around the water complex create good sitting areas.

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A previous home for works by Warhol and Picasso, the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art guarantees an excellent experience for art lovers. The art gallery displays items rotationally, ensuring visitors enjoy new art pieces with each visit. The gallery opens from 10 AM to 6 PM, and visitors pay entry charges to enjoy the extraordinary artwork on display.

6 Enjoy The Cirque Du Soleil's: "O"

Considered among the top shows along the Strip, the "O" combines an acrobatic and cinematic brilliance with a one-million-gallon, 17-foot-deep pool. Tourists get to experience amazing dives synchronized with swimming and stage movements. To achieve such feats, over 120 technicians work in tandem.

5 Try Out The High-End Buffet

The Bellagio boasts of one of the best buffets on the strip. An assortment of cuisine from Japanese to Italian awaits visitors. In addition, Live-action cooking stations offer an engaging experience for vacationers who love sampling dishes.

To top it off, dessert lovers enjoy pastries and explore ice cream stands. The Bellagio ensures that it provides an all-around high-quality food experience regardless of age or preference.

4 Visit The Pool

Inspired by the surroundings of Varenna and Bellagio towns, the pool complexes in the hotel offer a Mediterranean touch. These luxurious five pools have a deck covered in lush green foliage. Such a look maintains the classic theme employed in The Bellagio.

Themed courtyards divide the pool deck. The thematic approach accentuates the hotel while providing an aesthetic appeal to visitors. For adventurous swimmers, the hotel pools are open throughout the year, even during winter.

3 Explore The World's Largest Chocolate Foundation

Another magnificent artificial feature at The Bellagio is the world's largest chocolate fountain. Found at Jean Philippe Patisserie, this piece of artwork wows people of all ages as it streams out white and dark chocolate. The fountain rises to 27 feet, providing a fascinating experience.

The artistic piece sits around the corner from the conservatory, and the detailing from its two-year design makes it stand out. Its location also sets it as an ideal place for children to explore. The Jean Philippe Patisserie opens Monday through Thursday from 6 AM to 11 PM and Friday to Sunday from 6 AM to midnight.

2 Window Shopping

Home to high-end Italian fashion brands ranging from Gucci to Versace, The Bellagio's classic interior offers visitors a soothing window shopping experience. Furthermore, the Italian-inspired interior provides a pleasant appeal for visitors strolling across the hotel.

While window shopping, visitors get to explore the architectural magnificence that is The Bellagio. Enjoying the Eurocentric touch gets visitors closer to the hotel's inspiration.

1 Enjoy Gaming

Doubling as a casino, The Bellagio guarantees more than 2,000 gaming slots. Considered one of the most elegant casinos by gamers, the resort has 200 game tables. Its vast size makes it one of the largest gaming houses on the Strip. Guest will be spoiled for choice due to the myriad of games available. Furthermore, exclusive high-stakes poker rooms are available for daring players.