Texas Hill County is known for its jewel – the Canyon Lake. From a dip in the refreshing water of the lake to other recreational activities, this is a destination that offers it all. It is definitely perfect for a family trip or just a little “me” time. Yet there are some things that tourists should not miss when visiting Canyon Lake. No one wants to miss the fun, hence here’s a list of the things not to miss at this popular Texan destination.

9 Visit The Canyon Lake

Visiting the canyon lake is often on top of the bucket list. Lunch on a boat with a view of the waters is a typical scenario at the lake. Tourists can bring their own boat or rent out from the two popular rentals nearby. The lake is 8,000 acres wide and the size is perfect when touring around. If visiting for the first time, there are tours that can be booked ahead, and let them do the job of touring around.

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8 Trip To River Road

The river road is what completes the bucket list of tourists in Canyon Lake. It is a 15-mile long road that takes tourists to a scenic drive with a view of overlooking hills, river crossings, farmland, and more. No tourists should miss this popular road beloved by Texans in the Texas Hill Country.

7 Fishing Experience

Visiting large reservoirs and not fishing from them is such a big miss. Fishing from the lake is free and it only requires a fishing license. Bass is the dominant fish in Canyon Lake, hence, there is a huge chance of a successful fishing experience. It is important to check the temperatures before heading out to the lake because basses are visible during warm seasons. The Texas Park and Wildlife website is the perfect website to visit to learn more about the current condition of the lake and fishes.

6 Swimming At The Lake

The warm season in Texas can get steamy indeed whether one is local or a tourist. Hence, Canyon Lake has been the destination of all time. Anyone who visits will be mesmerized by its blue waters. After a nice lunch on a private boat, just choose the best spot and jump in to cool off. The lake is 38 meters deep, so any tourist would enjoy swimming in the waters without having to worry about disturbing the fish.

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Visit The Beaches

The Canyon Lake is not only popular for its lake, but also for the three nearby beaches if tourists prefer a sandy beach. Tourists can choose from Canyon Lake Beach, Canyons Swim Beach, and Comal Park Swim Beach, which are nearer compared to the other beaches in Canyon Lake. But, if tourists fancy a long ride, there are definitely more choices to choose from: Overlook Park, Jacob’s Creek Park, Potters Creek Park, and North Park.

Hiking trails are one of the most popular activities in Canyon Lake. The trails vary in length and difficulty and there are many of these to choose from. From easy to difficult, there are a variety of trails that can match the hikers hiking skills. The most popular is the Canyon Lake Gorge where hikers can hunt for fossils in the middle of the trail and enjoy a taste of Texan cuisines afterward. Some popular trails are Madrone Trail, Guadalupe River Trail, and James C. Curry Nature Center.

4 Explore Canyon Lake Gorge

Canyon Lake Gorge might be known for its hiking trails, but there’s more to it that tourists can enjoy. Aside from the fossil hunting experience during hikes, wildlife and dinosaur tracks can be searched in the area. It’s like Easter egg hunting, but with dinosaur fossils. There are definitely guided tours that tourists can book to learn more about the area. Enjoy a meal as well in popular diners nearby Canyon Lake Gorge like Dam Red Barn, My Little Oven Pizza, Taco Palenque New Braunfels, and Granny D’s.

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3 Camp-Out Or Glamping

Camping Lake and nearby areas are perfect for a little time out and just enjoying time with nature. There are several areas that tourists can explore for perfect camping sites like Canyon Park and North Park. Glamping or glamorous camping is always a good idea as well – a little twist to the typical camping, and Potter’s Creek Park and Rio Guadalupe Resort are the perfect areas for it.

2 Stop By At Local Wineries

Texas is known for its long history of local wine production. It has more than 400 wineries and 67 of them can be found in Canyon Lake. La Cruz de Comal Wines is one of the nearby wineries and is popularly known for its estate-grown grape wine. It is also a great option for tourists who are not into produce with added preservatives. Next on the list is the Dry Comal Creek Vineyards which boasts their 100% grape produce. They offer wine tastings and services for tourists and locals.

1 Experience Scuba Diving

Aside from a refreshing dip at the lake, scuba diving services are also offered which allow divers to check out some interesting views below. Wreckages of cars and boats can be found below the lake as well as the popular ghost town. This ghost town was once a town before the area became a reservoir. The town was intentionally submerged to create the now popular lake and this just makes an exciting scuba diving experience.

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