Visiting an all-inclusive resort is an attractive choice because of the carefree nature of the vacation. You can forgo the need to purchase any beverages and search for quality restaurants; all-inclusive resorts provide those. You won't have to pack things like a ping pong paddle or life jacket since you can borrow items required to enjoy sports and other activities.

As you might assume, resorts such as the Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa's Mexican and international menu is always a surprise, and its nightly entertainment is the icing on top. Whether it's Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall, which has a pillow menu; Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado, which has pool scuba diving; or Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus, which has several themed bars, there are too many options for magnificent all-inclusives.

The list below will not only inspire you to visit an all-inclusive but will enhance your experience. These tips of what to do and what not to do are a must-read for those planning to visit a resort, all-inclusive or not, soon. These are 15 things people should take full advantage of on an all-inclusive resort (and 10 to avoid).

24 Do: Eat All The Free Food You Can

Eat all the free food you can when you head to a resort. When visiting a foreign country, you'll be able to taste local cuisines which are 100% authentic. Plus, most resorts offer comfort foods like burgers and pizza, so pigging out is a must. It's an all-inclusive resort, which means that the food is already paid for. You can eat and eat, and you may as well keep going to get your dollars' value. Dine at a few since resorts often contain a few restaurants. Servers at all-inclusive resorts are friendly, and restaurants aren't usually that busy during the day.

23 Avoid: Drinking Unclean Water

Water pollution is a serious issue that affects people worldwide. In China, for example, 20% of groundwater is undrinkable due to the presence of carcinogenic chemicals. Even though you are visiting an all-inclusive resort, there is still a chance that the resort's water could be slightly contaminated. Purchasing bottled water is in most cases a better option while on vacation. According to, " Less than 1 percent of the earth’s freshwater is actually accessible to us." Most importantly, it would be best if you stayed hydrated during your stay. Consider purchasing a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter if bottled water isn't an option.

22 Do: Nightly Entertainment

Royal Solaris in Los Cabos of Mexico has pretty awesome nightly entertainment. Royal Solaris is an excellent resort choice because of its value. Swimming in the ocean by the beach is not recommended; however, the resort does have a water park, spa, and a grown-up-only pool.

One of the most attractive features of Royal Solaris Los Cabos is its nightly entertainment. You won't have to keep yourself entertained since the resort offers a Mexican night show, Latin Show, Love City Show, Moulin Rouge Show, Mimic Show, and Broadway Show. Shows that are part of all-inclusive resorts may or may not have audience inclusion.

21 Do: Use Spa Services

Nothing says relaxation like getting a mani-pedi at a resort spa. You don't know what to expect at a resort spa since each resort all-inclusive is entirely different. Spa services include but are not limited to, haircuts, massages, facials, body treatments, and a hydrating and firming body wrap. Using spa services is a must while on vacation. Revitalize your life and get the treatment you deserve.

It's worth noting that many resorts are resort spas, meaning that the spa of the resort is the main attraction. Lake Austin Spa Resort is an example of a widely recognized luxury spa. With pools, saunas, steam rooms, poolside cabanas, and whirlpools it's no wonder why it's top-rated in the United States.

20 Avoid: Exotic Foods

Be careful of what you eat while away on an all-inclusive vacation. Strange and exotic foods like grasshoppers, scorpion, deep-fried tarantula, and starfish are foods you might want to avoid. A peaceful all-inclusive resort could turn into a nightmare reminiscent of the television show Fear Factor.

It is okay to experiment with new foods since one of the reasons to go on vacations is to have new experiences. As reported by, countries who eat insects on a regular basis are the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and Brazil who eat crickets, fried silk moth pupae, honey-pot ant, and bite-sized morsels respectively.

19 Avoid: Too Much Sun

If you do plan to catch some sun, be sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect from its harmful rays. According to, "More than 90 percent of skin cancers are caused by sun exposure." The sun can damage your eyes and skin, which is why it's okay to find a spot with shade outside or indoors.

Depending on the resort you visit, the sun might be problematic to avoid. Avoid too much sun, and everything will be okay. Ross didn't follow instructions in the tanning salon, but you also could end up looking like Ross if you don't plan accordingly for the weather while on vacation. We can't forget when Ross said, "Wait a minute, there's two sets of nozzles. Which one is it? Wh-whi-which-which one is it?"

18 Do: Enjoy The Hotel Room

With many people, it is out the door as soon as the morning comes. While staying at an all-inclusive resort, don't forget that you paid for the hotel and can get as much out of it as you want. It is likely that your hotel room has a television that may or may not have Netflix. All-inclusive resorts provide grand packages that are often rated three stars or higher, so the bedroom that you receive will likely be stunning.

Take a photo to add to a vacation collage. The hotel is but one of the sites you'll see on vacation but could be the one you cherish the most. Also, don't be afraid to leave the bedsheets a mess; cleaning hotel rooms is what hotel staff are paid to do!

17 Do: The Gym

The gym at your all-inclusive resort is most likely free of charge and a place you should check out. Free gym admissions could include free towels, steam room, shower, and the usage of special equipment. There could also be gym classes available as part of your all-inclusive package. Kickstarting a new gym routine could help you in the long run. A workout may be what you need to get a boost of energy. You're probably going to be at the resort for a while, so you'll want to check out as much of the resort and its facilities as possible.

16 Do: Order Room Service

It's a convenience to have snacks, meals or drinks delivered to your hotel room at any given time. Room service could include a limited menu, but to receive free delivery of any food to a hotel room is sublime. An all-inclusive resort is a quintessential experience for a carefree vacation. From the day you arrive to the day you leave, you are pampered by resort staff who will do almost anything to make your trip perfect. Room service is without a doubt something to take advantage of for those who want to remain indoors and luxuriate in in-room dining.

15 Do: Use The Resort's Wi-Fi

In this modern day and age, just about everyone is plugged into the internet. Usually, all-inclusive resorts provide wifi free of charge to its guests. Plus, even if you don't have a laptop, many resorts have computers available for public use. It's advisable to read more on the resort you're staying at or surf the net during your free time. Depending on your job, you may be able to catch up on work or check emails while away on vacation. Please don't overdo it though; it's not often that you get to enjoy an all-inclusive resort that is unique from every other.

14 Do: Try Something You Wouldn't Usually

You're on vacation having the time of your life. Try something new and expand your horizons. There's a new adventure waiting at every corner when visiting a vacation resort. Sonora Resort Canada is an exceptional resort that offers adventures fit for any occasion. Try something new such as a grizzly bear tour, guided salmon fishing at secluded rivers, or a helicopter glacier tour by visiting Sonora Resort Canada. Doing the bare minimum at a resort will also leave you satisfied, but if you're staying for a week or more, you have to try at least one new thing.

13 Do: Plan A Picnic

Take a trip to the beach and have a fair-weather picnic that you won't quickly forget. A picnic on the beach is not part of an all-inclusive resort, but it's okay not to limit yourself to resort activities while in a resort. Planning a picnic doesn't have to be that difficult. Maybe the resort will lend you a chair, umbrella, and the food needed to have a daylong picnic. If not, you can go into town to find a grocery store or deli. Something as plain as having a joyous picnic could end up being the thing you remember most about the vacation.

12 Do: Enjoy Some Activities

A significant number of resorts offer free activities with all-inclusive packages. Archery is one of the activities that can be done at various resorts such as the Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa in Punta Mita, Mexico. At Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa, there's a strong chance you'll find some cool kiosks that offer temporary tattoos and ones for creating a unique miniature statuette.

Most people are used to seeing shows and doing the usual, but if you picked a destination with pleasant weather, going outside and enjoying one of the resort's activities is an easy way to fill a few hours or an entire day. Make a competition out of an activity; you can also make some friends.

11 Do: Swim In A Resort Pool

Swimming provides health benefits such as muscle growth, building endurance, helping to maintain a healthy weight, keeping the heart rate up, alleviating stress, and improving cardio. Taking a dip in a pool during a resort stay is practically essential. Fascinatingly, the Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa, Mexico has a swim-up bar.

Even if you're not a strong swimmer, an all-inclusive resort will have life jackets—and guess what? Lifejackets are included as part of the vacation package, free of charge. Bask in the sunlight while laying in the pool. Just be sure to wear water-resistant sunscreen if it's sunny out.

10 Do: Find An Activity By The Ocean

Complimentary scuba diving could be an activity waiting for you at your next all-inclusive resort visit. If you have had plans to visit an ocean and the gear is broken because of water pollution, we feel sorry for you. Many destinations are situated near beaches, even if swimming in the ocean is prohibited. Hopefully, this is not the case at your next resort, which means that you can partake in activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, jet skiing, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, and fishing. Indeed, you'll want to check out the ocean and try an activity, even if you have to pay a rental fee.

9 Do: Sit In A Hot Tub

Whether it is inside a spa or by the pool, sitting in a hot tub is something to do while vacationing in an all-inclusive resort. Those who are pregnant or have been drinking too much alcohol should avoid hot tubs. Also, those who have been sitting in hot tubs for an extended period should exit immediately.

As long as you make use of a hot tub appropriately, it is something to check out at a resort. Many have been in a hot tub, but did you know that hot tubs have health benefits? According to, hot tubs can lower blood pressure, improve your heart health, relieve stress, and allow you to get better sleep.

8 Do: Search The Beach For Seashells

A short adventure down by the beach doesn't have to be boring. Sometimes while on vacation, it is a wise idea to find activities. Be creative and don't be afraid to try something as simplistic as searching for shells on the beach—who knows what you will see? Perhaps, you will learn about crustaceans that are native to the region and could find souvenirs to bring home. Take a break from the usual daily activities of a resort by heading to the beach to search for seashells. Don't bash searching for seashells until you can try it; it can be very fulfilling.

7 Do: Try A New Wine

Many all-inclusive resorts include all types of beverages as part of their offerings. Once you've been to a few resorts, you might notice that the free wine that resorts offer is not good quality. Resorts seem to offer cheaper wines that are just barely drinkable. It's up to you to purchase wine and try something that is more exceptional than the basic wine at resorts. Still, in some cases, the free wine at resort tastes decent and is worth a taste. Regardless of which wine you indulge in, it's worth trying an aromatic wine for the experience.

6 Avoid: Getting Too Rowdy

It's okay to be outgoing and be the life of the party at a resort, but try to avoid getting too rowdy and out of control. You might be in another country, so any accidents that occur could have serious consequences. Guests who get too rough at a resort could be removed. In situations, people get too rowdy without realizing it, upset other guests, and are informed by staff that they must leave the resort. In a rare case like this, you would most likely have to book another hotel and wait for a return flight. People getting so rowdy that they are removed from a resort doesn't happen that often, but it's not unheard of.

5 Avoid: Partying Too Hard

Avoid taking the party to the next level as it is not worth the hassle. Can one party too hard? Partying in an all-inclusive resort is like partying elsewhere; you might drink too much, and there's a slight possibility for something to go wrong.

Chances are, dancing in a resort nightclub for a couple hours isn't going to matter. Partying too hard by over drinking and maybe getting into a fight will have bad effects. Avoid the wrong crowd and stay with friends. It's advisable to keep partying to a minimum or to not party at all. Have a romantic dinner and see a night show instead.