06America and Canada may be neighbors, but surely, they differ in ways that you wouldn't expect! With different holidays, fashion style, food, and money, America sure has found its ways to truly stand out. America is quite a big country, so there are definitely a lot of things that happen there that really have their neighbors to the north scratching their heads in confusion a lot of the time.

If you live in the true North strong and free, then you have probably found yourself talking about events that transpire in America, more than what occurs even in your own country. Snooping in on your neighbors is quite a common act, especially when it comes down to these two countries! Now, by no means is Canada perfect, and they certainly have some quirky things going on up there too, but here are 25 things that only happen in America that Canada does not understand!

25 Deep Fried Everything

Fried food is huge worldwide! In fact, according to Statista, deep fryer sales worldwide amounted to $435,198,848.00, much of which was consumed in the United States. From deep-fried chicken, pickles or Oreos, the U.S. has found ways to deep fry just about anything, and although they appear to be quite delicious, they've got some concerns up there in Canada. America has even gone as far as deep frying butter and serving it at an Iowa State Fair for the first time in 2011, says the DailyMail, and countless other locations across the nation then on after. Is there anything that can't be deep fried?

24 Walmart - what even is this place?

Walmart! There is no doubt that you have found yourself in a Walmart at some point in your life, no matter where you're from, however, Walmart is a little different up North than throughout the U.S.. In Canada they definitely do not have as many stores as the U.S. does, says Huffington Post, and we sure don't have as many videos that go viral during events like Black Friday. If you have ever seen a Walmart Black Friday video before, then you know just how crazy things can get. Not only does Walmart in the U.S. sell just about anything, which we'll admit we're slightly jealous of, but they receive millions of customers each and every day, they don't have videos titled 'People of Walmart' on YouTube for nothing!

23 Cheerleaders

Cheerleading is massive in the United States! Pop culture has always glorified Cheerleaders, especially in countless classic films such as 'Bring It On', and 'Fired Up', we never understood the hype behind the sport! Do cheerleaders really always wear their uniforms? Are they as peppy as they appear? Canada definitely has cheerleaders for a few of their sports teams, however, it is not nearly on the same level as seen in the U.S., and they don't quite understand why. According to Active Network, there are nearly 4 million cheerleaders across the United States, many of which make up major university teams across the country!

22 Huge Serving Portions

Now we are all here for good size portions, especially if you're hungry, however, America has taken hungry to a whole other level. USA Today has declared the United States as the country with some of the biggest serving sizes worldwide. From hamburgers titled 'The Heart Attack', or restaurants that offer massive portions for customers to finish in a set time in order to get your meal for free, have become quite the trend throughout the States. According to Mental Floss, portions big enough to feed a family of five can go for as little as $10 in certain restaurants across the country, we get saving the money, but the sizes are really making Canadians go from 'eh!' to 'huh?'

21 Tailgating

America loves their sporting events, and we don't blame them! NFL is amazing, and they do have some of the best hockey teams out there, even if most of their players are from Canada. Although Canada gets the hype about sports, one thing that they're a little confused about is, tailgating. Tailgating in Canada is driving too close to someone else on the road, however, in America, it's more of a social event where people gather outside sports stadiums during the match to tune into the game, all while BBQing and socializing, says BBC.co.uk. The idea of tailgating sounds delightful, however, you'd never find anyone making a barbecue outside a hockey rink in Canada, that's for sure!

20 Over-The-Top Patriotism

One thing Canada commends the United States for is their patriotism. America sure does love, well, America! With flags on display across the country, the term 'proud to be American' sure does become self-explanatory once you've visited the country before. By no means do Canadians not show support for Canada, they love their country as much as anyone else does, but by no means will anyone ever see them painting their homes red and white, with maple leaves everywhere, just sayin'!

19 Bathroom Stall Gaps

Now, this is something we're sure we can all agree on! Why don't they make bathroom stalls more private? If you have ever had the amazing opportunity to use a public washroom in the U.S., you must have come across the lack of privacy in the bathroom stalls. Most bathroom stalls have inches of space between the door, allowing anyone to peak in to see what you're up to! The problem has gotten so bad that LAX Airport has even gone as far as installing "tooshlights", which indicate stalls that are available while displaying those that are not with a red or green light, says PointMeToThePlane. Not only does this eliminate any awkward interactions, but allows you to do as you please, in peace!

18 Banned Kinder Surprise

We could not leave this off the list! Kinder Surprise has been a staple item in many children's lives, and some adults too. The milk chocolate egg with a hidden toy inside is one that many of us have fond memories of, however, something we don't quite understand is why these delicious treats are completely banned in the U.S.! According to the Independent, Kinder has been banned in the U.S. due to the possible choking hazard brought on by the small parts being included within the chocolate. Although this appears to be a valid reason, we seem to be doing just fine up here!

17 Frats & Sororities

Frats and Sororities are definitely something we have a difficult time to grasp! If you have seen any college-themed film then you have been exposed to fraternities and sororities, and all that comes with them. According to CNN, college (or university, as referred to by those living in Canada) students pledge a frat or sorority, which is a house in 'Greek life' that promotes and builds ideals of brotherhood, or sisterhood, that one belongs to throughout their duration at school. Although this sounds quite nice, many frats and sororities have become under fire in years past for taking pledging to extreme lengths, which isn't something they really experience in Canada!

16 Endless Accents - What are y'all saying?

One thing that they don't quite understand when it comes to the United States, is the endless slew of accents! Now we admit, Canada does have a pretty fun accent, with a lot of 'eh', and 'oots', however, they're pretty consistent nationwide, as for the U.S., y'all got a plethora of accents. According to Business Insider, the United States has nearly 12 notable accents, from New Yorker, Jersey, Texan, Californian, Boston, and so on, America sure does have it all! Although this makes the country interesting, it can be quite difficult to keep up with!

15 Thanksgiving

Ah, yes U.S. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving in Canada takes place the first week of October, whereas the U.S. Thanksgiving is celebrated towards the end of November. Not only does that give you only a month break from seeing your entire family a second time at Christmas, but we've always been confused with just how big U.S. Thanksgiving truly is. Although Canadians love their turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, the U.S. has an entire parade surrounding the holiday, from floats, giant inflatables, and a huge turnout each and every year, we want to know if we're missing out, or if y'all are just being a little too extra.

14 Spray Cheese

Oh, America! If there is one thing that Canadians will never be able to wrap their heads around it is spray cheese! Not only does it come in US-s cheese, but Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, and Cheddar & Bacon, which we can only wonder, why? Not only is this cheese questionable, considering it comes in a spray can, but according to Wired, Easy Cheese has twice the sodium of typical organic cheddar cheese, which can't be good for you. Canada may be salty about this spray cheese, but it appears the spray cheese wins in saltiness! Although it does seem like it'd be fun to try once, admittedly.

13 Excessive Sugar & Salt

Sugar and salt! Canadians love some sugar and spice and everything nice, don't get us wrong, but they've noticed that America loves their sugar and salt too! With entire convenient stores filled with aisles upon aisles of crisps, sugary snacks, slush machines and soda galore, a.k.a 7/11, they definitely have some questions. It appears there is an abundance of sugary and salty snacks available at all times, which although sounds delicious, can't be all that healthy. But who are we to talk? We technically put maple syrup on just about everything!

12 No Green Bins

With the environment in a crucial state at the moment, it is important we do everything we can to help it refrain from getting any worse. With recycling being widely practiced across the globe, composting, however, isn't. Canada has had their "green bins" for some time now, however, the U.S. has been lacking that lucky green bin! According to the Washington Post, the United States is somewhat behind on biodegradable collections, however, it is gaining traction, luckily! With over millions of tons of food wasted each year, we hope to see more green bins around the U.S. soon!

11 Complaining About Winter Weather

Now listen here, if there is anyone that should be complaining about winter, it's those up  in freezing cold Canada! We understand many states across the U.S. get some pretty serious winter weather, however, we'll never understand a Californian complaining about it being "chilly", as seen countless times on Twitter. We will not have any of that! With - 20 degree Celsius weather, feet upon feet of snow, and leaving the house with enough layers to clothe an entire family, any cold weather remarks should be reserved for your northern neighbors, thank you!

10 Age Requirements

The legal age across Canada is 18 and 19 depending on the province, however, the United States has remained at 21 for countless activities that we think are a little silly to be waiting for 21 to partake in. The nearly 3-year gap between having fun in Canada and having fun in the U.S. really makes us wonder just what's going on! Believe it or not, Metro.co has established the United States as one of the top countries with the highest legal age requirement in the world, those in Canada must just be happy to be able to have a little something-something to keep them warm during those true cold winter months, without having to wait until 21!

9 Dull Looking Money

Most countries display the faces of past politicians or important public figures on their currency, however, the United States has managed to do that in quite a dull way. Canada not only incorporates color into their bills but rumor has it that if you scratch the maple leaf on Canadian money, you can get a hint of maple syrup, says the National Post! With famous faces such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln on U.S. bills, we can only question why our money comes in an almost sepia tone that really has no pizazz!

8 Socks & Sandals

Nope, nope, nope! One thing Canadians will never be able to wrap their heads around is socks and sandals. If only these suburban dads across the U.S. would know just how big a fashion faux-pas this truly is! Albeit half the time in Canada it is far too cold to even think about wearing sandals, however, for those of us in the U.S., please spread the word and stop this epidemic, also known as wearing socks and sandals, from getting any worse, we beg of you! The Sun has declared this style as a major "no-no", so, if you ever feel inclined to toss on a pair of sandals after putting on those socks, don't do it!

7 Refusal Of The Metric System

This one is not only difficult to understand but frustrating too! Believe it or not, but the USA is the only industrialized country in the world that does not use the metric system as their primary source of measurement, says TIME. If you've ever traveled from Canada to the U.S., you know how difficult it can be to try and convert temperature, speed limits and gas prices in your head upon arrival. Not only does the use of math make us frustrated, to begin with, but the U.S. being the ONLY country to refuse the metric system is one tough pill to swallow!

6 Kraft Dinner Vs. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

The never-ending debate over what this delicious dish is called! Macaroni and cheese is a staple dish in any household, whether you are from Canada or America, and although making it from scratch tastes delicious, nothing can beat the taste you get from making it from the box! In Canada, they refer to their mac n' cheese as 'KD' (Kraft Dinner), however, in the United States, it is simply, 'Kraft Macaroni & Cheese'! We get that we are two different countries, but we'll never understand the difference in names, and we're sure our friends from the North are just as confused when they hear us talk about 'KD'!