22 Things That Have Made It Onto The Plane (That Security Didn't Catch)

Plane travel can be pretty stressful, and it stops us thinking straight sometimes, so we reckon that can be the only reason for the way that some people act when they're travelling by train. Not only do people get far too rowdy, but they also end up completely ignoring many of the rules put in place to keep everyone safe and happy. For example, we don't think that a lot of people would be happy to find out what some people have attempted to take on a plane.

What we've done is pull together a list of ridiculous things that people have tried to take on a plane. Honestly, we have no idea what they were thinking. We can only imagine that these people were so swept up in the fact that they'd have to be on a flight soon that the rules never occurred to them!

So, it's about time that people started taking a look at the sorts of things that some people try to take on a place. We know that a lot of people out there will never be able to guess what sort of stuff people have tried to get on a plane. Do you want to see? Let's get going then!

22 A Stowaway Chihuahua

via livebrewfully.com

This story concerns a poor young dog that ended up climbing into some luggage, rather than a passenger that was attempting to sneak their dog onto an aircraft.

Yes, the poor dog clearly didn't want to be apart from its owner as it decided to climb into their luggage while they weren't looking. 

It wasn't long before the dog was found by security, who were able to reunite the animal with its owner long before it ended up on the plane, which is good news for everyone involved!

21 Snakes

via nola.com

There is a reason that a lot of countries don't want animals to be brought on planes, usually because the country the plane is travelling to has strict rules on what can and cannot be brought in.

Whether or not this passenger just wanted to recreate their favorite Samuel L Jackson movie or they really didn't want to say goodbye to their beloved pet we'll never know. All we do know is that someone genuinely attempted to smuggle snakes on a plane in pantyhose, and many other ways.

20 A Chainsaw

via timesunion.com

Look, we don't care what someone's job is or why they may need a chainsaw once they land where they're going, there is no example in which it's acceptable to take a gas powered chainsaw onto a plane.

Can't lumberjacks ensure that someone on the other end has a chainsaw for them to pick up?

It's pretty important that something like this isn't at somebody's hands when they're on a plane. If people don't understand why that is, we don't think that they should ever be allowed to be on a plane anyway!

19 A Can Of Bear Spray

via travelandleisure.com

It's important that when us human beings go out into the nature we've worked years to get ourselves out of, that we go in well prepared for what could be waiting for us there. One of the many beasts that is waiting for human beings foolish enough to travel into their home is the bear, which is why people have come up with bear spray that people can buy and take with them if they're worried they might be attacked.

However, that doesn't mean these pressurised canisters are allowed on a plane, where people are pretty unlikely to find a bear...

18 A Turkey

via audubon.org

We're at the point where people are able to take on therapy animals so that they can get through an unpleasant plane journey, which we actually think is a great thing. However, it does mean we end up with some funny photographs like this.

Yes, this turkey was actually taken on a plane to calm down the passenger it was connected with.

We bet people were expecting us to tell a story about a frozen turkey, but no, it got a lot weirder than that people!

17 A Replica Bat From TWD

via twitter.com

Anybody who has seen TWD knows about Lucille, the bat that one of the main villains carries around with him to brutally take out anybody that crosses him.

It is a pretty vile bat, with barbed wire wrapped around the top to really take out his enemies in the most unpleasant way possible.

For some reason, somebody decided to make a replica version of the bat in real life, before thinking it would be a good idea to take it on a plane with him!

16 An Ice Pick Concealed Within A Cane

via: nypost.com

We're not saying that this passenger was planning anything serious with this sort of thing, but there's something about a concealed ice pick that doesn't scream trustworthy to be honest.

We know that an ice pick isn't always used in a bad way, but we would argue that if it's being concealed within a cane, it's probably not going to be used while ascending some steep, icy wall. How would they even get up there if they need a cane in the first place?!

15 A Set Of Road Flares

via: autoevolution.com

Okay, we're getting pretty basic now, and we're surprised that anybody thought they would be able to take any form of ignition onto a plane with them, let along a set of three road flares!

It really doesn't take that long to look up what people are and are not allowed to take on a plane with them.

We suppose it must be true that some people just lack in common sense, otherwise we wouldn't live in a world where people thought these would be an acceptable thing to bring on a plane.

14 Two Knives Within A Shoe

via instructables.com

Many people have attempted to get things onto a plane within their shoe, including explosive devices in fact, so it's no surprise that somebody has tried with a small knife like this as well.

For people who are wondering what this looked like, how somebody would fit an entire knife into a shoe, this was actually two smaller knives.

We don't know why this person would need both of the knives to take someone down. Surely getting one onto the plane would be enough?!

13 Two Tanks Of Propane

via kdvr.com

Do we really have to go into why it's not okay two take two tanks of propane onto a flight? Seriously?

All it takes is for something to spark one of these things off and that flight is going down, no chance of survival.

What we're trying to say is, that if somebody wants to take some sort of ignition onto a plane then we probably think that they should be going behind bars. What else could they possibly what it there for?

12 A Jawbone Tomahawk

via: worthpoint.com

Okay, even we have to admit that this thing looks pretty cool, but that doesn't mean we think it should be allowed on a plane, whether inside the baggage or not!

This must have been some sort of souvenir or family heirloom, surely? Nobody even uses tomahawks anymore, so we can only believe that this thing is decorative.

Still, if it can be used to take down a fellow passenger, we can see why the TSA would take it off of someone before they boarded!

11 A Stun Cane

via tsa.gov

Unlike the ice pick, the person using this cane wasn't even attempting to hide the fact that it could be used as a way of taking someone down when they attempted to board a plane with it.

Yes, this cane genuinely functions as a stunner, something that can take somebody down with a lot of voltage, so it's no wonder that it was stopped from ever getting onto the plane.

If we saw somebody with this boarding our plane we would be making a quick exit before the passenger could use it on someone!

10 An Anti-Tank Projectile

via tsa.gov

We know that the guards are having to deal with a lot of cutbacks at this point, but do they really have to have their gear taken about in standard passenger planes?

Obviously, we're kidding, but we do wish we could hear the explanation the passenger gave for having an anti-tank projectile in their baggage.

We suppose there's a chance that this thing was some sort of family heirloom or a souvenir, but we highly doubt that for some reason...

9 A Sickle

via: thewire.in

We're not sure why anyone would want to take a sickle with them onto a plane, but someone tried it. It's amazing to think that someone would think they could get away with this!

We live in a time where people have to be careful with what sort of liquids they bring onto a place, so why would they be allowed to take a sickle on?

Clearly, this passenger had some farm work they needed to do as soon as they landed, so it was important to have the sickle nearby.

8 Firecrackers

via tsa.gov

Planes are the sort of place that people have to be very careful about, as the cabin is kept at an important level of pressure to ensure that things are kept safe. That's why things like fire can be a real issue.

Why then, would somebody attempt to bring something like firecrackers onto a plane?

Not only can they not be used on a plane due to a lack of fire, if they were somehow ignited, they could and likely would cause some serious problems.

7 A Lipstick Stunner

via: wikipedia.org

The US has worked for a long time at this point to make it possible for people to carry a stunner in various ways, and apparently that includes within a tube of lipstick.

Someone attempted to sneak on board a plane with a tube of lipstick that was actually concealing a small stunner that could be fired at whoever opposed them.

Whether or not they were planning on doing anything serious or whether they just assumed they could get away with smuggling it, we'll probably never know...

6 A Credit Card Knife

via sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com

There are a lot of other things that people have tried to conceal, allowing people to carry them without having to worry that they'll be caught with something they shouldn't have.

Someone was discovered attempting to get on a plane with a credit card that had a hidden knife.

By pushing at one of the areas of the fake credit card, a knife would be brought out. This would've allowed the passenger the option to threaten or even attack the other people on board their plane. It's not known if an attack was planned or that it was simply stupidity.

5 vitality enhancers

via papertraildiary.com

To a lot of us, the thought of taking flesh pills for vitality seems twisted, but there are people in this world that would try anything if they thought it would sort out their problem.

This is why a bag of pills containing human flesh was confiscated in South Korea before the passenger could get on a plane to China.

Not only is it pretty suspect as to where this flesh came from, but it can actually be very dangerous for people to take these pills as they're often filled with bacteria.

4 Live Eels

via surfcastor's journal

Yes, somebody genuinely tried to smuggle a bag of eels through security and onto a plane. We think that they may have been pets of the passenger, but there's another more sinister reason.

There's a chance that this passenger wanted to smuggle these eels onto the plane so that they could sell them to someone on the other side.

This sort of flying poaching isn't something we like to think about because it's pretty sad to be honest. Who wants to think about that sort of thing?

3 Skull Fragments

via gizmodo.com

When somebody attempted to take a pot on a plane that they'd purchased while on holiday, they were surprised when they were stopped by security. They had no idea that there was something within the pot that needed to be looked at.

After it was tested, they found out that the material within the pot was actually skull fragments.

Nobody should be surprised when we tell them that these tourists were not allowed to keep the pot.

2 Substance Stuffed Meat

via: esquire.com

People have tried all sorts of things in the hope of getting illicit substances across borders, so we can imagine that some security staff have seen some truly bizarre throughout their time on the job.

In an attempt to get a certain powder onto a plane and into another country, someone took it upon themselves to stuff the bags of powder into some meat.

The hope was that this would keep it undetected and that there would be no problems, but of course, this isn't what happened at all.

1 Human Eyeballs

via ericalynncarnes.wordpress.com

We don't know if this was some sort of experiment gone wrong or something, but believe it or not, a couple of security officials had to stop a passenger as they found a jar in their luggage.

However, this jar contained ten eyeballs, which is unlike any other jar that has been seen on a plane before we reckon...

What were they there for? Who did they come from? Will we ever find out the answer to these things? We need to know!

Sources: TheDailyMeal; NetworkWorld


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