There are a lot of careers that look amazing to those on the outside, and it looks like one of those careers is being a pilot. It seems that at one point, everyone dreams about what it would be like to fly an airplane since that always looks like it is an incredible experience for one to have.

However, this kind of work is not always the most pleasant type of work to do. According to quora.comsome of the less attractive parts of being a pilot include worrying about being laid off, and it can put a strain on a persons' family life. Being a pilot is not an easy job at all. Here are some things pilots love and hate about their jobs.

10 There Are Certain Airports That They Can't Stand To Fly To

Sometimes, pilots do not have any issues flying into the airports that they are supposed to land an airplane at. But that is not always the case, unfortunately. According to theactivetimes.comthere are quite a few airports that they really dislike landing at, one of which is Bert Mooney Airport.

Pilots aren't the only ones who receive cool benefits from their jobs. According to, their families benefit from their work as well. Pilots get to fly for free, and it seems as though some of their family members can do that as well, which must be a great benefit.

8 They Get Paid Pretty Well

One of the best reasons to become an airline pilot doesn't actually have anything to do with travel at all. According to, they actually get paid pretty well. But that should not come as a huge surprise. People in this line of work have a lot of big responsibilities.

7 A Lot Of People Think Of Pilots As Heroes, And For Good Reason

According to, there are people who look up to those who are able to fly airplanes. They're often thought of as heroes, and there is a good reason for that. Those who are in that line of work have to know how to safely get others to their desired locations.

6 Pilots Don't Always Have To Sit With People They Don't Like

Nobody likes working with terrible coworkers, and that's where another awesome perk to being a pilot comes in. According to, they have control over who they have to spend time with when they're working. They just have to inform others about who they don't want to sit next to.

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5 Flight Delays Are Very Unpleasant For Them

There are not many people out there who like a flight to get delayed. But according to, this actually affects pilots a lot more than people realize. If a flight is delayed, that means that they have less time to relax when that flight is over. Pilots need rest.

4 Pilots Don't Get To See Every Place They Go

Being able to travel around the world as pilots do sounds amazing, but it is not as awesome as everyone thinks it is. According to, this is the case because they are very busy people. Pilots don't have much time to go exploring new places, which is really unfortunate.

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3 They Miss A Lot Of Time With Their Loved Ones

Those who are related to pilots might get free flights, but that is probably the only benefit they have. According to, pilots actually miss a lot of important days that they would normally be spending with their families. They might not be with them for Christmas or someone's birthday.

2 People Who Fly Airplanes For A Living Always Have To Be Careful, Even When They Aren't Working

Being a pilot involves an extreme amount of self-control. According to, there are things other people enjoy doing that they might have to skip out on, or at least schedule them for a time when they won't be working within the following few hours. They have to be strict.

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1 Some Pilots Do Not Like Rich People

According to, there are some people that pilots just are not the biggest fans of. They are rich people, and pilots have a good reason not to love being around them when they are on the clock. Some rich people are demanding, and pilots do not love that behavior.

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