For many people, traveling by train isn't their first choice. For the average person, if they could hop on a flight and head to a new city, they would, but traveling by train isn't actually as difficult as sounds. In fact, it can sometimes be extremely luxurious, and only travelers who sit in the first-class seats will know exactly how.

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From high-class dining to even full-sized beds, first-class train travel might break your wallet, but it just might also bring you some of the best views and traveling experiences you'll get to have before your trip even starts! Read on to find out about these 10 things that people who travel on first-class trains think make it absolutely worth it.

10 Say Goodbye to waiting in lines

Ask any train traveler at the station their least favorite part of traveling and nine times out 10, they're bound to say, "Waiting in lines." With first-class train tickets, you'll be able to cut your line wait time by nearly half, and sometimes if you're really lucky, no waiting at all. Many first-class train ticket holders experience an easy time at the train station because they don't have to wait in line.

Train stations designate separate lines for first-class ticket holders and separate them from regular train ticket-holders which is why you'll never experience a line wait time more than the regular wait time in first class. Any opportunity you can grab to get to your destination faster is one worth taking.

9 You'll have your own space

One of the best things about traveling first class is the spaciousness that you'll get. In a regular seat, you might feel cramped or confined to your single chair and table, but in first-class, you won't have to worry about that. On many trains in different countries, your first-class ticket will allow you the leg space of at least two chairs, a table, charging outlets, and wifi. What else do you need?

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If you're a person who values your personal space, traveling first class just might be the perfect thing for you.

8 Don't be afraid to order the champagne

You paid for the ticket, right? That means you've paid for the drinks and food too. Don't be shy to ask about it! On most trains, first-class serves alcohol after serving lunch on every weekday except bank holidays. Alcohol is usually not served over the weekends as many families usually travel on trains as well, but you don't have to let it stop you from enjoying the ride.

A glass of cold wine or a sparkling champagne pairs great with the passing view of the countryside or the zooming sights of the city you'll see while looking out the window from your seat.

7 You'll have a peaceful journey (if you want that)

For many first-class travelers, they would rather spend the extra money to sit in a cabin separated from the rest of the train because they truly value their alone time while traveling. With your own space in first-class, you'll be able to kick back with a book, take a quick nap, or listen to your favorite music while enjoying the journey all on your own.

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Being separated from the majority of travelers can sometimes bring peace of mind, especially if you're next destination is a major city. Many people want some quiet time to decompress before getting off and traveling by foot again. First-class is the perfect place to do it.

6 You're about to have the greatest travel sleep ever

Are you a sleeping traveler? Are you the kind of person who falls asleep on subways, on car rides, or on buses? Do you wake up energized and ready to explore a new place? First-class train travel could be the perfect fit for you. With cushioned seats, headrests, armrests, and many times, pillows and blankets provided for free, you're about to have the best travel sleep of your life.

Those who travel a lot know that any amount of sleep is valuable. If you're someone on the go and likes to recharge while heading from place to place, consider investing in a first-class train seat for ultimate comfort.

5 You'll have room to mingle

Many times on a train, every seat is usually occupied, especially during the weekends. If you're in first-class, however, many trains make extra room available just so you'll have the space to get up and move around freely if you want to.

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Thinking of traveling with a group or with a few friends? You can make every part of your trip enjoyable by traveling by train in first-class where you're allowed to get up and move around to mingle and talk or even share meals and drinks with the people you're traveling with!

4 Enjoy a high-class dinner

If you're on the classiest of first-class trains, you'll most likely be served a fancy lunch or dinner. Embrace it like the great traveler you are! Many train travelers actually invest their money into the comfort and ease of a first-class train experience because they know once they reach their destination, they might not be dining in places as classy or stylish as this.

If you're traveling with your partner, this kind of in-transit dining might also be a great way to make your trip just a tad bit more romantic!

3 The perfect picture opportunities

For the average traveler, it's not every day you're traveling by first-class, but if you just so happen to invest in a first-class train ticket, you don't have to shy away from taking pictures of yourself enjoying the accommodations! Photos of you and your family, friends, or fellow travelers on the trains you've taken are also great ways to remember how you've gotten to where you're going.

Some of the best views through a window are on a train ride, so if you're someone who loves capturing a moment in motion, that view from a window from the comfort of your seat would make a great one.

2 Overnight travel is going to be your new favorite thing

In countries where trains travel over 10 hours to bring you to your destination, you'll be able to sleep comfortably through your overnight ride. Known as "sleep trains," or "sleeper trains," if you're in first class, you'll be set up with your own full-sized bed to keep you relaxed and comfortable during your ride.

Sleep trains were made for overnight travelers who need to get to their next destination within a day, or for those who love going to bed in one city and waking up somewhere else. This kind of the first-class train is perfect for all you gypsy souls.

1 You'll see some of the best views ever while on the move

The view from a train window is one that not many people take the time to appreciate, but with the right setting from where you're seated, you'll be able to appreciate the setting outside just a little bit more.

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In first-class, you won't have to worry about being stuck with an aisle seat and not being able to see the town you're passing through from the window as many seats are organized in first class to have their own windows near – and if window views aren't your thing, you can enjoy the shades and curtains that you'll be able to pull down from your seat to block out the outside.