Traveling is fun, but sometimes the actual journey to your destination can be a miserable experience. Driving can get you stuck in traffic, airplanes, buses, and trains mean sitting next to strangers or cramped quarters for long hours. The point is, even though you're eager to go to the Bahamas or visit your family, getting there can be a drag.

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Well, unless you're someone who travels first-class often. First-class people probably don't understand why some people hate to travel because they're living in the lap of luxury. There are some things only those who ride first-class know, particularly when it comes to luxury bus lines.

10 Legroom

One of the biggest complaints people have (and rightly so) is the lack of legroom on their typical bus travels. How much does it suck to sit in a cramped position for a ride that could span hours? It's uncomfortable and will leave you feeling stiff long after you depart.

When riding in first-class, legroom comes in abundance. The seats are spaced out far enough to give you room to stretch out and recline without disturbing the people in front or behind you. That's a leisure many will never get to experience outside of first-class bus rides.

9 Watch movies

While most first-class buses allow you all the amenities you'll need to watch Netflix downloads on your personal electronic devices, there is the option of watching movies the bus provides. It's similar to when you're flying, you get a little screen above you that will play a film. Some buses have them, some don't.

For first-class, they tend to be more up to your own choosing. If you're renting a bus for a special occasion, you can request to have certain films played in accordance with your theme. Beyond that, you could always sit back and relax, watch a film on the long journey ahead.

8 Enjoy free snacks

Not only do you get free snacks and complimentary water bottles while you're riding in the lush first-class bus, but many companies will also give passengers a complimentary meal. That's more than even airplanes typically do. Plus, because you're riding first-class, the food is much better than anything you would pick up on a regular bus.

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With food provided, there is less chance you'll have to deal with the smell of someone eating a Whopper from Burger King in the next aisle and ruining your space with the fetid smell of onions! It's a win for everyone.

7 Complimentary WiFi

One of the most frustrating elements of travel, particularly a long journey, is the amount of time it wastes. If you're driving, you can't do anything but drive. At least when you're on public transport, you have your hands free to do what you like.

But if you're on a regular bus, odds are you're going to be too distracted by everything else going on to work or you won't have the internet necessary to do so. That isn't an issue when traveling first-class. You'll get complimentary WiFi that doesn't fade in and out depending on where you're at in the trip.

6 Better food options

Speaking of food, the complimentary meals and snacks you'll receive while traveling first-class are much better than anything you would receive while riding coach. Some first-class buses even have gourmet meals prepared. The only downside is, they may be pre-prepped because of the setting but that doesn't mean the taste will be any less savory.

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Typically the food isn't going to be from a Michelin-starred chef, but it will still be plenty tasty. They usually offer easily consumable items like sandwiches and chips. The offerings will likely be on brioche bread, with some room for customization depending on how you like your food prepared.

5 More peace and quiet

Perhaps the best thing about riding in a bus accommodated for first-class travel is the fact it will be far more peaceful than any other bus ride you'll ever take. For starters, these buses are specially designed to only have a certain amount of passengers.

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You won't be crammed in with 50 or more people. Instead, many of these luxe buses only have seats enough for about 20-30 people. Fewer people automatically equals less amount of noise and disruption. You'll be able to read your book in peace or even take a nap without having to worry about obnoxious sounds from around you.

4 Electrical outlets

So you're on the bus. You have your laptop and lap desk. You've got a refreshing iced coffee and some free snacks. The WIFi is connected and you're ready to work! Except, one problem. You totally forgot to charge your laptop all the way the previous night. Now what? Well, don't worry!

People who travel first-class don't have to fret if their battery is on 8%. The majority of luxe buses come with electrical outlets in every seat. That means you can charge whatever you need to on the ride and not worry about how long the battery life of your devices is going to last.

3 No middle seat cramming

There is nothing worse than finding out you're going to be sitting in between two random people. Middle seats are terrible in general. Even if you're sitting between two friends, by the end of the trip you might not be friends anymore.

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No one wants to be jostled and nudged with elbows for three hours. Well, as we mentioned before, luxe buses are built specifically to offer less seating. Their seats don't even have middle seats! They are simply arranged with two seats next to one another. The rows are alotted with plenty of space.

2 Nicer bathrooms

One thing we all dread more than anything when traveling is using random public bathrooms along the way. Airplane, bus, gas station, it doesn't matter, they're almost all gross. It can't be helped when everyone is using the same one! Except, if you're riding first-class, the bathrooms are guaranteed to be cleaner and roomier than the customary bus.

If you happen to wind up sitting close to one it won't be the same miserable experience it might have been coach on an airplane or bus. Some buses even have more than one bathroom so you won't have to wait in a line or feel rushed.

1 You don't have to sit by a stranger

Another downside to riding coach on a bus is when you wind up getting stuck sitting next to some random person you don't know. Sometimes, it simply can't be helped. If you're traveling alone then you know what to anticipate. However, it's even worse when you're taking a trip with friends or family members and you get spaced out far away from one another.

That doesn't necessarily have to happen when you travel on a first-class bus. They allow you to assign and reserve your own seats! Keep in mind, this isn't every bus chain but many of the fancier ones do allow guests to plan accordingly ahead of time.

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