Every destination in the world is unique and interesting. But some just stand out from the rest of the world. Norway is one such place. This Nordic country is known for many unique things from scenic landscapes to unique natural phenomena, and interesting animals, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. For starters, here are some things in Norway that are so unique they might prompt one to get on the next flight to this Nordic country.

10 The World’s Most Impressive Fjords

The name - Norway is sometimes synonymous with fjords as the country features the most impressive fjords in the world. The longest, deepest, and most scenic of these unique geological creations can be found here. Some have even been designated UNESCO World Heritage sites due to their uniqueness.

9 The World’s Northernmost Settlement

Kaffeklubben Island may be the northernmost point on earth but Longyearbyen is the northernmost inhabited place on the planet. Longyearbyen is an island in the Norwegian Archipelago of Svalbard and its seasons differ from many parts of Norway and the world. It experiences the longest midnight sun and polar night and is also the fastest-warming city on earth.

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8 The King Of The Fjords

There are more than a thousand fjords in Norway but Sognefjord is perhaps the most popular one of all. This majestic fjord is also referred to as the king of fjords and it's easy to see why. The fjord stretches for a jaw-dropping length of 205 km (127 miles) and at a depth of 1,308 m, it is the deepest fjord in the world. In terms of length, it is the longest in Norway and the second-longest fjord in the world after Scoresby Sund in Greenland which is 350 km (217 miles) long.

7 The World’s Oldest Ski Museum

Norwegians are outdoor people and skiing is one of the most loved sports in the country. This love for skiing can even be traced to the region’s distant past. Norway has been a place of skiing for thousands of years and evidence of this can be found in Holmenkollen Ski Museum - the oldest ski museum in the world. Located in Oslo, this museum features skiing history dating to the Stone Age as well as ski equipment from the Viking age.

6 The World’s Longest Road Tunnel

At a length of 24.5 km (15 miles), the Lærdal tunnel is the longest in the world. Located in the Western Norwegian district of Sogn, the tunnel connects the municipalities of Aurland and Lærdal. Unlike some tunnels around the world, driving through the Lærdal tunnel is not dark and scary, instead, it is colorful as there are special lights all around the tunnel walls that make the drive scenic and magical.

5 A Settlement Called “Hell”

In the Central Norway region is a village of about 1,500 people, a little infrastructure, and an unusual name - Hell. Besides the terrifying name, there’s nothing unusual about this village. There’s no creature with a pitchfork and a tail or flying demons with bat-like teeth - it’s just a small town that presents the opportunity to make some hilarious statements like “That guy just came from Hell.” or “Let’s go to Hell.

4 The Largest Plateau In Europe

Norway is known for its mountainous and rugged landscape that has created many things unique to the country. Hardangervidda is one of these unique geological creations. Located in Central southern Norway, this plateau is the largest in Europe with a total area of approximately 1.6 million acres or 6,500 km². The plateau is located in the Hardangervidda National park which is also the largest national park in Norway.

3 Trolltunga (Troll Tongue)

Trolltunga is a unique protruding cliff in Norway that overlooks the scenic Lake Ringedalsvatnet 700 meters below it and the fjord. The cliff stands at a height of 1,100 meters above sea level and is a popular spot for adventurers who are not afraid of heights.

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2 Mesmerizing Northern Lights

While there are other places around the world to see them, Norway is arguably the best place to witness the unique scenery of the northern lights. These mesmerizing lights are best seen during the winter months, especially in a place like Svalbard where the skies go dark for up to three months giving room to impressive displays of Aurora Borealis.

1 Amazing Salmon

Besides being the world’s largest exporter of Salmon, the Norwegian stands out with its unique flavor and texture. In addition to this, Norwegian Salmon is free from antibiotics and also devoid of non-gene modified feed and all these facts have made it the world’s favorite fish.