Men have a knack for packing lightly, which is a great attribute if you are a frequent traveler. However, this habit could have a downside if you find yourself in need of an essential item mid-flight. Your usual style of traveling light and efficient has now turned on you, with your carry-on packed with only useless artifacts. While women always come prepared—albeit, overpacked—men are left defenseless against dangers like the dead cell phone or the smelly armpit.

Some items that come useful during your flight might not be something you're accustomed to using every day. Which is why you might not think to pack these carry-on items. Just so you don't feel so distressingly vulnerable, here are ten things men should have in their carry-on.

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10 10. Phone Charger

Generally speaking, only international airplanes will have the option to plug in your phone while you sail the skies. However, it's still best practice to keep your charger ready to go in your carry-on. That way you can use it while you wait for boarding and you can plug it into your rental vehicle outlet without having to rummage between folded shirts and pants.

Another helpful tip is to carry a power bank with you so that you can charge in-flight. Or you can use it to charge other items like your tablet or headphones.

9 9. Deodorant

Planes can feel like the frigid North or they can be a blistering hot marshland. And because of that uncertainty, men should remember to back deodorant in their carry-ons. It's also just best to have on hand considering you will more than likely have to hustle at some point in your airport trek to make it to your gate.

Stick deodorant is fine in any size, though gel or spray deodorant is subject to security liquid restrictions of 3.4 ounces for carry-ons.

8 8. Breath Fresheners

Gum, Altoids, or whatever your preference may be, you will be glad to have thought to back some kind of breath freshener. Gum can help alleviate the sensation you feel after takeoff by working your jaw to release the pressure in your ears. It's also minty fresh!

Plus with all the cocktail, coffee, and snacks available during the flight, you might find yourself reaching for that Altoid to eliminate a case of bad breath.

7 7. Cheap Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are great for an in-flight session. However, just in case they run out of juice, you might want to throw in a pair of cheap headphones in your bag.

And really, there's no need to bring your Beats for your flight just to listen to your favorite album for a few hours. It's just one more valuable that could get damaged or forgotten in all the bustle that happens at airports. Simple and cheap headphones will do the trick, and they're a lot easier to pack away in your carry-on.

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6 6. Entertainment

Nothing is worse than getting stuck on a national flight with nothing but the backseat magazines for entertainment. Make sure to pack some form of entertainment in your carry-on. Be it your laptop, a tablet for games, a deck of cards, or even a notepad and pen to jot down some ideas for your trip. The smaller, the better since it will make it that much easier to get to during the flight.

5 5. An Extra Jacket

A lot of men like to claim that the cold doesn't bother them (okay, Elsa), but carrying an extra jacket is advisable for two reasons. One is that hypoxia is a health concern that airlines take into consideration, which is why the aircraft are kept at a low temperature (71-75 degrees Fahrenheit). People are more likely to faint on airplanes because of this, and the low temperature helps to balance the average body temperature for everyone on board. So, even if you have experienced a sultry flight, chances are that your flight is going to be chilly.

The second reason is in case your traveling buddy is in need of some extra warmth during the flight. Carrying an extra jacket in your carry-on for someone else is just the heroic thing to do.

4 4. A Pillow

Admittedly, neck pillows are notoriously uncomfortable. They are really your only option once you get to the airport, so remember to pack your own favorite pillow for your flight. You don't want it to be one of your standard-size bed pillows, but a small, cozy mid-size one will do the trick. It's difficult to get comfortable on airplanes, but small pillows will help to add that extra layer of comfort while fitting nicely inside your carry-on.

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3 3. Chapstick

Air conditions are kept temperate on your flight, meaning the air is going to be stale and dry. Rather than racking up a tab for refills on your favorite beverage to keep your cotton mouth at bay, store a stick of chapstick in your carry-on. It might not seem like a priority, but you'll appreciate that it's there. Keep it as a staple in your carry-on; that way it will always be there and you won't have to remember to pack it.

2 2. Socks

Socks are a perfect "just in case" item for men to have on their carry-on. Imagine stepping into a rain puddle just outside the airport with only one pair of socks on hand. Or what if you—foolishly—decided to wear sandals on your flight and your feet get cold? Socks should honestly be in everyone's carry-on, but this everyday item is frequently forgotten.

1 1. Wallet

You may be thinking, "obviously," but not everyone is used to carrying around their wallet. A modern tactic that most people use is switching their wallets for convenient cell phone cases. These cases now come equipped with the option to hold a few credit cards and your I.D., which makes wallets seem like a relic from ancient times.

A fully equipped wallet, however, holds more than your standard cell phone case which might become necessary for your travel. Airline security is tight, and if you need to provide extra identification, hopefully, you will have your wallet handy in your carry-on. Plus, your wallet will hold more spare change which is useful for a vending machine snack or as a way to tip your airport bartender.

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