Singapore is a fascinating place located on the other side of the world for most people reading this, and as we all know, it tends to be pretty advanced. From the architecture to the food, it's one of those destinations that you need to see for yourself in order to really appreciate it.

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We were lucky enough to make the trip over to Singapore on a work assignment, and whilst we were there, we learned a lot of things. We thought that we'd share our experiences with you in case you ever consider jetting over. Here are 10 things we learned after visiting Singapore.

10 You Should Check The Packaging

Fun story: when we made the trip over we purchased a pack of Pringles Bites, and given the color, worked under the assumption that the flavor would be cheese & onion or sour cream & onion. In the end, though, that proved to not be the case, as the packaging had led us astray.

The flavor was instead B, which isn’t the kind of combination you want to go into unknowingly. The same kind of rule applies to a lot of the food and drink labels over there, so much make sure you know what you’re getting into.

9 Singapore Slings Are Great

The classic Singapore Sling drink has been an ever-consistent member of the culture over in Singapore for longer than we can remember. It’s one of the first things that people seek out when they make the journey over.

It’s one of those beverages that you could easily have at any other place around the world, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Sure, you could try making your own, but taking that first sip for yourself in the destination itself is, in our opinion, a really special experience.

8 Public Transport Is Wonderful

From the buses to the trains to the underground system, Singapore is one of the best places we’ve ever been in regards to public transport. Not only is everything so unbelievably clean, but it’s also incredibly precise and accurate.

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Those are qualities that are pretty difficult to find in many other countries around the globe, and while it may not be a big deal to some people (especially those of you that drive everywhere) we tend to feel like good transport options are something a lot of travelers look out for.

7 Little India Is Fascinating

If you want to go to Singapore and feel like you’ve been transported to a different destination entirely, then head on down to Little India. This district is as stunning as advertised and is a really nice community.

It really does feel like there may as well be a border sign between Singapore and Little India, because if you were dropped here without knowing what was happening, then you’d almost certainly be convinced that you’d be transported to the country itself.

6 It Feels Like It Isn’t In Asia

It's true that Singapore is, of course, geographically located within the continent of Asia. But another thing that we learned about Singapore is that everything is in English above any other language.

There are also tons of chains/companies. Oh, and the skyline is like something straight out of the United States.


5 It’s Incredibly Expensive

Singapore has a reputation for being an expensive destination, and boy oh boy does it live up to that. From a financial point of view, we would argue that you need to be pretty wealthy in order to afford to have a good time over there, especially if your trip lasts longer than just a few days.

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There are a few niche spots that you could probably scout out in order to save some pennies, but overall, the smartest thing that you could possibly do is head into the trip with an open wallet to go alongside your open mind.

4 Marina Bay Sands Is Breathtaking

This is one of those buildings that you just look at in utter bemusement, wondering how these people were able to put together such a remarkable structure. The amount of work that must’ve gone into it is insane, and the finished product really is out of this world.

Even stepping foot in the front door of the Sands makes you feel like you’re in a really special place, and once you’ve made that trip, you need to hold onto it because you just never know when you’re going to be able to do so again.

3 People Say It's A City, State, And Country

Question: is it a city, state or a country? That’s the core of this entry because let’s be honest, it has been defined as all three by most travelers (and people in general) since it came into existence.

For what it’s worth, it seems as if it is both a city and a country in one big mix. It really does set Singapore apart from the rest in more ways than one, because there aren’t too many other destinations on the planet that can claim to possess that kind of status.

2 It's A Financial Hub Now

A few decades ago, Singapore looked incredibly different to how it does right now. It’s kind of staggering to think about just how much investment there has been in it as a location, because once upon a time, it wouldn’t have ever really gained much traction as a place to go and visit.

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Singapore has become quite the business and financial hub for Asia, too.

1 You’ve Never Experienced Humidity Like This

We all know what it feels like to be far too hot in any given place or situation, and let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s one of the most unpleasant feelings in the world. However, something that is perhaps even worse is experiencing the impact of high humidity, even if it’s pretty dreary or even rainy outside.

You can't even step outside the front door of any establishment in Singapore without bursting out into a sweat, which can be fairly uncomfortable for a lot of travelers.

But the culture of this magnificent place more than makes up for it.

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