It's one of the best moments in your life when you get a chance to go to a Disney Park! Who needs tropical islands when you get to be surrounded by your favorite Disney characters! Whether you're at Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California, you can't deny a good time in the House of Mouse.

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One of the coolest things about all of the Disney Parks is you don't need kids to go — there are plenty of adults who head down to the world of Disney to relive their own childhood. (They even have honeymoon and wedding packages!) Not to mention Disney creators kept this in mind and have as many cool things for adults as they do for kids. It's truly a magical place for everyone of all ages.

So whether you're stopping by one of the parks for the day or a week, bring a backpack and put these 10 things in there so you're prepared for a day of magic! (And don't forget to check the official Disney site before packing; the last thing anyone wants is to be stopped by security.)


Surprise! Disney Parks are one of the only parks to allow guests to bring their own snacks in. As long as you don't need to heat it up, go on and bring in your own snack! This is especially the case if you're traveling with kiddos. Bring some boxed snacks or make your own sandwiches — you will need to tell security when you enter that you do have your own food, though.


Along with a few sandwiches, fruit, and snacks, you're also allowed to bring a soft-sided cooler! Score! As many people know, Disney Parks can get pricey when you're buying food and drinks all day, so bring a cooler and stock it with some cold waters and treats.

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Just remember, coolers do need to be small and can't be larger than 18 inches x 25 x 37 inches. If your cooler is too big, you'll be asked to leave it at the front of the park.


As soon as you enter the Disney Park that you are attending, there will be plenty of maps and times guides for your convenience. The problem is, however, as soon as we enter the parks, we're so taken back by all the amazing-ness that we skip all the helpful information!

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Maps are imperative when you're roaming a park without a time-frame. And times books will tell you every single event going down in the park that you're in, what time they're beginning, and what time the characters are out!


No one heads down to Disney Parks just to spend an hour or two there. No, you and your loved ones are there for the whole day. So whether you have a portable charger or a plug-in charger, bring it. Disney is filled with outlets and the last thing you want to do is roam around the coolest place on earth with no memories to show for it.


It doesn't matter if you lathered right before you walked out of the car in the parking lot, the sun in both North American parks are strong.

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Florida and California are both naturally warm states, and when you're outside all day running around or waiting in line, you're gonna wish you had more sunscreen to pass around. The last thing any parent wants is a sunburned child who's too burnt to enjoy their time.


Any public place that sees thousands—MILLIONS!—of people is going to have an unreal amount of germs. Floors get sticky, railings are touched, people are sweating, kids are crying, people drop things — Disney parks can be wild sometimes! Something a parent (or any sound adult) can have peace of mind over is bringing along some antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer.


Bringing a change of clothes is something not many people think about, but it really comes in handy when you have them!

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Whether you sweat a lot, go in one of Disney's amazing water parks, or spill food on your shirt — have clean, dry clothes to change into is a life saver for most people.


Handheld fans may be a thing of the past but are they useful? Heck yeah! They're super cheap (can be literally bought from a dollar store) and all you need for them to work are some batteries. Heck, some even have a section for water so you can breeze yourself while also spraying yourself with cool water. They're easy to store, they're refreshing, and some kids love to hold them when wandering around the park, keeping them cool.


Here's something most parents (and kids) tend to forget: when you're walking around one of Disney's Parks, they are MASSIVE.

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So as much as you want to dress in adorable park gear with cute, strappy sandals — it's a big mistake. (Unless it's raining, that is. There's nothing grosser than walking around in wet sneaks.) Putting on a pair of comfortable walking shoes is the one guaranteed thing your kids (and you!) will be supported in.